600 Tweets in a week 🥴

  1. You have to understand, they're convinced they're responsible for electing someone they thought and still think is saving children from pedophiles around the world, and it's all because of them. Being a self-important idiot is a prerequisite to joining the club.

  2. Real talk, their bodies react to these internet fights like they’re existential threats. I can’t imagine the physical damage they must be doing to their heart and nervous systems existing in a constant state of being triggered (as in the actual medical term) like this.

  3. I just want to point out that these snowflakes use the terms they hate, but just slightly changed from their trigger words.

  4. Excellent! I certainly hope there are a lot more people like him who take up the good fight. It doesn't take a lot of people posting their standard BS in such high volume, and with no risk of ever being kicked off, to ensure that pretty soon, all remotely normal people will have been turned off using Twitter for good.

  5. People aren’t thirsty for truth, but shit smells delicious to flies, so that’s why it’s easy for QAnons and MAGA to build up a huge amount of followers rather quickly.

  6. 280 character max times 600 equals 168,000… say the average word was 5 characters that’s 33,600 words. That’s more than my Masters thesis. This guy wrote a master’s thesis in a week just spewing nonsense.

  7. Lmao. Imagine likening arguing with people on fucking twitter about your deluded conspiracies to returning from a war...

  8. You see that with Depp fans. They harass and stalk people with their insane bullshit, then wonder why the people they harass and stalk eventually turn off the ability to reply.

  9. Does he think that the Blockchain is a store of wealth made from accounts blocking yours? Like if I get a crypto nickel for each account that blocks me, and I get blocked by everyone who subscribed to the Donald, wow 🤑💦🍆

  10. And two weeks ago they were all spouting how the lefties are all losers because they spent all day on "Twatter". It is amazing how fast the facts change to suit their narratives.

  11. Here's a thing... a lot of right leaning commentator utilize social media (YouTube, fb, twitter) more than the average user. That's not to say, there are no left leaning commentators. What this means, in my observation, that more right leaning folks have the potential to get banned, simply by numbers. The more people you have... the more extreme and stupid you get. A person is stupid.... a group of people are stupid and dangerous.

  12. I just got a 12 hour ban from twitter for asking Elon if someone mistook his man-boobs for muffins at thanksgiving dinner.

  13. I mean, I’m literally on Twitter watching for them, since they post whatever criminal actives or fantasies they have there lol

  14. I finally had to delete my Twitter account this week. It was a real shame because Twitter was a really great source for porn... but considering the kind of sleaze and filth, like Marjorie Taylor Greene, they're allowing on there now I just couldn't keep using it in good conscience.

  15. I'm amazed that Musk thinks that unbanning literal toxic people and opinions would draw more people and advertisers/revenue to Twitter. Unbanning these users directly motivated me to delete my account, so I won't have to associate myself in any way with those types of people. I doubt I'm alone here at all.

  16. It's all engagement, whether it's lies, trolling, or thoughtful posts. And engagement=revenue, or at least that's the theory. When it's all Q lunatics, all the time, it'll be a barren wasteland. Musk has to make hay from this crap while the sun shines.

  17. A click is a click, even if a rational mind isn't behind it. People make good money just attracting enough followers and generating enough click revenue to get advertisers to sponsor them. Nothing they have to say has to be of any value, it's enough that their audience is big enough to make an advertiser happy.

  18. A Gravy Seal keyboard warrior, getting "patched up" from "battle on Twitter". It was probably a close call, when he ran out of beer and pork rinds, and had to make a run to the 7-11 on his mobility scooter.

  19. Wish I didn't have to scroll all the way to the end of the thread to see a response like this. You're right. We love to shit on the "meme war" from on high because to anyone with even basic comprehension skills it's a ridiculous comparison to actual war.

  20. I was kicked off twitter for being "violent or harrassing". The only thing I can think of is the multiple insults to Elon and grotesque pictures and drawings of his ugly face

  21. Lol I started my twitter like 10 years ago then I forgot about it. It says I gave 102,000 tweets most are retweets because I’m not that chatty. Lol Most of those are in the past two years. 100 a day is A LOT

  22. Two possibilities out of that: either this guy really is that crazy, or it's a Russian plant to try and get people engaged on Twitter after the mass unban.

  23. Wow, I started mine in 2010, and I am closing in on 1000 tweets. Not sure I'll make it before everything implodes now.

  24. This sounds like it came directly from a Russian propaganda lab. A MAGAT who is tech savvy would know how to shit-post with bots. This reads as a smart young person talking to idiots who will obey and hand type 600 replies to female journalists and politicians.

  25. The radicalized are feeling anemic and need twitter for new blood. I hope they just find all the same losers there. But what is likely to happen is Russia will have plenty of buxom blondes sliding into their dms telling them they love their masculinity and Christian attitudes.

  26. Twitter is going to shit real quick with all these self appointed right wing qultists trying to “take over”. Elon is impressively lighting $44b on fire 🔥

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