Will Till ever find love?

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  2. The concept of "finding the one" for a romantic relationship doesn't align with everyones expectations in life, for a variety of reasons. I hope he is happy, whatever that means for him.

  3. I would have worded that differently. I do agree however, let the man do his own thing without some TLC-like following.

  4. Enjoy the music, enjoy the band, enjoy the collecting and the show. But for god sake don't fuss about their private lives. They are only people.

  5. This assumes that he even wants to be in a monogamous relationship. He’s said he has no women friends, and he has someone on his paid staff that finds groupies for him. He’s doing what he wants - let’s assume he’s happy and enjoy the music.

  6. I mean no offense but one it's not really are concern, also the man is a lead singer for one of the best bands. The man just wants to fulfill his Kinks and live his life without marriage probably. Cuz if I was him why would I marry when I can just be able to get any woman I want to of consent and fulfill my wildest dreams without ever being restrained

  7. Oh for God’s sake… I’m really sorry but all of the fans that either salivate over the geezer and want to puck his brains out OR the ones that think that only you can change him and make him happy - just stop. Stop being cringe and stop being so childish. He’s a grown arse man who fathered multiple children and has been with many women (and possibly men, who knows). Do you really think that… a) he’s never met anyone who he was happy with b) he actually needs it

  8. Why should he find ‚the one‘ when there are a bunch of hot groupies waiting for him at the front of every show? Also, with Thomalla he already had one of the most beautiful german girls (imo). He does not even have to search for hot groupies, his assistant pre-select the girls for him 🤣 I think that‘s awesome and a lot of men dream about this.

  9. I mean, beauty isn’t everything, and it’s not worth anything if love isn’t there (in the context of a relationship).

  10. Not too comfortable debating that like happens with other celebs... who make it their brand, so sad, especially for their children must require therapy. xS

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