As someone who doesn't buy MTX, I feel like there will be nothing to look forward to in the events for me for the first time in years, anyone else feel the same?

  1. A part of me really hopes we'll be able to win the skins by playing the mode, but I feel that part of me is going to be disappointed.

  2. If they are making you pay for old skins then they 100 percent will charge you for all the new skins. You might scrape a free skin which is mere colour changes but that will be it.

  3. This is the thing with free to play models, they essentially NEED to monetize everything in order to make profit. Leads to very scummy tactics in order to make you feel like you need to spend money

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Soujourn skin in this picture the same one they sold in their store already? If so, the chances of getting them by playing are really, really tiny.

  5. Welcome to FOMO. There's a reason there's so much anger and pushback to this predatory model of monetization, and those just bleating "I enjoy the game therefore how they monetize it is not my problem" can go step on a lego.

  6. I used to love all these types of events, really hope everything isn't behind a paywall with one lackluster free skin or something.

  7. Yeah the posts complaining about the event now when it starts in a couple days just seem like they want a head start on the outrage lol.

  8. some other games has skins/items available to get through challenges. overwatch should emulate that it's kinda sad the skins are too expensive to get.

  9. If it wasn't for the new monetization model we would still be playing the original Junkenstien's Revenge for the millionth time, so I'm pretty happy about it honestly. New gameplay experiences matter more to me than unlocking cosmetics.

  10. So many other free 2 plays have events that are literally just options to buy things. I really want this to be an exception, but with literally everything else they have done the odds are pretty much 0.

  11. It like reverse hype, put out so little and vague info people can’t get excited so they aren’t let down. I’m not even sure if it will be anything more than the new hero’s fighting the same as last year.

  12. I’ve seen some people hoping that the Junkensteins revenge is going to be completely revamped and like a taste of what the future PVE modes will be like. And I’m just like “oh, honey…”. I hope so too. But if it’s anything like how the rest of Overwatch 2 has started I think it’s significantly more likely that Junkensteins revenge will be exactly the same as last year except will probably have a couple new bugs that were never a problem before and maybe a couple small features/polish have been forgotten.

  13. Which is why I ain’t going to spend money on this game until bitch Bobby and the rest of the toxic leadership is gone. I know I don’t spend enough to make a big difference but still.

  14. I feel like they're planning on having paid skins but seeing how the games launch has gone so poorly they must at least give some skins for free but seeing how there is basically no marketing department at Blizzard evident from the lack of hype, communication and market research when it came to the battle pass I don't have high hopes.

  15. The most curious study will be 3-6-9-12 months from now, to see how the game fares after the initial release hype / honeymoon period / getting an update after 3 years.

  16. What lack of hype? I mean people aren't hot on the game because of the mtx/removal of lootbox and the way progression works but they brought in 25 million players lol

  17. Yeah I feel like depending on how this event goes is going to make or break whether I just uninstall or not. The game's fun, but not fun enough to basically earn literally nothing from just playing the game.

  18. Well this is your time to shine community. Talk a great deal about not paying for skins so continue to not buy any and hopefully they see that money talks and that this new system is flawed. Event skins should be earnable through the event for Free , if they’re charging for skins, with Junkerqueen and Kiriko having new skins, thats $40 and a little more cause some skins are 2200. So just avoid the store, let them make adjustments to the battle pass to where we earn coins back like every other game with a battle pass. Even the games that let you earn back coins give a little extra , Naraka Bladepoint, COD, etc all give around 300 more on top of the 1000 to buy skins later on. Also maybe they will fix the weeklies and give more, but they wont do any of that if people are buying skins. Ive seen a few who bought Tier 80 day 4 of when OW2 released, 💀

  19. Here’s my anecdote. Overwatch 1 is one of the only games I’ve ever paid for mtx on. That occurred when I was trying to grind out coins for an event skin to earn and it seemed very attainable to me, but life got in the way and I couldn’t play enough that week. So I bought coins for the skin I wanted.

  20. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing the new events that will be repeated with little or no changes for the next 5-6 years.

  21. Will the old event skins return? And can I buy them with my ow1 currency? I’m sitting on 9k and they are worthless otherwise

  22. I'll probably play the hoard game mode, that's always a fun time but besides that, there's nothing to really get excited about.

  23. The seasonal events in OW1 were the only reason I got back on to play regularly. Now without loot boxes or coins to farm its really killed my motivation to play.

  24. I've been playing since 2016 but OW2 is the first time I feel like Blizzard doesn't care what my experience will be like because I'm not a paying customer "anymore", nothing in OW2 gives me confidence they'll even try to make things fun for free players.

  25. i mean we veterans aren't even free players. The average person spends less on games than the 40€ OW cost at the start, only a few whales pay more, though they do pay a LOT more.

  26. That's clearly what they're going for. They want all this bad publicity to die down so players will just accept the bad prices like we did on Apex launch.

  27. I didn't look forward to like last 3 years cause it was the same event with a few crappy skins. At least this time we might get an actually new level

  28. Yes, it was fun for a week but there is nothing long term if you don't like spending money for skins and useless crap.

  29. Hoping it's like halo infinite in this regard at least. Even though they have predatory mtxs their events are free mini battle passes with no paid unlocks.

  30. Can you even call them microtransactions when every skin costs like 20€? That's the same price as Blood and Wine expansion for Witcher 3 and it could've almost been a game on its own.

  31. I really hope that they let you earn something. I feel like this might be a make or break moment for some people.

  32. Are they just reusing old content still for these events??? The whole reason we werent getting new stuff was because the focus was on OW2 ….

  33. Na, Fortnite’s is the best by far. You never even need to spend a penny and you can still earn enough currency to buy the battlepass, and then you earn like 1.5x the value of that pass.

  34. I don't think so tbh. It was the best for us players, but it was horrible for Blizzard and hard to make money to reinvest it into the game hence the whole new monetization model which is simply horrible rn. I think Apex Legends has a decent model even if it's run by EA since the 10€ battle pass is self sustainable, there are a lot of free skins, lootboxes and currency to buy the skins you want.

  35. Veteran players with 90% unlocked aren't their target audience. Just put the game down and find something else, maybe in 6 months they will fix their shitty business model and poor hero balance.

  36. I enjoyed my time I had with overwatch supported the game for many years, as soon as they said it was going free to play with battle pass I uninstalled sadly, battlepasses/free to play formats just scream money hungry and only support whale players/streamers.

  37. I’m thinking of doing the same. I’ve played three times since ow2 released, and there were a lot of technical issues (even three days ago). I miss OW1.

  38. Ya all complainin’ about skins, whereas I wonder how the fuck are we still playing Junkenstein’s Revenge after six years from release, three of which were supposed to go specifically towards PvE developement by an AAA dev company

  39. 90% sure this is Wrath of the Bride. Entirely different character, likely an entirely different event surrounding it.

  40. That is why I’m hyped, we are most likely getting a new pve gamemode since storm rising, I couldn’t care less about skin so it is a trade I would make every day

  41. I’m looking forward to some maps getting a Halloween aesthetic and seeing the new version of Junkenstein’s Revenge.

  42. The fact that this says... FREE... in the largest possible font in all caps and bold is foreboding as hell for future events...

  43. Yep. I begrudgingly agree. Now I’m worried they’ll try to charge $60 every 6 months for PVE like Destiny 2 does.

  44. The quality skins in this game came Out in 2016-2018…. Who cares. Astheticly these are not that interesting. The gameplay is dope right now. They will screw it up soon enough and we will all leave.

  45. It seems to me like the whole point of events is to have new activities and new rewards for players, as a gesture of good will to the community. Having new activities with no rewards is…fine…but it feels empty. Half the fun in these events is earning the new skins by playing the new activities. Now you can buy the new skins without touching the activities. Was it like that with the loot boxes before?

  46. "for the first time in years" bro were you unironically excited for Junkensteins Revenge with no changes except a few skins every year?

  47. Yup Halloween event was one of Ow1s best. Sadly the only unlockables will probably be sprays and maybe at best a pose?

  48. I like how Rocket League does events, different IN-GAME challenges that can get you all the items for that event. Really hoping ow2 is the same.

  49. They should release events every 38 weeks so I can at least purchase one skin since that's how long it'll take to accumulate that amount of coins... Granted you actually play the game and complete your weeklies.

  50. Maybe they will give one free skin or two, or something like that. They have to give some type of unlock otherwise the player numbers for the event will be low.

  51. I'm expecting the event to be a massive disappointment and another community backlash. Let's be clear, the Halloween event was never anything special or built for long term engagement. But it was a fun diversion and mix up, to play while you grinded for event loot boxes. Without the skins being earnable, I'm not sure why anyone would invest much time in the event. I expect maybe a free epic skin available, but that's my optimistic projection.

  52. How about I get the skins I had previously returned. I'm not super excited about this at all. I'm not paying for skins I had unlocked in ow1. 🥱

  53. It makes me sad. I’ve never been lucky enough to get the bride of Frankenstein skin lol. I also never had enough coins because I didn’t play OW1 for a bit. I refuse to buy the skins though

  54. Normally I expect games to give out free skins and stuff for events but the god awful MTX in Overwatch 2 have dropped by expectations so low that I fully expect the only free items to be the server compensation rewards.

  55. They took away one of the best purchases in gaming and completely fucked it into being a mangled mess of MTX and disappointment. Doing to Overwatch what 343 did to the Halo franchise.

  56. Are they going to make us pay for the skins?, Or will we be able to get them for free just by playing the event

  57. Seeing they are marketing the event as free scares me into thinking they will make future events paid only and be like “pay or no event content at all”

  58. I'm guessing the only thing free players get is the mode and the reaper skin. Who knows if they're still doing the weeklys.

  59. What do you mean there will be nothing, just have to buy the new skins they gonna pump in the event.

  60. What they'll give us for free will probably be some lame sprays or voice lines with the skins behind a hefty paywall. I remember the very first event back in 2016. I played like crazy just to grind out the skins, so much fun. I know the game mode will be fun it's just a bummer we probably won't get too much incentive to play it

  61. The fact that we have Roadhog Frankenstein Junkrat as THE Dr.Frankenstein and now this! This is feeling like a perfect Halloween

  62. Hoping if it’s junkensteins revenge they get to tease or show off the AI from the Co-op mode. Might be wishful thinking though.

  63. I really hope there is still like the 9 arcade wins towards skins during the duration of the event… what else could there be for people who don’t want to take part in their shitty MTXs

  64. I refuse to pay $40 for a season pass. So basically, there is no reason for me to play this game apart from kicks and giggles. It's nothing more than a MASSIVE money grab from a company I've respected for decades! I can only hope Microsoft gets their grubby hands on Blizz and restores it back to the company I grew up loving.

  65. As someone who doesn’t particularly care about skins, but actually wants to play the game mode, I feel like this is the first time I’ve looked forward to this event in years.

  66. I feel like the only thing they'll do is just let us play the event and put the skins on discount. "No paid-dlc needed for this event! All Halloween skins are now 20% off!"

  67. yea, and it’s a real shame because based on name alone it looks like they are finally changing it up a bit this year, it’s been junkenstiens revenge for the last 6 years, and now it seems like something new is coming and no motive to play it

  68. We literally know nothing and there is outrage in this thread and people clinging onto it. If they keep the events free and earnable like OW1 had and the BP is just something on top of that then I think all this humming and hawing should stop. That would mean they basically keep OW1 skin access but removed lottboxes and added a BP for stuff in between events, which seems like a really good balance.

  69. Will we be able to use our OW1 currency that transferred to OW2 to buy the OW1 Halloween skins?

  70. It's funny that I see this and think "does blizzard even have the workforce to develope new PVE missions for free when they're working on a standalone PvE game?" But then I realize they are going to repeat this same Halloween event with little changes until OW3 comes out.

  71. My only issue here is that this image has to say "FREE" and make it pop. To me that just screams that Overwatch 2 will have future events behind paywalls/batte pass or whatever it's called.

  72. I mean there is the gamemode, and might sti ahve the free epic skins like always that you get each week, but other than that, is your fault if you don't wanna buy anything, is not their problem,every f2p game has mostly the same prices to cosmetics,people should stop saying that the prices are outrageous, they're the same as apex ,fortnite and so many other games,fall guys has like 12 and 15 usd skins,apex has 20 usd skins ,even more expensive fortnite has skins from 8 to 20 and even more,r6 siege has expensive elite skins as well,I have never seen people complaining about them there

  73. If I see this at the shop to waste 💰 then I'm very disappointed. This isn't the overwatch I remember. They should've considered changes big time! Because I'm seeing so many Reddits about how horrible this decision is. I agree. Let's hope it's not forever. And overwatch is listening to all of this!

  74. Nobody really wanted it to be free. The game shouldn’t even exist, it’s basically a glorified update for OW1 (which people paid for). I think best case situation it should’ve been a paid game that was a free upgrade for anybody that owned OW1.

  75. They legally shouldn’t be able to put 20 dollar skins anywhere near the word “free” the only thing free about this event is a mode that is 5 years old

  76. Maybe but why should I care if the gameplay is fun? If the gameplay isn't fun then play something else, its okay to play different games and Overwatch too

  77. I mean if you only want to play to unlock skins, like do you really want to play? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not wild about MTX, they’re plenty predatory and unethical, but I kinda love that I can’t earn much without paying, because I don’t feel compelled to play when I don’t really want to. With earning loot boxes in OW1, I kinda got addicted for a while, but now I’m playing the game because I enjoy it.

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