Pop quiz, hot shot

  1. A Republican representative recently asked if the practice of swallowing a pill with a mini camera on it to do a colonoscopy could be used on pregnant women so the doctor could see the baby… he had to be reminded that neither a uterus or a vagina are part of someones digestive tract

  2. They should have really blown his mind by letting him in on the secret of where women actually urinate from. It's pretty shitty that Congress doesn't have to rely on experts to make decisions. Can you imagine the CEO of BP deciding it would be cool to transport oil in bags from Walmart because you can take as many as you want instead of listening to experts who've studied the most efficient and safe ways to move oil

  3. I'm telling you, they're all incels. Every last one of them. It's why they hate women so much. They can't have one, so they think nobody should have one.

  4. I’m so sick of this inaccuracy. Assault vaginas are for military use only and come with single fire, burst, and fully automatic mode.

  5. This is because conservative men are self selected dipshits. The biggest rule for being a conservative is crippling ignorance.

  6. Everyone knows you can yell "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" and then get into a battle with the sperm while falling down a pit and defeat it and turn into the white wizard. Wait, what were we talking about again?

  7. Hey man I just want to let you know your PFP is a dog whistle for racists and homophobes to identify each other online, hopefully you're not aware, have a great day.

  8. Back in my day you could get a vagina with an 8rd fallopian clip magazine for only $22.90. You young whippersnappers!

  9. I love calling shotgun shells "shotgun bullets" whenever I'm around my brother's BIL. It hurts him deeply.

  10. The difference between "person who says clip" and "person who can't describe the reproductive system" is that in the first case, everyone is still very much aware of what's being talked about.

  11. I tell them I got my shooting medals in the military the second time I ever picked up the rifle and pistol, and maybe it isn't the best idea to give one to any nimrod who wants one, then they tell me they know more than the military.

  12. it's like when a small child learns correct word for something and then when he corrects you he gets so happy because he gets to feel like a big boy for a moment

  13. It really is such dumb thing. Imagine not knowing all the proper scientific terminology related to the Earth's ozone and therefore being told your opinion of "depleting the ozone is bad" is worthless.

  14. i had some mother fucker say "ahem it's actually called full ammunition clip, not a clip" and im like oh wow that's really long maybe we could shorten it to one snappy word i don't know maybe FUCKING CLIP?

  15. I disagree. They should know that they have very limited knowledge and consult actual experts in the field. Alternatively do what the majority wants to do.

  16. The first girlfriend I ever had broke up with me because she felt I was never going to marry her, and she didn't want to have sex anymore because she didn't want to be "worn out" when she eventually married someone.

  17. If OSHA was in charge of those things suppressors would be mandatory and feminine hygiene products would be required in every public bathroom.

  18. This goes for any jobs with knowledge that keeps advancing. Thing is, most of us in those kinds of jobs have that in place; continuing education is a MUST for health professionals, for example. I'm in veterinary care and we attend seminars, expert talks, online/in person classes, etc. I'm doing my Fear Free certification this weekend.

  19. Yes, using the term "clip" instead of "magazine" is totally comparable to believing impregnation through rape is impossible. You are very insightful.

  20. I mean is it bad that I believe in both? Regulators of any thing should be experts in that thing. Old white men shouldn't regulate women's bodies and climate deniers shouldn't be in charge of the EPA. And part of the reason why gun laws are such a mess in the US is because only liberals want more gun laws but liberals don't understand guns. So no I don't think you need to be a gun expert to advocate for general gun reform, but if you're politician writing specific gun laws you should take the effort to become an expert or be advised by experts instead of providing distracting sound bites for the right every time you open your mouth.

  21. Responsible and reasonable gun owners call these idiots Fudds. Dont be a Elmer Fudd since he represents everything to hate about guns and gun culture. Also see Boog bois.

  22. As a left leaning gun owner, I get equally as annoyed when I see left wing politicians prove their ignorance about guns as I do when I see right wing politicians prove their ignorance about women or gender issues.

  23. These morons love and elect morons like Boderp to Congress who don't think we should ever change the constitution, meaning the 2nd amendment would never exist.

  24. I used to be fairly into guns and I'll tell you something for free, even when you do know what you're talking about these fuckers will completely misrepresent things or just straight up ignore you when you can actually make a point.

  25. A lot of gun people are assholes, especially the ones that work at gun stores. I enjoy shooting guns as a hobby, but man these jackasses make me never want to set foot in a gun store.

  26. It is absolutely fair to say that they are not interested in arriving at the truth or entertaining sensical ideas. They are only there to spout the latest pro-gun talking points no matter how nonsensical or untrue they are. Their positions are literally performative and rehearsed and they don't actually believe what they say or know what they are saying most of the time, only that it is what you say to support gun ownership.

  27. So we can all agree? Someone needs to actually learn and understand a subject before having a legitimate opinion on it. Glad that's settled.

  28. Coming from a former rural republican gun-owning background and like... Pre-14-years-old I was pretty into guns. I was never obsessed but sufficiently understand the general nomenclature. It's kind of amusing to argue with such folks who think they can gotcha with deflective condescension on something as trivial as clip vs magazine. But the reality is if it's not this it's something else. The cognitive bias is so ingrained that they don't really care whether you have the nomenclature or not. To them, the only thing that matters is, "I like my gunz."

  29. I'm pretty sure the things you mention are what serious people want to do at the federal level. Personally, I'd like to see a system of licensure and mandatory insurance like we have with driving, with a much harder to get endorsement for anything semiautomatic.

  30. Truthfully, the left would benefit from learning more about guns. In the same way that the right would benefit.

  31. Since the US clearly can't be allowed to think about changing their system to be different from what the Founding Fathers wanted, clearly the 2nd Amendment only guarantees the right to arms that existed at the time of ratification. It's hard to have a mass shooting when a Brown Bess musket only fires three shots a minute, with training. Try sneaking a 6-pounder cannon into school.

  32. The trick is you don't sneak it. You look anyone who confronts you dead in the eye, and say, "Mr Lawson needs it for the drama department. Can you believe he wouldn't let anyone leave class to help me?"

  33. So i have the constitutional right to fully automatic weapons, naval artillery, a private fleet of warships, and allowed to open carry of course. Sweet.

  34. Based on this logic only previous forms of communication is protected by first amendment and modern forms are not protected since the founding fathers did not know about them. This logic is ass.

  35. Yes, experts should be involved in creating legislation. This is an issue on both sides, but the results are different. Many gun bans are just silly (like pistol grips on rifles) but they do come from a place of trying to reduce harm. Taking away women's rights because your conservative feelings were hurt is ghoulish.

  36. Many pro- forced birth voters are also coming from a place of trying to reduce harm. They legitimately do not understand the difference between an embryo and a baby. That's the problem with being horrifically uneducated.

  37. Both are true. People who know what they're talking about should be the ones making decisions. Emphasis on should

  38. They get all indignant when you don’t name a specific part correctly. Like they don’t realize how badly they’re telling on themselves that they apparently have superior knowledge but do Jack shit to solve the problem of mass shootings.

  39. I think anyone trying to legislate firearms should know the difference between full-auto and semi-auto. And anyone who wants to ban abortion should know how babby forms.

  40. Reason doesn't matter. Arguing with them is like playing chess with a chicken, you'll win; but they'll flip the board over and crap on it.

  41. Implying i can’t be pro gun and pro choice. 😎 (He doesn’t know that these aren’t contradictory or mutually exclusive positions to hold)

  42. The fundamental issue in this thread is the difference between “pedantic” and “functional”. Here’s an example of the difference:

  43. It's such a shit tactic of not even wanting to have a debate. "It's not an assault rifle, that's just the media trying to scare people!!".

  44. How about the fact that rifles are some of the least used guns in crime, and if an assault weapon ban were to prevent 100% of rifle murders it wouldn't make a measurable impact on the total murder rate. Or the deadliest school shooting was committed with handguns.

  45. No I'm more concerned with politicians saying how they use fully automatic rounds or use explosive ammunition, when that's not the case. Also weapons like the AR 15 are used to kill vermin like wild hog and coyotes which cause millions in property damage. Banning firearms like AR's wouldn't even stop many deaths, a majority of gun deaths are suicides.

  46. Just a guess, but maybe because it's illegal to go out in the wild swamps to hunt ducks with a gun that's configured to hold more than 3 shots. But in many densely populated red zones it's perfectly acceptable to lug a semiautomatic rifle with all the high capacity magazines you can carry to get a coffee or ice cream

  47. I could not save this fast enough. I have been pointing this out incessantly for years now. Conservatives will absolutely melt the fuck down if someone talking about gun regulation accidentally thinks the AR in AR rifles means “assault rifle” and not armalite rifle, but the same fucking idiots also think that having to remove the dead fetus from inside of a woman’s uterus after she has a miscarriage is not an abortion

  48. It's not very logically consistent, though. The first panel is attacking the idea that you should have a fairly comprehensive level of understanding of a topic before legislating about it and the second panel is saying that you should be very well educated before doing so.

  49. How about we all stop trying to regulate things/choice/people and focus on education and bettering the standard of living for everyone? Seriously how much time and energy has been wasted on “wedge issues” instead of actual progress?

  50. A Republican politician publicly said that women can't get pregnant from rape because they can naturally reject the sperm.

  51. tbf pro gun is such a blank statement that it could mean everything from “I think guns should heavily regulated but still receivable” to “every man, woman and child should have the right to be armed”

  52. Both. Both are true. Anything should be regulated by experts on the subject who can be trusted to remain impartial and govern with public good in mind. This goes for both guns and uteri.

  53. These takes are always so weird to me. Like, “okay here’s your logic applied to a situation you don’t agree with” isn’t an argument for that logic being wrong in the first case?

  54. You don't need to know what AR stands for to know that more guns equates to more gun deaths. That larger capacity magazines equate to easier killing power.

  55. I've (sadly) seen this directional comment since the bbs days (pre-internet)... and it is still as self-centered today as it was then.

  56. Well i'd say you don't need to be an expert in all gun terminology to think we need a change in our gun laws. That's just obstructionism and gatekeeping if you think that. Also, if you think the government won't make laws on things they don't fully understand. Then you don't know government.

  57. Both positions can be correct...we shouldn’t have people who don’t know what they’re talking about, ruling over those concepts.

  58. So bizarre that this is downvoted. This kind of anti-intellectualism is going to be the downfall of this country.

  59. Exactly. Maybe your neighborhood has an army of rabid raccoons roaming the streets and biting people, but I will not take you seriously when you say we should do something about it unless you are a licensed veterinarian who specializes in rabid suburban wild animals and can use the correct medical terminology.

  60. You don't need to be a gun expert to understand why having more guns in the hands of people who shouldn't have guns leads to more gun violence.

  61. I'm pretty sure the simple knowledge that "a machine can and HAS killed a large crowd of people in a very short time" is enough to have an opinion on it who should have it and where it is allowed. Bottom line.

  62. I am absolutely baffled that people are down voting this. It shouldn't be a controversial statement whatsoever to say that people should have some amount of knowledge on a topic before they make rules about it.

  63. I disagree with this, because it implies that there is a legitimate path for claiming ownership of others body’s.

  64. If it wasn’t for their sister or first cousin, most every male GQP voter wouldn’t know what a vagina is

  65. Both are true. Politicians making nonsensical legislation that doesn't actually do anything to curb gun violence and politicians making nonsensical legislation about abortion both need to actually research the topics.

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