The Nnormal Kjerag and Tomir are in!!!

  1. Got these in the mail today. Wow, both of them are super light. First impression is that (big surprise) the Kjerag is the performance “Ferrari” and the Tomir is the daily “do anything” shoe. The Tomir really reminds me of the Speedgoat but a little less “house-boat-ey”. Ask any questions you got!

  2. Please can you try Kjerag on some sharp, rocky terrain? Can you feel the sharp rocks penetrate through the midsole? Think of it as you are running and step on a sharp rock situation..

  3. Is contagrip really that bad? I thought it was pretty good for wet or loose ground, especially in something like the speedcross.

  4. do you have the pulsar? does the kjerag have a similar fit? was hoping that it would be pretty much a pulsar with regular laces and vibram, which would be an almost perfect shoe.

  5. I’m so excited to hear about how your runs go in these. They look awesome and an amazing group of athletes for the company. Will be curious to know how they differ, what terrain, distances etc. If the Tomir is a non-chunky SG it sounds great, and I’m so curious about how the other is without a sock liner

  6. I got my Tomir in last week. Only had one run in them so far but was really impressed. They definitely feel nice and light and was impressed with the grip of the sole. My only complaint was that there is no extra hole to tie the laces in a runners knot.

  7. Kjerag’s toe box is amazing. It is by far the most spacious thing I have ever blessed my feet with. I normally wear 10 or 10.5 US for shoes. Always 10.5 for trail shoes. 10.5 US was perfect here.

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