Perfect timing

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  2. tangentially, I'm not keen on modern movies using drones because they treat them like toys. first in ambulance then recently in gray man. the sweeping swooping shots are nauseating. there's no narrative reason to nosedive down the side of a building. it's much better on my old little eyes when they treat it like a mini helicopter to get some impossible shots

  3. Lmfaoo fr. They set the drone to lock into an object and rotate on its own and act like they’re doing something hahahaha imagine. Cool timing they caught the dude though.. wouldve been 100 times better if it was actually being flown and not on auto pilot, lmao

  4. I was standing in my driveway talking with a neighbor when the new neighbor across the street flew his drone over and hovered about 15 feet above us staring straight at us. It was really creepy, it felt like a random person had silently run up and shoved a camera in our faces without a single word. I totally understand that it's a cool hobby that people get excited about but they shouldn't forget how creepy it feels to know someone is recording you blatantly from some secret location. Especially when they've gone fishing on a desolate lake by themselves, it seems like the opposite of an invitation to come buzz around me while I'm trying to relax.

  5. Yeah, you can use a drone but don’t go fuckin buzzing in peoples face…. Makes me think the camera man is a self entered prick.

  6. Yes 7am on a tranquil lake and some dude buzzing a drone around on it. I’m happy they banned them in national parks in the USA.

  7. I had a drone buzz over my head pretty closely at a high speed while kayaking and it scared the piss outta me. Driver must’ve thought it was funny because he tried again and got even closer. I swung with my paddle and flipped him off. Assholes gonna asshole. This is t as bad, but still could have been annoying

  8. Greatest rock singer ever. Zero effects to his voice, only Steve Perry can sound that perfect. Great band back in the day. Songs are still heard on the radio today.

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