dark Brandon is rising

  1. Lord Biden Has Risen-uh! The final Sacrifice of one thousand infants-uh is upon us-uh! As foretold-uh, a thousand years of glory for the Clinton dynasty awaits the faithful-uh! Amen, brother-uh!

  2. All he has done is stop pandering to the GQP's political games and the dRumpers are throwing an absolute tantrum. I cannot wait to see their head explodes if dRump actually gets indicted. Gonna need to buy a LOT more popcorn...

  3. I loved the speech last night. I told my wife that Dark Brandon (I love that name) just tossed his massive balls up on that podium and called out TFG and said, "suck on these nuts LOSER!" At least that was my takeaway. Seriously... I also told my wife that is probably only the second President in the history of this country (Lincoln being first) to have to make a speech like this and call out the evil for what it is... Lastly... Biden nailed it on the timing this week. First building up to it earlier on then last night, BOOM. An awesome precursor to J6C Season Two!

  4. I think Biden's doing an admirable job, considering the shit show he was elected into. With that said, can we please not turn the man into a fucking meme? It's just dumb imo.

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