Creep touches kid, father steps in

  1. He murmured "Jamaica" (a hibiscus drink) then tapped him and said "camarones"(shrimp). Looks like they were ordering food and the guy was either mocking him and/or horsing around or genuinely trying to make a drunken small talk.

  2. As soon as he pushed the dad, dad should have clocked him in the face. And he would have been justified in doing so.

  3. What's scary is he's not only not afraid of doing it in front of others, including the kids family, but also not afraid of confrontation by the father after being caught.

  4. Rock climbers grip for that Adam's apple ..... we are about to have not such a fun day. But at least he won't make much noise.

  5. Definitely a creepy vibe with that guy. A creep touching a kid like that needs to be taken aside and taught a lesson.

  6. I dont know why anyone waited so long to step in tbh. I wouldve quietly pulled the kid aside/freaked tf out like yesterday if I saw that, not just sit there fucking recording.

  7. I'm confused on how you thought anyone actually got their ass beat. Looks like a failed wrestling match honestly.

  8. I think if more people asked this question during a lot of these confrontation videos/channels that solely run on this type of content, more people would be able to filter out what’s real and what isn’t, quickly.

  9. Father did a half measure when he should have done a full. Allowing creep to gain back control and choke him was dumb. If you're gonna push someone be prepared to fight not turn your back to them. In front of his kid of all people.

  10. You also have to keep in mind that the father probably didn't want to escalate this with his kid around. It wouldn't be worth it to get stapped or shot as there was much to lose from the moment he stepped in. The creep however didn't back down at all which is the scary part.

  11. You are absolutely correct… He had different ways he could have handled the situation. Could have ignored it and let the guy keep touching his son.. Could have asked in a nice non aggressive way to stop touching his kid.. he chose to be confrontational (which is honestly what I would have done) but as soon as the guy started to get into his space and act aggressive back he should have got the upper hand and did his best to fuck the guy up. Not trying to act like a badass… but if you don’t act decisively what we witnessed will be the outcome more often than not.

  12. Full. 0-100 in a second. No quarter. As soon as dude started eyeballing after telling him to back off. Beat. The. Fuck. Outta. Him.

  13. The dad saw the pedo touch his son repeatedly before he even said anything, then the pedo started challenging the father directly and the father still froze over and over.

  14. Kept waiting for it and it never happened. Then the kid got to see his dad manhandled by a creep

  15. I love how redditors think that every pedophile is weak and can't fight and every father is an MMA fighter and can just dislocate a jaw on command. Did you even watch the video?

  16. Love how the pedo thinks he's done nothing wrong enough, to actually stand his ground. What a predator. Also there must have been touching prior to the video to start filming it.

  17. Silverling he's also a fucking idiot to start that shit in public in broad daylight with a camera on him.

  18. Wtf???? Why would you attack someone’s parent like that. Imagine how traumatizing it is for the kid to see their mom or dad get physically attacked. That man’s pride got in the way and he felt like he shouldn’t have to back down.. so selfish. That fight was not worth it - not in front of the kid. That was clearly a caring and loving parent so it must’ve been so disturbing for the kid to see his loving and protective dad get attacked.

  19. Probably not the first time he touched the kid while they were in line, and the person started filming as a "look at this weird situation" thing.

  20. Tbh I’d probably Film that first but of the poking and then tap the father on the shoulder and let him know. Smooth talkers can’t talk their way out of video evidence.

  21. Yeah... Every part of this looks sketchy. Everything from why are they filming, to the weak ass hugging match, to the delayed reaction to the hugging match by the camera lady. None of this makes any sense.

  22. One of the biggest pedos in the UK was a former wrestler and marathon runner. He could fuck up most males of his age group. Sadly, not every pedo is a passive wimp.

  23. “Are you serious?” Bro it’s the audacity for me. Dude has never looked in the mirror or listened to his own voice 😭

  24. WTF is he doing? Even if he is not a pervert you don't approach unknown kids like that. A normal guy will Just order his food and pay no attention to kid

  25. Did… did the creep try taking a moral high ground? Those “Are you serious?”’s sounded like he was trying to play the moral high ground. What kind of fucking weirdo touches a strangers kid and then tries taking a moral high ground? What a fucking germ of a human

  26. Was the person recording working with the pedophile? Why else would they just be recording and also not stepping in, until the fight possibly went south for the pedophile?

  27. Stop recording and try to do something to stop it. Jesus. WHAT is a good reason to get reason to gang up on someone if not this?

  28. Agreed on all points. Creepy fucker. But what was the original video intention? Film a soon-to-be creeper?

  29. I’m not a father, but that video made my blood boil. If any creep did that to my kid then got in my face I’m fucking keying him or stabbing one of those plastic fast food forks through his eye

  30. Honestly, after that 2nd “you serious” I would’ve sent it😤. Don’t touch my kid weirdo; Whoever was recording should’ve said something smh.

  31. Dad got whipped by a pedo-accountant. Some stranger lays a hand on your kids, drop the nacho order and put your hands to work.

  32. As soon as he stepped to the farther, that is when you fire off multiple headbutts, it's quick easy & stops the fight in seconds.

  33. What bothers me the most are the people who stand watch and record but do nothing else. Like bro, you're the problem too.

  34. I swear , if he would just get in my face after a warning like this I'd make sure he not longer has working fingers to touch my kid again nor the face

  35. I feel like the first step should have been moving the child from holding his left hand to holding his right. Maybe?

  36. dad make the big mistake of not throwing first. The second that guy got that close to me Im sending him to the shadow realm.

  37. Jeez if you're not going to throw hands and just let the guy grab you why even touch him in the first place. I would have said, "Sir, leave my kid alone please" and have my son move to my other side away from the pedo. I mean the creepy guy looks like he stays indoors all day or sum and got a choke hold on what looks like a fit guy wtf everything is backwards here.

  38. I got in an altercation with a man while I was at the zoo with my two young children. There was plenty of open space and this man just kept pushing his way between my son and myself. I started yelling and he got embarrassed and went another way, but I honestly don’t know what I would have done if he started physically fighting me. Scary world we live in.

  39. When you push someone you better be ready for them. That Dad did the right thing that guy is a creep but be prepared. He could of easily redirected his attack and sent the creep to the ground.

  40. this happened to me when I was a kid, I was playing with my brother on the side walk, and some rando tried to snatch me right off the sidewalk, luckily he didnt get a good grip and I was able to pull my arm off of his hands. My dad was watching us and he ran to confront the perv and the dude ran dad didnt give chase bc he knew that my brother and I were now more playing on the street after that

  41. Dad’s a loser bro. How do you give the pedo a slap on the wrist and then just let him tackle you and shove you around after he just touched your son?

  42. Never let anyone get that close to you. Especially if your with your kid. If you go down. Your kid could be gone.

  43. It is imperative to learn any type of martial arts for moments like these, the dad had the will to fight but he lacked fighting skills.

  44. Anyone trying to say this guy is just drunk needs to be put on a list. I don’t know about you but the drunker I get the further away from children I want to be. Far, far away.

  45. Man your guys don't know what happend after this part of the video. Hooefully Dad stood back up and kicked the pedos ass

  46. Soon as he got in his face he should have moved his son out the way and finished it. The dad gave the guy too much room.

  47. Dad fucked up bad. Do not ever turn your back to a threat. That first push should have been followed with a punch.

  48. What I don't understand is the father not willing to fight after it very much became physical? I understand not wanting to scare your child and do that in front of them, but a line was crossed and you just show your kid that the world is scarier than has to be by not defending yourself

  49. Of course everyone is defending the father, but that was a bit of an overreaction. I didn’t see anything particularly creepy.

  50. People getting angry about this on reddit but still don't make enough noise about Epstein, Maxwell and that paedophile ring...

  51. Such a shame the dad was a pussy who couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag. If that was my son, that dude would have got a stiff jab followed by a strong hook to break his jaw.

  52. Father overreacted and traumatized his son. All he had to do in a calm voice was say, please don’t touch, place his child in front of him and leave right away.

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