Can’t believe people are falling for scams like this.

  1. They either steal accounts or sell basic crap to get a rating up before blowing it up selling garbage. Always check the sold history.

  2. Nope he says in the description he knows nothing about Pokémon and anyone who buys gets no refunds. Essentially does no research on what he’s selling.

  3. so unfortunate people take advantage of others who don’t know better, same with people i see bidding on those terrible fake gold cards :(

  4. I can't tell If people bid on these obviously fake gold cards because they think they're real, or if they know they're fake but just really like the designs. Honestly, some of them look pretty dope. I picked up a charizard VMAX rainbow and the chonkachu rainbow from a card shop for like 10 bucks total just because I thought they were kind of a neat thing to have.

  5. Shit really? I have "read description" in the listing title of a few things, mostly card lots, because I want people to, you know, read the description so they know every card and the conditions for each. Guess I'd have better luck with "Pokeyman Crads! CHarliezard &, Peterchu Golden Rare First Addition"

  6. Does reporting them do anything? I’ve reported fake products when I come across them but nothing seems to happen

  7. Do you think the account must have been hacked? No way a seller with 1550 feedback risks being banned for selling this junk. Hate these scammers.

  8. Anyone out here buying booster boxes on ebay should know better then to buy a fake hidden fates box considering it doesn’t exist. It’s one thing if the box is an actual set, that can be a booster box, but I meant this set in particular. Besides, his description saying he knew nothing about Pokémon yet he’s selling these sealed booster boxes he just happened to have like 10 off is a major red flag. Besides, all his listings are down due to reports so no one is getting hurt from it at least from this guy anymore.

  9. Its an auction that ends in 3 days?? The seller has thousands of reviews at 98% and has been with ebay since 2001, dont think issa scam.

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