A-Z pizza in my food truck in 3min

  1. For me personally (as a home cook, not a professional), if I want to get extremely relaxed dough I either do high hydration (65-70%) or, preferably, very long (3+ days) slow fermentation.

  2. Okay so this video is life changing for me. Here j am, never able to stretch my dough without a sticky mess. I did NOT realize I could flour so liberally…

  3. If you have a higher hydration dough, it's perfectly fine to flop it into a pile of flour. I keep mine in a stainless bowl on my work surface. Each ball gets tossed in and flipped over a few times before stretching.

  4. When I worked making ”artisan” pizza or whatever, i always used to dunk the dough in flour first and then while tossing it/stretching in the air most of that flour comes off anyway. So tossing it in the air is not just for show.

  5. As long as you're not folding it into the dough at this stage there's nothing wrong with it at all. Only whatever sticks to it will be picked up.

  6. I can't believe it took me this long to find this comment and upvote it. That's what first caught my eye lol

  7. It's cooks from 400-500° my toppings burn if I don't cover cheese or put oil in it,but i make them for take aways so don't want box be greasy

  8. Hey man just a quick question, how do you keep your pizza stones clean, I have a homebuilt pizzaoven but the stones get really dirty which causes the bottom of the pizzas to be black and dirty

  9. Bronze pizza oven brush. You need one to sweep ashes and old burnt flour into the fire. I use it about every 3 pizzas.

  10. With that floppy dough it would be a sticky mess if he didn't. With lower hydration you could get away with almost none.

  11. That’s some relaxed ass dough! Is it the flour that’s doing that or did you leave it in that proofing box and go for a room (truck?) temp?

  12. Watching you work the deal was extremely helpful to me. I can never get my dough that consistency, and I gave up long ago. May I ask what your yeast is? No way I could get it to slide on appeal either.

  13. I know nothing about pizza ovens, but why doesn't it have a door? I imagine it gets crazy hot in the truck and you loose heat inside

  14. Not a fan of pizza where the pepperoni is buried under cheese. I like my pepperoni crispy. Not sure why some places do it that way.

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