Sound engineers forget to autotune the microphones during Donda 2 concert

  1. I'm convinced there isn't another sound on the planet that brings you from dead sleep to full awake faster then your pet about to vomit in the middle of the night.

  2. Sometimes I listen to new music and I think it's utter shite, but then I just think it's cos I'm becoming an old fart and my parents said the same thing about my music.

  3. As a sound engineer I use this phrase when in this situation, "It only sounds this bad because I'm that good. It could be much worse!"

  4. I mean I don't how it go to this point. In the 2000s it was an insult to accuse someone of using Autotune, it was shameful lmao. Now its what a lot of rappers base their careers on when they can't sing

  5. This reminds me of that one rave photo meme where the participants are high as fuck and probably assume they look fantastic but in reality they all look heinous.

  6. I'll always give props to the sound and stage crews. The shit these people pull off night after night is amazing.

  7. the "music" is awful because the mixing was fucking bad on this set I dont understand this take that

  8. How do people like this get discovered and get to do this for a living? I’m so confused. Like, you hear someone play an instrument or sing a song and they are decent. So they play in a band, audition, or get a gig and maybe they get discovered. So does that mean someone with pull heard this dude and thought this guy has “it” and decided to pay him money to do whatever this is. I don’t get it.

  9. Social Media is a multiplier, in the same it multiplies and amplifies fake news it multiplies and amplifies no talent to the smooth brained masses.

  10. In this particular case, Playboi Carti (the guy grunting like a sickly cat), got his start actually rapping. The way he performs now is a pretty big departure from earlier in his music career because his latest album/arc has also been pretty different from his earlier work. He’s currently going through his goth vampire phase, hence the way he’s entirely changed his look and sound within the past ~2 years. For example:

  11. Not really. His music doesn’t actually sound like this. Consensus is that his on stage performances are usually pretty ass

  12. You ever see a cat ran over slowly from a reversing moving truck? Big truck. Backs up over em like a tube of toothpaste. Horrible, fucking horrible to witness. Sounds just like this. That's all I could think of hearing this. It was traumatic. Fuck auto tune. Let these disaster "artists" be real and show their talent is just pure garbage.

  13. it has nothing to do with autotune. carti just performs like that for some reason, fivio couldn't keep up because his earpiece was out of sync with the speakers, and kanye doesn't even have a mic because he got mad and threw it into the water

  14. That’s why it’s always good to have a backstage guy dressed like a performer. That way they can dance their way out there and you can tell them in there ear and the audience will be none the wiser.

  15. This dude has done mass hypnosis on such a large part of the American populous. How anyone can find this watchable or listenable, much less newsworthy, in any manner is beyond me.

  16. I’m not saying I like it at all, but this is literally what older people have been saying about “the kid’s music” for generations. Maybe the fact that older people hate it is subconsciously part of the appeal? I’ve got no clue

  17. I imagine this is what I sound like to other people when I’m singing in the car. To me I sound like Whitney of course.

  18. Remember when we thought that yoko Ono was the worst thing to happen to music? Ya, those were good times, simple times.

  19. As an audio engineering student…it’s kinda heartbreaking how fucking terrible some of these huge musicians are. You’ve got musicians that spend lifetimes perfecting their craft and instruments and then these douche rockets buy Fruity Loops beats for $75 and AutoTune the absolute fuck outta shit. I’ve got money that says their FOH engineer stopped monitoring their vocal feeds years ago cause of this shit.

  20. Man you must be a really fucking shit student if you don’t even have a grasp on the artistic capabilities of autotune lmao. Or maybe you literally don’t know music?

  21. Do people actually go to concerts to listen to this stuff? I genuinely thought it was just rich kids self publishing themselves, didn't realise people actually listened to it.

  22. all the people in these comments talking about rap is bad and not the fact that the engineers quite litearlly fucked up the mixing is insane, imagine judging an entire artists catalogue like kanye based on a mishap amazing

  23. This is an unpopular opinion, and I’m sure the downvotes are coming , but Kanye West is fucking terrible and this whole narrative that this is visionary talent shows just how watered down the standards for talent are these days.

  24. I feel its kinda weird to judge him almost 20 years into his career because 98% of the artists fall of by that time.

  25. Do you know anything abt him or are you just some dude who dislikes rap and Kanye’s celebrity identity? Be a more open minded.

  26. What's worse is people are keeping these clowns in business by buying their music lol The biggest joke ever is people praising Kanye as a God and some sort of genius, he is absolute trash

  27. I will never ever understand why we promote people without talent when there are so many with it. This is just embarrassing. As a former vocal coach I am disgusted that anyone would let him get on a stage with that voice, with or without auto tune. He needs training, at the very least, not a better engineer.

  28. I'm sure old people said the same thing in the 60s or 80s. There's no good or bad to music, you're simply old as fuck and stuck in the past

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