What’s a good car under 15k that’s not a civic, Corolla or an accord?

  1. I definitely wouldn't consider a Mazda 3 to be more exciting than a Civic/Accord, or more reliable than a Corolla. It's sort of the middle ground of both.

  2. oh hell no i have one and it’s a pos seized brakes failed maf sensor 3 times oil pressure check valve dead ac … the list goes on and on.

  3. 2nd Gen Honda Fit. Cheap, Reliable, and Great on Gas, Cargo is insane and fun to drive if you get the 5-speed manual. Best car I have ever owned

  4. Not that the cars mentioned by OP are much better, but I found the fit to just be way too boomy/loud on the freeway. If it's mostly going to be used for in-town then it's great. We had a Matrix and cross-shopped the Fit at the time, but went with the matrix as it felt more substantial.

  5. Infiniti g35 or 35x. Lots of fun. Probably have to get one that’s 15+ years old now to keep it below $15k. My brother had one and he let me borrow it for a weekend while I was fixing the rear diff and wheel bearing on my ‘96 4Runner. I think it was an ‘03 g35 and it was awesome! Sporty, lots of power, fast, great sound system, roomy in the cabin. I really liked that car. I’m not knowledgeable on how reliable they are. I don’t think my brother had any issues with his while he had it. I’d go check out forums on it and see what the main issues are and if there were recalls and whatnot.

  6. Mid-size, Fusion and Charger are good. They are reliable, but most importantly there were a gazillion of them sold so the parts are plentiful.

  7. You listed the most reliable cars under 15k and you don't want them? I guess any other JAP cars. Just don't go Subaru or German cars, their repairs costs are much higher.

  8. Not all Japanese cars, I want to dropkick my piece of crap Nissan off a cliff, if the car market wasn't so ridiculous I'd have trashed it already

  9. You know what's really exciting? Not having to worry about your car breaking all the time. Let me tell you now, a "boring" car that doen't break down and is clean outside and in is way more exciting than having to shell out money for repairs every few months.

  10. I bought a 2010 Corolla from my sister and took the time to clean all the mess, salt stains, replaced the bumper and genuine put love into the car. I drove this all winter in northern Alberta and not once did it die on me. The car now looks better than hers and I am constantly asked whether I want to sell it. I honestly don’t care about a newer car.

  11. Never said I want a mustang lol. Just not those. I’m open to Lancers, Mazdas, Volvos, chevy’s some low level beamers or Audi’s, Volkswagens. Anything that’s not an accord, civic or a Corolla.

  12. Right? In this economy I want a car that will get me from A to B and continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Nows not the time for midlife crisis purchase.

  13. Husband and I have a Veloster, turbo. Never let us down in 5 years, and we bought it used. Husband is a big American muscle lover so you’d think he’d have snark remarks about the car, but he loves it too lol

  14. Sun fires and cavaliers, I know they’re a bit old now but solid cars, cheap to fix , good on gas, good sized motors in them, and best handling in the winter out of any car I’ve ever driven

  15. I bought a 2012 v6 charger last year with 140km for 11k from a dealer. It has 292hp so has decent pull and power, but not enough to win drag races or anything. Gets comments from a bunch of my friends, runs on regular fuel, and has the ZF 8-speed transmission which actually gives decent fuel economy. Not Japanese car levels of fuel economy, but pretty good for a car with almost 300hp.

  16. I got a 2013 lancer for 7k in 2018 and I’ve not had any issues with it in those 4 years. Looks great for a car in its class but they are slower than civics if that’s what you meant by exciting

  17. Well you just listed all the best ones lol. What do you mean by “exciting”? You want something faster? You can buy an old GTI, WRX, Camaro/Mustang but at that price point you will be putting a lot of money into in an old car that has probably been driven pretty hard. IMO if your max budget is 15k then buy something reliable like one of the cars you listed. 15k doesn’t go far nowadays if you want a reliable sports car.

  18. Unfortunately there is a reason Ford more or less stopped making cars, outside the Mustang. GM Cars, well, stay away from the Aveo, Cavalier, Sonic, Chrysler/Dodge avoid PT cruisers like the plague and anything based on a Fiat. Neon's were sporty back in the day, most have been raced and tuned into the junkyard. Get a Civic, the SIs are generally sporty for a compact 4 cylinder.

  19. I'd advise against old Mercedes, especially old AMG ones. My husband bought an old one for $10k 10yrs ago, and not only did it need Mercedes parts, it needed special AMG Mercedes parts which needed to be special ordered and were stupid expensive.

  20. Right now ? A scooter probably, and even that seems to get expensive with the pandemic/shortage/supply chain issues/inflation... /s

  21. And by the way 15K is lots. Don't get rooked onto spending more than you have. However ppl really recommend HONDAS cause they'll virtually last forever. Mine is way over 3000,000 kms right now.

  22. I hate to be a wet blanket on this topic, but I would encourage you to get the safest vehicle in that price range. As a personal injury lawyer, I see a lot of people injured in collisions who try to save money by buying beaters. Oftentimes, their injuries could have been avoided (collision detection, automatic braking, etc) or minimized if they had been driving a different vehicle.

  23. Some used Lexus models like 06-12 IS350 can be found under 15k and they are rock solid even over 200k km. They require premium gas tho...

  24. I picked up a Ford Fiesta ST for under $15k 2 years ago and it’s loads of fun. They’re probably a bit over $15k now though.

  25. In Canadian winters? Exciting isn't really an option unless you like trucks. Get a cheaper civic and a miata or new edge for like 10k and spend the 5k on winter storage for a decade. I drove an 01 new edge from 01 to 2016 (though year round) 0 engine or tranny problems. Just regular small maintenance. Miatas are easy to fix yourself, cheap, and go for like 500 000 km

  26. I personally drive an 08 Infiniti g35x. You can probably get a slightly newer one for under 15k. They are pretty exciting to drive but beware they are gas guzzlers. Maintenance is still fairly cheap compared to German cars!

  27. Rn I’m thinking either a lancer, Infiniti or a Mazda 3. I’ve also found some Audi’s and 2013-2015 series 3 beamers but not sure if I wanna get Germans.

  28. Currently we are looking at 2013 or newer Altimas. Top of the line gets you everything you want including a nice screen in the middle (lower end models have small kind of ugly screens). I personally think Japanese cars are the best, also the Altima gets great gas mileage.

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