“They live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies”- President Biden!!


  2. This is exactly what voters wanted. Someone who would not beat Trump once but over and over again again. Because we knew he wouldn’t go quietly. We need to keep it up. Make fascists cry again this November. Make fascists cry again 2024.

  3. It was a great speech. He even got in a few digs at the MAGA ding dongs who were yelling on the other side of the barrier. Dark Brandon bringing the truth with his laser eyes of democracy.

  4. And of course the dumpster brigade is shame-calling out Biden for " not being bipartisan" because "trump never said anything bad about the opposition."

  5. The sheer number of times he said "we the people" in that speech had me cracking up. Between that and the dark Brandon look of the stage, whoever put that together was trolling them hard and I'm here for it

  6. Democrats like this. Independents may be swayed. Republicans use it as gasoline. There is no getting through to them. I know because I was one until a couple of years ago and have tried and still try on a forum I visit to do so. There is no getting to them. They believe everything he says and when they have an inkling of doubt they find another maga person to cheer them on and bring them back into the fold. Anyone who is still unzipping their pants when they look at pics of trump is not going to change their mind because biden said anything. I have no idea what, if anything he can do to influence them.

  7. Republicans are trying to figure out a way to stop the student loan forgiveness (apparently through lawsuits in various states with a goal of getting to SCOTUS). Between Roe, and this little plan, it’s almost like the GQP is having a grand old time throwing any hopes they had of successful midterms with both hands.

  8. Yeah. One thing that stuck out to me is that he said “MAGA Republicans have made their choice.” He’s not interested in persuading them and knows to attempt to would be futile.

  9. No but eventually DeSantis will win his arm wrestle with Trump and the majority of his followers will drop him immediately. “Winning team” mentality.

  10. You don’t negotiate with terrorists or reason with unreasonable people and they are both. We have to do everything we can to stop them though. Everything.

  11. Biden didn’t go far enough. He didn’t explain what happens next of the GOP takes control. Their end game is to purge America of any semblance of leftist thought. Every fascist movement follows the same process. First comes the ideological purity tests. Then comes the executions. This subreddit ought to believe the Qultists when they tell you exactly what they want to do. This election, and every election henceforth will be a battle over life or death. The right in this country has no intention of moderating their agenda, ever.

  12. Someone said it. Someone finally said it out loud, and I never thought it would be Joe Biden to do so. He's right too. What's happening in our country today is not normal. I know we want things to be business as usual with the standard hiccups that are smoothed over in five or six years, but they aren't. Reactionaries are trying (and succeeding) to drag the US back to a warped version of the 1950's. If we don't want to end up in a Christo-fascist dictatorship, we need to stop pretending that life is going on as normal.

  13. I know they're trying to drag us back to a warped version of the 1950s, but what I think they're actually trying to do is bring the world back to a time when they were happy. Which was in their childhood. The 50s weren't this blissful utopia they think it was - it was simply the fact that they were children and they were happier then, because they hadn't yet steeped themselves in bitterness and anger for decades and chosen to hate the world instead of trying to understand it.

  14. I thought his speech was absolutely brilliant, containing some real gems such as the 'They live not in the light of truth...' quote above. And for once, publicly recognising the danger Trump and MAGA have done to the USA.

  15. When you have spent your life living in a 99% white neighborhood where the 1% non-white are not black, and you chat over the fence about how other neighborhoods are seeing their home values decline because black people are moving in... and you work at a company that is 99% white, and the black employees are janitors... and you warn your friends the new black man who was hired doing a job similar to yours is taking all the jobs from better qualified white men...

  16. They’re the same people we mock hourly in this sub. They weren’t gonna go away because Biden gave a speech. The point is there may be a few less of them now (because time passes, not because of this speech), and they are nowhere near a majority in America.

  17. It’s worth making comments to support. They are literally using paid posters to try to create the image that they are the majority, to divide.

  18. Biden knows there's no inspiring or changing the minds of the deluded. He said as much. He said we, the NON-deluded, need to defeat them with our votes and rule of law.

  19. He’s been trying to work with them the past two years and now he’s called them out on all their craziness they wanna act as though he’s been excluding them from the very start.

  20. Thank Christ he’s actually calling it now. Understand (somewhat) that he tried to keep things on an even keel, but enough is e-fucking-nough. Nice work Dark Brandon

  21. He knows that whether by criminal intention or simply an absurd amount of incompetence in dealing with classified information Trump fucked up big time.

  22. The only thing I hope is that the communication between the executive branch and the FBI/Dept of Justice is kept to an absolute minimum- like Biden heard about what sort of documents these were through a million intermediaries and didn’t just ring up garland and ask “so…what’s he actually got?!” Trump supporters are going to grasp and magnify ANY link Biden has with this, so I wouldn’t give them any ammunition at all in that argument.

  23. And the MAGAts are going to *scream* about how meeeeean the President is, and how divisive he's being and how polarization is so terrible, while shouting about how Democrats are evil and liberals should all be killed.

  24. The guy I voted for didn’t steal my countries most sensitive, secret documents and continue to act like a traitorous rat after getting caught so I am confident I am “living in the light”

  25. Like someone trapped in a house with an abuser - it doesn't matter what they do, right or wrong, they will get blamed and beaten up for it. So they've adopted the universal approach of saying and doing nothing.

  26. Just enough spice, but not over the line, not saying anything which isn't already inarguable from any angle in really very cautious and restrained language all things considered. Just right.

  27. can't wait to hear the cries of conservatives about how divisive biden is while ignoring literally every single thing ever said by trump

  28. And of course people like Kevin McCarthy were right in there yapping about how Biden is dividing us, slandering us, blah blah blah. I do hope that at least some people are starting to see past that.

  29. A year ago it might have hardened some independents against him that didn't want confrontation. I think right now, with much better example to use cof*Roe*cof, his words will be heard.

  30. Now that his middle-of-the-road, "negotiate first" tactics are proving fruitless and he's finally seeing how absolutely deranged and unwilling to cooperate these people are, it's finally clicking for him.

  31. While this was his most based speech in a very long time, i feel he wasn't going far enough with it. Conservatives are practically Nazis at this point and they're getting very close to outright saying "yeah we want to open death camps and slaughter everyone we don't like", yet he never pointed out what their end goal was.

  32. As someone who despises Maga and it’s consequences and someone who considers themselves more of a centrist these days, I wouldn’t say ‘conservatives’. I have many friends who are ‘conservative’ who aren’t fans of Biden but who also aren’t on the insane train that the magas are on. They’re not homophobic and they have friends like me. What’s troubling is that the vast majority of popular republicans have no problem feeding this beast and milking it while they can.

  33. This speech scares me. I agree with him 1000%, but I’m so confused about why now, why this. What was the goal? What will the consequences be?

  34. It’s way too little, way too late, and he won’t back it with meaningful action to start turning the tide. So fucking sick of empty words from neoliberals.

  35. You know what's authoritarian. Legalizing robbery by cops. That was Biden not Trump. You know what's authoritarian. Locking people up for smoking a harmless naturally growing plant. That was Biden not Trump. Joe Biden has championed things that were passed out of pure racism. He sends our kids to prison for smoking a joint meanwhile his kid is a crackhead yet to ever spend 1 day in jail.

  36. False equivalency at its finest. If you don't support the least worst you're bolstering the most worst. The desire for the perfect candidate and criticizing the best we have at the moment, is what opens the door for authoritarianism. Your vote is needed to stop fascism. No. I'm not exaggerating. Stop letting your search for perfection be the enemy of the good enough. There's no such thing as perfection where humans are involved. That's how Trump got in last time and now look where we are. Trump and Biden are not the same by any stretch of the imagination. Vote and be someone who cares about democracy.

  37. He looked like he was speaking from the heart to me. So much for the lie MAGAs are spreading about him sundowning with Alzheimers. Biden's speech was more coherent, structured and accurate than any Trump has given since he first ran for the presidency.

  38. Appeasing Nazis is how we got where we are in the first place. We literally can no longer pretend it doesn't exist and look the other way. If you can, more power to you. But I'm long past done doing so.

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