I’m telling you, Lyle is a genius if you pay attention to everything he’s saying. His brain goes so fast on the quips!

  1. one of my favorite little unrecognized lyle bits is when they were playing resident evil and were boarding up doors and windows and chris shouted “HOLD IT” and lyle immediately launched into the diddy kong rap

  2. What i like about Lyle is that he''s actually pretty opinionated and strikes a good balance between him, Chris and whoever else is on the show when it comes to critiquing the game or giving an opinion on it.

  3. I really liked when Lyle and Chris talked one on one during the Noita playthrough when Tomar had left for a short moment.

  4. You've nailed it, this is why I've been super curious on how a DD and Lyle episode would go, I think they would go well together.

  5. Liiiiiiike, I don’t know what you’re talking aboooout… I don’t have one iconic third eye on my forehead! Who told you??

  6. "so let me send this message loud and clear, we are the lizard S̷̛̲̹̝̫̞̮͇͗̄̃͑̈́̂͠͝Q̶͚͋̋͋͠U̷͚͓͕͖̟̹̭̬̰̞̬̤͕̦̬͗͑̐̐́̇͘Ą̸̨̡̡̛͙̺̟͙͇̰͚͔̖̓͛̓̈͝ͅD̵̨̡̮̪̘͉̟̤̟̹̹̒̏̍̀̓́ and you have nothing to fear!"

  7. Every opening segment of pregame discharge is an absolute masterpiece. My favorite line from a recent episode went something like “an animal is most dangerous when trapped in a corner and I am in a dodecahedron of rage”

  8. “No I will not ‘have a Maria’” from one of the recent ones is still one of my favorite sentences.

  9. I think Tomar hate is just the meme right? Like how Zach says he does horrendous things. I haven’t seen any actual hate on him.

  10. Of course we love Chris and Zach dearly but Lyle and Tomar really are equally gems. Chris and Zach have a funnee haha stupid humor while Lyle and Tomar have a witty upfront humor.

  11. Bro fines out people can just be funny with eachother and conversations arnt printing out quips rapidly (the boys just bounce off eachother nicley)

  12. I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops since he was officially a host. I’ve followed Lyle since his machinama days and I love his sense of humor because it resonates with me. Wish he would get more recognition because that mans wit is incredible. When he left Sanity Not Included I actually couldn’t watch it anymore because it lost it’s strongest factor.

  13. He's a really sharp dude and I'm glad to see him getting more love recently. Definitely has a different sense of humor than the other guys and I think it adds a lot of charm to the show.

  14. My favorite is in one of the worms episodes when Tomar said “if the wind is against me, I’m just going to destroy that thing you keep banking off of” and Lyle says “his YouTube Channel?”

  15. I'll never get over his bit about Abraham freeing the slaves in the ratchet and clank playthrough (I think it was that one?) Absolutely ran laps around Tomar & Chris

  16. I agree, Lyle for some reason took me a little bit to warm up to but he quickly become one of my favourite guests on the show. Keep in mind I only got into OP within the last year or so, so I think I missed the anti-Lyle era. I couldnt tell you what it was. But anyway, nowadays I think hes absolutely great. Super clever and chill but not in some fake nonchalant kinda way. He also gets into actual discussions about the games which is cool and hearing him talk music is also super interesting

  17. I liked Lyle since his sanity not included days always wanted more of his content. oneyplays and pregame discharge really help get that fix

  18. I've known who Chris, Zach, Tomar, etc. were since Newgrounds but only in the last year found out that this channel exists. My first experience with Lyle was in the last Seananners Dead By Daylight video and I immediately loved him.

  19. Lyle made this post. If anyone gives a shit about maintaining the humour of oneyplays, they’ll actively avoid watching videos where lyle is present.

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