Way over priced pack.

  1. You really ought to foster relationships in the community, then buy singles from your friends and grade them. Opening packs is ultimately for fun, you can’t expect anything good 9/10 times.

  2. I just bought 5 packs for the first time in years, think I could flip the cards inside for profit, literally most of the cards are worth .01-.03

  3. Reminds me of a dollar store in my area that charges $11.29 CAD for a single blister. Meanwhile the nearby Walmart charges $7.25 CAD in comparison.

  4. Worst I've ever seen in 11 AUD for a single booster pack. Insane considering 6-7 AUD is the typical price.

  5. Packs seem to struggle to sell at like 3-4 and there's even more on the way.. Not sure who buys this sorta thing. Being scammed if they do.

  6. At my mall the cheapest pack not from barns and noble is 6.90 and most are at least 8.99 kind of crazy.

  7. I saw a packs a local 7-11 and they told me they have to charge more because they don’t buy in bulk like card shops

  8. Idiot didn't get the memo that you can't scalp anymore because literally everywhere has a surplus of cards.

  9. Was just in St. Thomas in the USVI last month. I’m from midwest US, so being in a “foreign land” (not really, I know) I thought it would be fun to buy a couple packs for my kiddos so they could get some “St. Thomas” Pokémon. Could only find one toy store, and I ended up dropping $25 for just two packs of Brilliant Stars. No hits in either pack, of course.

  10. People love posting photos like this and eBay listings of worthless cards for thousands of dollars, for some reason

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