Happy Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Release Day! Policy Updates, Megathreads & Resources + Get an Exclusive "Early Explorer" User Flair

  1. I would love the new Flair. I got my games a few days ago and having a “Tera Blast” playing them. I’ll try to be more active here.

  2. Does anyone know how buying the two pack will work with digital codes? I want to gift someone the other pokemon game but I want to purchase the two pack on the eshop for the pokeballs. Any idea on how it goes

  3. YMMV. My local gamestop had like 4 Scarlet/Violet Special Edition OLED Switchs for grabs not on the website. Might wanna check your local stores if you still want one.

  4. Got in about a couple hours ago, caught and nicknamed everything I could up to the first pokecenter. Now to get some sleep.

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