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  1. Friendly reminder that trying to fight someone online is about as effective as throwing a bagel at a bulldozer. A lot of what we talk about gets people pretty emotional, but be mad at policies, not other users.

  2. I'm hoping for something like a "Has Been Celebraties and Jailed Politicians Boxing" show. And Marge is in a cage match with Lauren Boebert.

  3. Her husband was Perry Greene so we thankfully still get to call her Perjury Traitor but it doesn't have the same ring to it

  4. Her husband’s allegations in the divorce filing show that there are at least 3 people who didn’t follow the advice “Don’t stick your Rickdick in the crazy”. Also, Greg Abbott is a little piss baby.

  5. That's bad advice though. Sticking your Rick in crazy is amazing. You just got the Ruck out of there afterwards and never look back.

  6. Imagine being a prison guard or inmate in Trump's cell block. The neverending whining would push people beyond insanity. He'd never stfu!

  7. Had to look up the MTG court case update. The judge ruled against striking her name from the ballot, she counter-sued which was denied, and the voters presenting the lawsuit have appealed. Ruling is yet to be determined in the higher court.

  8. It's not that they win, it's that you lose so much energy fighting them. They're still awful, they know they're awful, but they have to fight you so maybe they can try their next con more easily, after all, they ignored all the bullshit that came before

  9. Lmao I bit my mother and boyfriend the last time I was in the hospital. It probably won’t take The GOP Queen very long to reach that level of insanity

  10. I was so happy for a minute. Donald Trump got kicked off Twitter. I didn't have to hear a fucking thing about him for like a minute. And then his fucking Twitter knock off launched.

  11. The real solution is not to indulge or report anything they say or do in the first place. But the media is tied to the clicks, and when a crazy, delusional person does something crazy and/or delusional, it gets the clicks. DJT became president because media companies couldn't resist the ad revenue.

  12. I don't pay super close attention to third world politics, but that woman seems to border on schizophrenic.

  13. It's not all that big of a leap from screaming about space lasers starting forest fires to rubbing your own shit on your self-inflicted bite wounds in a padded cell.

  14. I look forward to the time when Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert, are both killed in a prison riot. The prisoners will have performed a great service for American Democracy.

  15. See, everyone’s always hoping these trash people will be in prison, I don’t get it. You know what I’m looking forward to? Her obituary. I’d just rather she not be alive. Same with Abbott, whose first name I literally can even remember at the moment, but who is a little piss baby, all the trumps, that child rapist from Florida, the governor of the same state, most of the Supreme Court, that melting, neckless thing who’s the minority leader, Laura Beebert- the list just goes on. Thankfully, I’m younger than all of them and will be sure to celebrate each of their ends: thrusting my pelvis wildly while the remix version of ‘Sex Bomb’ by Tom Jones plays in my living room.

  16. I'm hoping to see her on a hooker sweep on Cops, Armed and disgusting Edition. or on a remake of Maury Povitch titled "Your'e not Normal"

  17. Yall ain't worried about people running over 18 year olds with a car or shooting 84 year old ladys in the back though lol.

  18. I’m as serious about conservative violence as Greg Abbott is serious about being a little piss baby, and he takes that very seriously

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