Official Game Day Thread: New York Jets (6-3) @ New England Patriots (5-4) [kickoff 1:00 PM EST]

  1. I am so glad that such a dominant defensive performance did not end in a loss. I have to admit, I was worried. Awesome TD

  2. Watching in my car on my way back from work and I quote “Marcus needs something big here” damn near shook my car off the road flailing around and yelling. LGP FTJ

  3. No turnovers, dominant defense, and a special teams play to win it? Against the Jets? Bill is going to be pleasuring himself to the thought of this one for a long time

  4. I don't understand, why that punt is even in bounds? You gotta tell your punter to make sure it goes out of bounds. Reminds me of Desean Jackson versus the Giants.

  5. QB? I only got to listen to radio broadcast but they are making it sound like none of it was Mac's fault tons of issues with o line

  6. You never know, especially on a Thursday night game and with Kirk being a pretty typical pocket passer. Definitely wouldn't bet on us though 😆

  7. I have to say, Nick Folk sure redeemed himself with that extra point and game-ending punt. Also, I said "Alright Marcus, win this game for us already" right before the Jets punt. That touchdown has me in tears. 14 wins in a row against the Jets.

  8. Hansen on RedZone is an idiot calling block in the back on that. Yah buddy the guy 10 yards behind him was actually in the play still, and not like we wouldnt have made the fg...

  9. Danish commentary called it too, and it was definitely close. I’d say that the Patriot player shouldn’t have made that block in the first place, a bit too risky tbh when Jones was that far ahead

  10. Love all the chatter this year about how the jets have actually been good and we couldn’t pencil them as an easy W as usual and we still went 2-0 this year

  11. First game I saw from beginning to end holy shit offense needs to get it together. Defense and st good Topsy turvybof a game

  12. Them not even attempting a hail mary because their returner danced around too long is the perfect cherry on top

  13. We just watched one of the most insane endings to win a game. And you’re upset. Must be hard being cynical I’m having a great time.

  14. Non pats fan here, unbiased viewer. I know you guys won so you probably don't give a shit but that dude who threw that block in the back should get cut. The immense stupidity of that made me irrationally mad. Totally unnecessary and could have lost the whole thing. What a dumb ass.

  15. Are you talking down near the goal line? To be fair, I thought it was a BIB when I saw it live, but the replay from the endzone showed it a lot better that it was from the side and not in the back.

  16. My dad didn’t find “they’re Jone, and together they’re Jones” especially funny, but he did enjoy the “5 White Guys” (four pasty guys plus Derrick White) hilarious.

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