Anti-masker refuses to leave Costco and is shocked when he can't just walk away after the police show up to arrest him for trespassing.

  1. "Noooooo! We just came here to make content for my TikTok! We just wanted to make everyone upset by not wearing masks and we wanted to make a scene! We weren't supposed to get arrested, why can't you just let us goooooooo!"

  2. Not how do I get him out? Where is he going? Nope. All that selfish person wanted to know was how she could do what SHE needed to do. Garbage person.

  3. Bitch shoulda thought of that before you start pulling some day 5 of covid shit two whole ass fuckin years into a worldwide pandemic you dumbass

  4. If you're still there by the time the police show up, you weren't leaving, you were trespassing and look like a child repeating any lie convincing only themselves its true when you try to say you were leaving. Too late ass hat. And she needs to be charged with disturbing the peace with her screaming

  5. You mean I can't walk into someone's house and hang out until the police arrive, then resist arrest, but say I'm leaving when I'm as far from an exit as possible? The audacity of the police!

  6. Tough guy wouldn't leave when asked by store , told them he wasn't leaving and to call the cops . Cops arrive . Now hes trespassing and all of a sudden willing to leave . Resists arrest clearly the whole time. There's another charge added to the trespass . Over a fucking mask. What a douche .....

  7. Not the least bit surprised. Especially given that “puhleazze” girl went from total distress to “I want your badge number” faster than a Texas power plant goes offline during an arctic front.

  8. But he sure as hell wanted to leave after he saw the looming consequences of his actions. He was struggling so hard to get away.

  9. This right here. These idiots love to exclaim that this kind of police response is excessive because it’s “all over me not wearing a mask.” No, that’s not what it’s about. It’s because this store gently asked people to wear masks out of a safety concern for their guests and you decided to refuse, cause a scene, and create an uncomfortable situation for the employees and guests when literally no one else had a problem with their policy. You’re getting arrested for being a disrespectful douchebag, not because you simply didn’t wear a mask, so stop playing the victim.

  10. And he clearly isn't medically exempt. People that get exemptions are not able to struggle like that or breathe normally easily to begin with.

  11. And she was clearly ready to sound like the naive innocent child once they caused the ruckus they were hoping to cause. God how bored do you have to be do to this shit? I'd be shocked if they didn't immediately start a fundraiser for something...

  12. I never got the "stop you're hurting them" as they see their person physically push their body to their utmost limits clenching all their muscles together.

  13. I thought the same, if she really cared about him she would be trying to convince him that fighting the police is never going to work out in his favor. Regardless of your thoughts on mask mandates, government tyranny or police policies fighting them when they are trying to arrest you is only going to end with you being arrested after they pepper spray your lips off and taser you or whatever. The courtroom is the place to make an ideological argument, the cops are just going to fuck you up, arrest you anyway and add on more charges.

  14. Listening to her breakdown because no one was playing with her "LEAVE HIM ALONE! HE HAS A MEDICAL EXEMPTION!!!" bullshit was a real treat.

  15. Worst part is it seems like she’s the one who uploaded this nonsense. I’m sure it will help the police in the ‘resisting arrest’ charge

  16. I counted every time she said "please", and she got up to twenty. So that plus "he's willing to leave" and "he has a medical excemption!" is very few words for the amount of time she spent talking.

  17. She believes her boyfriend has a legitimate "medical exemption" to wearing masks while he wrestles 5 full grown dudes. She has the intelligence of a 5 year old.

  18. Holy shit I can't believe I got through 5 minutes of her whining. I almost muted it at so many points but I also really wanted to hear the rest of it

  19. Holy fuck, that guy should be glad he's being arrested and willl be safe in a jail cell soon. He'll be free and clear of her nagging voice that makes a normal person want to stab their ear drums out with an ice pick.

  20. "He's leaving" is the anti mask equivalent of "I'll just put it back" when you're caught shoplifting.

  21. Unpopular Opinion: I'd have preferred the hated tiktok robo voice to listening to that woman try to cry while screeching "He's leaving" and "He has a medical exemption" for those 5 minutes.

  22. Or like my idiot nephew when caught stealing money out of the register where he worked: “I was gonna tell the manager that I took it tomorrow.”

  23. I wrote about this dick. He was part of a larger group of anti-maskers who were attempting to enter the store. Staff even offered face shields since they claimed to have an exemption. They declined. They wanted confrontation and they got it. They’ve harassed several other businesses as well.

  24. Here are my thoughts on this: 1 They both knew perfectly well that being arrested was a potential consequence when they went on their little freedom crusade to Costco. 2 If he was leaving or willing to leave then he would not have been there long enough for Costco employees to call the police and for the police to get there. 3 For someone ill or infirm enough to get a medical exemption that says he can’t wear a mask he sure has plenty of strength to fight the police while they are trying to handcuff him.

  25. Also if you have a medical condition that makes breathing difficult with a mask you sure as shit shouldn't be going to Costco and risking covid... Covid is most certainly a death sentence if you can already barely breathe with just a mask on.

  26. Antimaskers if that is the hill you choose to die on fine. But why do some of you have to act like complete dickheads like this? You can’t just throw out basic courtesy towards others to prove your point. You guys are like that crazy jesus guy that screams over the megaphone that everyone hates.

  27. Everyone forgets the "dying" part of "this is the hill to die on". By all means, stand by your principles if you value them so much. But they literally don't think far enough ahead to understand that they can fail. Things can go other ways than just the way you want. And if you're not prepared, it can cost you. He's really going to have a hard time accepting it when he spends the weekend in jail because he wanted to be a smartass. And again when he loses his job because he missed it while in jail. And again when he gets evicted because he can't pay rent without a job, etc. etc.

  28. Some people's hill to die on is "my race deserves the right to vote just like any other race". For others, it's "I don't want my family to starve to death so we're going to try to seek asylum in another country." Apparently for these people it's "I don't want to wear a cloth on my face to save other people from my germs". This is the most depressing shit ever, I don't know if we will recover.

  29. If you have a medical exemption, you probably aren’t fit to be shopping at costco during a pandemic. I don’t understand this logic.

  30. Something tells me if he had an actual medical exemption from wearing a mask he wouldn't have been able to resist arrest from like 3-4 grown ass men. Also, face sheilds are an acceptable option for a face covering at many places, and they do not cover your mouth there for the medical exemption isn't really usable excuse in that situation.

  31. Couple of questions. Was he leaving and did he have a medical exemption, Did she get get home? Did she do what she needed to do? I hate cliffhangers.

  32. Canadian here. If he had approved doctor exemption with proper documentation the police would not have been called. Unless this store had its own no mask no service rule. Most stores here do offer curb side pick up for people who can't wear a mask. He clearly wasn't leaving fast enough because the cops had time to arrive and clearly had to haul his ass from the back of the store to the front exit. Also Costco's have a security person at the front of stores to check your membership upon entry so either this person was denied entry and forced their way in or, had a mask on just to get in only to take it off and refuse to put it back on. And as for screaming girl, does it really matter?

  33. I was really hoping they’d arrest her for obstruction. I’m so sick and tired of the medical exemption excuse.

  34. I have all kindsa stuff wrong with my life and I’m fucked in so many levels but gad dang this video brightened my day. Especially the part when one asks if they should arrest her, prolly for being annoying as sh’t. 5 stars ⭐️

  35. Ya this snowflake was probably asked 50 times to leave before the cops showed up. And refused. NOW he can't stand up for himself once the cops show up, and is like "okay I'm leaving".

  36. I was at the beer store the other day and an anti-masker walked in. The store employee told him to put it on, they said they were exempt, the employee responded, “well then, sir, you have to get out, because the policy is without exception.”

  37. In ALL of Ontario their is less than 200 people who are exempt for medical reasons. (you need to show a QR-code, because dumb shits like you lie). This asshat has watched to many youtube videos. He was asked to leave well before this happened, and did NOT leave. He did deserve this. STOP watching videos from the USA. This is Canada. I hope you had to walk home. Dumbass.

  38. Even for a legitimate medical exemption, a store doesn't have to let you indoors. They give you the option of curbside or delivery.

  39. I bet if she had said “stop, he’s leaving” and “he has a medical exemption” just oneee more time, it would’ve worked. Only if she said it in that same annoying ass voice, though.

  40. Yea I found this whole video so fascinating, the police were so restrained. Could have had him on the floor in seconds, but instead they take 5 minutes. Really respectable because a violent arrest would have just made him a martyr to the cause

  41. If he had a medical exemption why didn't he produce the documents to support it? IMO if you're going to have an excuse then have some way of backing that up

  42. Because people with medical exemptions use curbside pickup and stay the fuck away from crowds of people, because they want to live. I've yet to see a single person with a cannula in their nose while staging an antimask protest.

  43. In the U.S. I don't think such a thing even exists. These people think a note from their doctor entitles them to walk around a private business spreading their germs. It doesn't. Not even the Americans with Disabilities Act, which many of them try to hide behind, allows this. The ADA requires businesses to provide reasonable accommodations, and in this case that means stores can serve you outside if you're unable to comply with the rules for indoors. There's nothing I'm aware of that grants you immunity from the laws everyone else has to follow.

  44. Do you know what REALLY makes me mad about this?? These fools, and people who think like them and watch this, is going to try to equate this to the unfair treatment of minorities in the hands of the police.

  45. All I could think is could you imagine what would happen if that guy was black in America. He was clearly resisting arrest and they still handled him with relative care lol

  46. Because repeating something for the 75th time like a child is really helping the situation. Should have arrested her for lack of common sense. Seriously, severe stupidity or being annoying asf should be a crime.

  47. Where is the video of the manager repeatedly asking him to either put on a mask or leave? You know he pulled the usual anti-masker routine. They are not only in a private business, but a private members only club where membership is contingent upon following the rules. He should have asked himself, "Is my anti-mask display worth a lifetime ban from Costco?"

  48. Costco will ship a fucking jar of almonds all the way across Canada for free to my front door. No one with an actual medical exemption needs to ever step foot into the actual store.

  49. “He’s leaving, He’s leaving” Yes he’s leaving now, in cuffs, bcz he wouldn’t leave on his own before the cops got there.

  50. “Bravely” posted on YouTube with the comments section disabled. Turns out this is hobby, being an anti-mask asshole and having her film it. This is why reality TV sucks, by empowering morons like this to believe this behavior is cool.

  51. Can’t believe we’re this far into this whole pandemic and STILL people want to act like children about wearing the damn mask. It’s science. It works. Put it on. It’s not that complicated.

  52. i surprised no one has mentioned this but dude has a medical exemption for a mask... if he had any medical issue with breathing i dont think he'd be able to resist so much... this pandemic has made me realize how so many people are still stubborn children.

  53. If you're not gone by the time the police arrive, you've already overstayed your welcome. You had every point up until then to leave, consequence free, now you can suck it

  54. So as soon as one of the workers mentions medical exemption she starts saying he has one... good try anti-masker, good try.

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