Perjury Taylor Greene at it again

  1. 😂 dummy we don’t hate you because you believe in god. We hate you because you’re a terrible person. Most of us don’t give a shit if you believe in god or which god you believe in. Just stop trying to force your beliefs on others, stop governing through your religion.

  2. Be like the Amish. They do their own thing and don’t try to pass laws outlawing cars or mustaches for everyone else.

  3. Also, the Jews make it really hard for people to convert to Judaism. They're like, yeah we're good, we don't really want you but if you pass all these tests I guess we have to let you in.

  4. I like America would love it if idiots like her didn't hold positions of power and there was still a clear separation of church and state. It's not that I hate god it's just that I know god doesn't exist. Finally I don't give a thought about you, go ahead and have your magic man just don't push that bullshit on the rest of us.

  5. Shhhhh. Nobody tell her she's hated on a massive scale because she betrays all things American. Let it be a surprise when she's indicted.

  6. Her and the other morons screaming for the government to put Jesus back in schools are the ones that hate America. Forcing your religion on the populace don’t sound very American to me.

  7. I can't even imagine the fragile right's screeching if dems said that (R)'s hate america (which obviously a big portion of them do, supporting a traitor and his coup attempt and trying to end our democracy).

  8. Wow. Outright saying that you're a "Christian Nationalist" is next level. Tell me you're a fascist without saying your a... Wait, nevermind, she admitted it

  9. She would fit right in during the 1100s time line of Europe. Can she just stop forcing religion and its interpreted practice, (based on various) bibles, somewhere else where theocracy is practiced.

  10. Imagine having hubris to claim that your hateful, ignorant verbal diarrhea is literal will of the god …

  11. I'll be as clear as I can: I dislike people like MTG because she offers her opinions about things she literally doesn't know about. She probably doesn't know a lot of the background of Christian Nationalism, just that it sounds good and riles people up.

  12. What is meant by "Christian Nationalist"? Is it "Christian" and also "Nationalist"? or is it nationalism based on Christianity? (I.e. theocracy, which is fundamentally anti-American and and anti-democratic)

  13. I hate the Missing Link because she’s the worst kind of person, and she has a platform she never should have had. Her election to Congress was shameful. She has no respect for the office she holds or for this country.

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