I need help with my misbehaving toddler

  1. Is she getting services for her speech delay? I bet a good deal of her behavior will clear up if she could effectively communicate. She's likely very frustrated. Have you tried sign language or picture charts with her in the mean time?

  2. You’re right she may be frustrated but, her babbles and crying for minutes when she doesn’t get what she wants usually is a tell tell sign lol. We have not sot out to get help with her speech delay. We have decided to be interactive with her when. We do things like sing nursery rhymes with her and we let her watch Ms. Rachel when we are busy with house hold chores. We have taken the sign language route and she can say thank you, when she is told to do so. Lol her attention span is way to short for the flash cards too she gets ansy and starts to run around doing other things. We saw the best way for her to learn was the TV so we became inclusive with that activity instead.

  3. So what is she doing that is misbehaving? Acting as a toddler? You say you baby proofed the house.. but how is the same outlet a problem everyday? Put furniture infront of it. You need to stop focusing on saying no and make the area she is in a yes area. Telling her no over the same things everyday aren’t working. I don’t understand why she is being punished or thought of autism for acting like a 2 year old ?

  4. If its any consolation my oldest is 25 and Im still constantly repeating chit. So my first piece of advice, take it or leave it lol but get used to repeating yourself. Next up, I would ask have you had her hearing checked? Assuming all is on par and shes neurotypical I would say, yes this is all normal and shes 2. We are here to teach our children, every day, every thing. Imagine being on a new planet, in a totally different society, new language, laws, foods, etc. Now imagine only having been there a few months (she may be 18 mos, but how many of those mos do you remember at that age?). The empathy and understanding we model and teach is what she will learn from and - in time remember and grow from. At this stage you are essentially cramming everything into her short term memory, it takes time for that to develop into long term memory processing. Patience, and understanding along with more patience. Then hold on tight for those teen years 😅

  5. Her hearing is fine. Very healthy kid. You’re right I have came to the conclusion that I will have to repeat the same thing several times but, it gets to the point where it is disobedience. I don’t try to force her to be in this little box, I don’t try to restrict her. I completely understand that she is learning things as she goes because we both are in this process. Like I said she does things with the intent of reeking havoc. I sit and watch her contemplate doing something before she does it. Heck she looks around to see if anyone is looking before doing it. That made me come to the conclusion of disobedience. I am genuinely seeking advice on how to go about this

  6. I remember having to repeat the same things over and over and over again to my 2yo. That’s normal

  7. yes, someone else said the same thing she may be frustrated. i told them that we understand what she wants for the most part. it’s usually a point and scream babbles type of thing or point and cry until followed by a series of pats on the leg.

  8. Sounds like normal toddler behavior for a toddler who can't communicate yet. Some of it is normal even for toddlers who can communicate. It's not bad behaviour. It's toddler behavior. Work on teaching her to communicate and that will help more than any amount of discipline. Did the doctor suggest speech therapy? My oldest child and my nephew had speech delays and did speech therapy. Basically at speech therapy they will tell you this: You have to read to them a lot and point out things in the pictures saying what they are. Also just talk to them a lot. Tell them what everything is. Especially when playing. "Red block", "green ball", "blue car", and make sure they see what you're talking about when you say it. Sing songs about things. Also avoid screens.

  9. The doctor did not suggest speech therapy but, they did give us advice on how to progress her speech we have been implementing them. We have seen progress. Her speech isn’t coherent words. She mimics them for the most part now and is doing better. The lack of her speech could very well be the reason her behavior is like this. She doesn’t have a problem telling us what she wants and who she wants it from.

  10. yes, she doesn’t give a flying fuck. i have also tried the option of setting those boundaries as firmly as possible. is there another way?

  11. Try baby sign. Helps kids communicate when they can’t quiet talk. Half the frustration in our house is the toddler mad that we don’t know what she’s saying. Baby sign has closed that gap.

  12. My kid was about 2.5yrs old before he spoke more than a handful of words. Being smart and unable to communicate is annoying. I believe he was simply a late talker. He did allegedly have a small tongue tie. Once that was “fixed” his language grew quite quickly. Little over a yr later he talks plenty I assure you. Point being there’s still plenty of hope for language.

  13. You’re right on the discipline part! She has started to take timeouts as a joke lol. The day is very long and my toddler has a lot of stuff to fuck up and get into before it’s bedtime. Timeouts don’t always work. I don’t want to constantly be a stick in the mud but, her “bad” days, as in “i’m gonna find a way to be the biggest dickhead possible” is 6days out the week and it’s always something new lmao. I can’t exactly pinpoint or say something she does all the time because it gets worse and worse everyday. I don’t think ppl understand what i’m living with and raising. The kid threw the puppy down the stairs one days and climbed on the counter to get a knife the next. are there any other ways that you may have that could help me?

  14. Ugh. Sounds like my 2nd born. She was born with a chip on her shoulder and a grudge against everyone in the world. She’d cry in the church nursery at 3 months old. Seriously?! She’d cry and tantrum after waking up in the morning or from nap time. No reason. Just did. It was really hard because we couldn’t take her anywhere for fear of her having an all out screeching meltdown. Her speech also seemed delayed. She used nonsensical words until she was almost 4. (We called it Sydonese. Because her name is Sydnee) She’d stare at you with her giant brown eyes like she couldn’t speak English. Potty training was a nightmare.

  15. Unfortunately that’s the price having an independent daughter. Mine is 4. And I’m still going through everything. We are learning about consequences and rewards. For example today when we went shopping at Kmart if she was behaved she would get a small present. Well she already picked her present. And wanted something else. She was told to only pick one. Well she decided to have a meltdown so both picks got put back and she left the store with nothing.

  16. I wouldnt be surprised if a lot of this is from sheer frustrstion at not being able to communicate what she wants. Is she veing assessed for her speech delay? My brother had it and it turned out he had narrowed ear canals that were blocked so just wasnt hearing properly. Once they were unblocked he got SO much soeech down in two weeks it was unreal.

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