Crowd tearing down fence barriers and rushing the stage at Canadian Kingston Music Festival

  1. I worked crowed management at plenty concerts and raves in California and when this shit happens we just take our phones out and be like “ well shit dispatch is gonna be pissed” 🤣

  2. I remember going to a music festival at the same venue back in 2012, System of a Down was the headliner. As soon as they hit their first note, the entire crowd surged and pushed forward and I was right in the middle of it. Definitely was the scariest moment I've ever had at a concert.

  3. Yo I always knew 99 was bad, but I never knew it was that bad. That was a really great documentary that shows the calamities day by day. Such a recipe for disaster…

  4. these promoters have got to stop hiring two security guards with one checkpoint for huge crowds. check the people and bags, but create more checkpoints so the line will flow.

  5. Obviously the crowd shouldn't be doing things like that but groupthink is a motherfucker. If that flimsy fence is the only barrier that separates the main area from the general, non-ticket having public then the festival organisers have cheaped out or not done any proper risk assessments.

  6. It looks like they had a huge VIP area in front of the stage. Every show I've seen do this eventually has to just let everyone through. If the barriers are temporary they'll eventually fail.

  7. Interesting, I was wondering exactly what scenario this would be. Seems like a poor setup. Maybe the crowd would have been a little more forgiving if it wasn't so hot out?

  8. I work festivals and we call these light fences with triangle bottoms the “Canadian Fences”, cause they come in from Canada I guess? A stiff wind can blow them over. We don’t use them anywhere critical.

  9. Yes I think that’s what happened. With a fence so large it was just insulting. Can’t have people pay to watch from behind a fence. Vip to get a decent view is a bad practice

  10. I would make everyone go back out and put the barrier back up before anyone got on stage. These mfs need to stop trying to dictate how shits gonna go at these festivals. This shits set up with permits, planning, staffing, etc… then they all fuck it up and get away with it

  11. Sadly this happend to me at KNOTFEST 2019.... Damn it was horrible that the festival got cancelled. Same thing, the VIP was empty, and over half the stage the general zone was divided, there were over 50k people there, the barries could not contain so much people, and having all that empty space in the VIP it's something really stupid to do. But they keep fucking up how to set a proper festival GA and VIP zones over and over. VIP zone needs to be on the sides and having a second floor to see the stage way more clear than people in General zone, and the GA crowd should be up front in the pit. Maybe have a space so VIP can go freely in front of the GA barrier and still go to the sides and second floor on those sides, in order to be free to get better access.

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