Any ideas how I would mount a Ring?

  1. A ring doorbell pro version should fit there just fine. If you have existing wiring which is obvious you do DONT go with a battery type model.

  2. Totally agree, the wired one is the way to go. I used an adjustable mounting bracket so I could angle it and never looked back. Never have to fuss with re-charging and just all around easier.

  3. I just finished mounting mine with a similar situation. I cut two pieces of wood to screw the camera into. I had to cut a notch in the back of one to run the wires through.

  4. If you don’t want to drill the Mount use double sided sticky tape (3M has a strong one) worked for all my rings…outdoors I use gorilla double sided tape!

  5. I got the wired version and put a hole through the pvc frame and cut a section out so that the doorbell is nice a flush also put a small bead of sealant around the hole just in case. Then ran two core cable to the consumer unit and put it on a bell transformer. Works a treat

  6. I had to mount mine on an angle to squeeze it in, it's fine, just use longer screws than the ones that came with it. The camera is wide angled enough to cover everything

  7. Question is, do you have a hardwire or wireless version? Wireless should be easy but considering you took a photo of your doorbell, you have a wired version?

  8. Get a flat piece of trim wood slightly larger than the doorbell. Notch out the existing vertical trim. Install the new trim left-aligned to the existing vertical trim. Paint it, run wire slightly over to the right to center in the new position. Boom, finished look.

  9. We have a wireless RING, and its really annoying having to charge it ever so often. Since you already have the cables running there, I highly recommend making it work somehow. They might have changed it, but the wireless version also had recording duration limitations, so the wired seems to be better IMO.

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