Wasn’t really interested in this game but thanks to 30% off AND free credit the month I’ll give it a go. Cheers Zuck

  1. If You have the 64 gb quest 2 You can get 10 free credits by just talking to the support that You can't get the silicon cover and You want something else like store credit

  2. I was once offered some store credit and it would never redeem. Fooled me into buying games though, cost me a fortune 😔

  3. It's a great game imho. Also check before you buy because I think there is a bundle deal that includes RM1 and RM2.

  4. Thanks, I’m not really into solving puzzle games but heard so much about how good the graphics are so I want to see them. I’m sometimes more interested in how games look in VR rather than actually playing them

  5. It costs £23, the price you see there on top is without tax. With current exchange rates it's about 3$/€ cheaper.

  6. If you think this game is good just wait till Into the Radius drops. I played the quest beta. Absolutely incredible. Graphics and gameplay easily wipe Red Matter away

  7. After playing the first one a while back which is good too, I can't wait to buy this. Just have to talk the wife into letting me lol.

  8. Desperate for this game, planning to use my next 30% off coupon on it. I've had one every other month roughly but it's torture waiting. I loved the first game

  9. It's a great game so far. I've really enjoyed what I've played (about 2 hours in maybe). Definitely one of the prettiest games on the Quest 2.

  10. I’ve just started it. Too early to say yet but it looks nice. I didn’t bother with RM1 as the ending had already been spoiled for me and there’s a recap or I’m assuming it’s a recap of the previous game when you start playing.

  11. On occasion, out of the blue - I get emails with % off and that's when I pull the trigger on my game wishlist. Never got Store Credit - did you refund something?

  12. i got £5 store credit after i contacted support about a dead pixel in my quest 2. after emails back and forth i decided i would get a refund from the store i bought the quest from, support were about to do RMA, but i said no it's ok i want to cancel/end the support ticket. they then gave me the credit.

  13. I had Oculus for ages and i never get any free credits. I haven’t played nor touched my quest for months but yet still they give no reason to go back :(

  14. A surefire way to get credit is to recommend people to buy a Quest 2. You give them your referral code. When they activate their account with the referral code, both you and them get free $30 of store credit. I've already referred people and got my credit.

  15. From time to time Oculus send you that code through app notifications. I feel like if you haven't been using the headset for some time chances increase.

  16. I had $260 store credit at one point from referring people. I have never spent a dime on any games for my Q2, I still have $19 store credit left

  17. I was just thinking it had been a while since I got one of those codes, then I checked my email and there it was, heh. Not sure I'll even use it though.

  18. Also bought wrath the oblivion for £7.50 on Fanatical. Not such a bargain but an acceptable price

  19. Can you buy the Rift version and then play it on OG Quest via Air Link / Virtual Desktop / Link Cable ?

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