According to TASS (the state-owned news agency), soldiers of the Akhamat (Chen-Chen paramilitary organization) battalion found caches with weapons in 20 villages on the left bank of the Dnipro in the Kherson region. -They are all hunting rifles. They just stole every hunting rifle in the region.

  1. Those are mostly 12 gauge hunting shotguns used primarily for small game. And most are double barrel, not even semiautomatic... some even use external hammers to srike the primer. That is collector level.

  2. I am missing what the Tik-tok squad is trying to show. Are they saying they have found partisan weapon caches? Are they claiming they went to Ukraine to hunt? I'm just lost on this one. A 12 gauge with a slug or buckshot can easily kill but is hardly a fighting weapon. Even my Benellis have internal hammers. Striker fired shotguns still aren't the norm. Agreed, some of those are Soviet Collector Items. My Babushka had a double barrel in her farmhouse in the village.

  3. Apart from 1 old AK and a couple of AT tubes, there’s nothing very useful there - they should go to any town Texas - they’d find enough stuff to arm a company!

  4. Definitely. Pretty sure my dad has more than that just in his bedroom (fun side game - guess my state).

  5. When you ’liberate’ a region, it’s a good idea to remove any and all firearms from the population… you know, because they may not like being ’liberated’.

  6. Could be they just took all weapons from Civilians and stored them instead of destroying them. Their thieves so why destroy something you could sell later.

  7. Like when some russians were bragging about collecting "valuable western weapons" Ukrainians had "abandoned" and showed the camera several spent single shot AT.

  8. and making sure to show the German flag, which is on military surplus from the late 1980's and early 91's. Hell I have a couple - summer and winter jackets, comfortable and nearly indestructible - did remove the patch though since I'm not German - I'm Scandinavian

  9. 12 gauge shotgun is no joke. A pump is extremely reliable and weapon of choice for going after wounded bears in Canada. You can kill deer ( or people) up to 150 yards away with slugs or sabot rounds. True, not commonly used by military, but when I served under Jimmy Carter Mossberg made ours. The Germans feared our “ trench sweepers” so much in WW1 that they tried to make them illegal under Geneva convention. ( so I read, never researched) but a short barrel with 00 Buck shot would rapidly clear a trench every time you fire. I could put 8 shells in my Mossberg. Not sure what capacity was of the old Winchesters. A legal ( but short) 18.5” barrel spreads a pattern 4’ wide in 20 yards. I used to hunt grouse in heavy cover with birdshot in a rig like that. Very effective at short range. And a bit quieter than a rifle. Different type of gunpowder, it burns slower.

  10. Last deer I shot was 130 yards with a slug with my old Stevens 12 gu pump, (can't remember the weight). In Ontario Canada. Most of the bear hunters I know would'nt use a shotgun.

  11. German. I already hear the russian Goebbels drunk rambling, partly crying about "german paratroopers" hiding in Ukraine with fucking hunting rifles...

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