What is your under appreciated by the masses but always enjoyed by you bottles/distilleries?

  1. At least in the states, Old Pulteney 12 is probably the best age-to-value ratio, even after the reduction from 43% to 40%.

  2. So I just tried a sample of Old Pulteney Huddart last night and I loved it. Think salty brine plus a little peat, smoked bacon and a honey and toffee syrup, delicious, and I highly recommend it. Its also bottled at 46%, ncf and natural colour!

  3. Talisker without the peat. I was surprised at how good the 12 was when a friend brought a bottle over. I'm hoping to some day stumble on an old 17 year release dusty.

  4. Tobermory. Ledaig 10 is great, the 18 is one of my favorite Scotches, and Tobermory 12 is an incredibly pleasant sipper as well. I just ordered a bottle of the Ledaig Rioja and am looking forward to trying that one too.

  5. I love the rioja, it's exactly what I wanted from ledaig with red wine finishing. Loads of peat up front which transitions into wonderful rioja wine notes, it's fantastic and a steal at it's low price. I worry it'll be discontinued with the low reviews it gets and I might need to stock up before it dissappears forever.

  6. Agree on this one! Love all the bready notes. This was my go to palate check whisky until I finished the bottle. It was dirt cheap on a sale too <$50CAD

  7. There are a few Glens that don't seem to get much love in the mainstream scotch world that I think are pretty incredible. My friend

  8. Glenburgie from the 90's is most definitely amazing. I have a 1995 Archives Glenburgie on the shelf and the tropical fruit notes are to die for.

  9. Nobody ever talks about Glen Garioch 12 as one of the best standard bottlings around, which I strongly believe it to be.

  10. I've read reports that they are going to bring back floor maltings and direct fired stills (among others, Angus mentioned this in his start of the year post on Jan 2, 2022). GG is something to keep an eye on in coming years.

  11. Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary was my whisky of the year last year - but seems to be flying under the radar, perhaps because of being an NAS and one that is very attractively priced and broadly available.

  12. The Glenfarclas 185th was a stand out for me too. It entered my top 5 of the year with some heavy competition.

  13. Nice one. I completely forgot to include Glen Elgin in my earlier post about under-appreciated Glens. That's a great bottle, and like you with Glenbugie (and also like me with Glenburgie), Glen Elgin is one I often look for in the IB world.

  14. I like the 12 a lot and the Whisky Makers Cut is a great bottle. I still think that Glenglassaugh is my answer to OP’s question but Glenrothes is up there.

  15. Bowmore 15. Bought a small sample 2 years ago and finally tried it. The stats look terrible and I always hear hate about it. Its actually pretty nice. So much chocolate. Too bad post tariff it cost $85 instead of $70.

  16. I feel like the basic, 10 year old Glenmorangie original does not get the love it deserves. Yes, there are more complex whiskies out there (including others made by Glenmorangie), but the original is just a delightful burst of honey and citrus that I am always happy to drink.

  17. Johnnie walker.... it isn't 'cool' because it's mass produced, blended and low abv etc but i enjoy the black, green and blue expressions (especially jw green at the price range)

  18. The black is such an easy to drink whiskey. I am pleased to keep it around for sharing or casual drinking.

  19. The XR-21 is overlooked it is fantastic and priced between the 18 and Blue , and a great presentation , The starter of the John Walker line.

  20. We just did a vertical of all the Johnnie walker bottles, core and limited, and I was pleasantly surprised from top to bottom....I had only ever had red, black, green, blue, but even red neat was t as bad as I was expecting, found quite a few good bottles at great prices.

  21. Edradour and Ballechin, and any IB Teaninich. I'd add that these are only recent revelations. Edradour distillery used to be horrendously unreliable and Teaninich was previously very hard to get but has spades full of character.

  22. My main issue with Caol Ila is that the 12 costs $90 where I'm at and, while it's very good, it's just not worth that price tag. I'll pay that for Springbank 10, and I have several times because that's what it costs here and I can't source it cheaper online like a lot of bottles, but even that's pushing it.

  23. Just had a Bunnahabhain 12 tonight and it was quite enjoyable. Not a big fan of peat, so it was a nice surprise for an Islay.

  24. Te Bheag. It’s a blend from Skye. I really like it. Visited there a few years back. They have some older blends too.

  25. Also blends... The Douglas Laing range of regional malts are at a great price vs quality point and just made with single malts.

  26. The problem for me is finding the bunna 18. I paid 180$ Canadian for a bottle, 10$/year! It was well worth it, doubt I will see another bottle anytime soon come up on the market.

  27. Bunna18 is no longer an off the radar bottle though where I’m at. It came out and sold out promptly in my province.

  28. The 12 is one of my favourite of the entry level bottles but I found the version of Bunna 18 I tried overwhelming on the bitter oak notes. I’ve been wanting to try another batch to see if it was just a batch thing.

  29. Johnnie Walker Celebratory Blend was a fantastic and underrated release this year. Classy and old school peat for under $80, it was a clear winner for me.

  30. Tomintoul, absolutely love the stuff from peaty tang, 12, 16 and up and the value of them is ridiculous. But people should carry on paying for macallan... leave the good stuff to me.

  31. Glen Grant 15 is always Cask strength and a Wow factor in every sip , very well priced as well. A complete killer from the ten to the twenty one is Glencadem you can’t be disappointed just pick a price range , pour and enjoy.

  32. Old Ballantruan. It's light and floral like the Region would have you expect but it's accompanied by a glorious heavy peat. Whenever I meet an Islay fan I always recommend Old Ballantruan as a left field option. Fantastic bottling strength at 50% too!

  33. McClelland lowland. No one really carries it, its very middle of the road but good and cheap. Any McClelland is actually pretty good.

  34. Glenfarclas. I am the weird scotch drinker in my group of bourbon buddies. I am a sucker for sherry casked whisky and Glenfarclas is my favorite. Can’t get it in a lot of states here in the U.S. They look at me weird when they are headed to another state, and I always have them look for a bottle. 10/12/17/25 year expressions the “105”, they all stand out in their own way.

  35. I’ll start. Bowmore 18 is one of the best 18 year old whiskies on the market today. Absolutely love the recent releases. You can find it for a steal value/quality ratio when it’s on sale.

  36. Totally appreciate your opinion as everyone has their own tastes but I have to strongly disagree with this one. That means there’s more for you though!

  37. In this sub I hardly see people talking Edradour. Their 10 year old release isn't Bad despite only having 40%. The 12 year old is straight up incredible and the independent bottlings are also mostly very good. I like my Edradour.

  38. Loch Lomonds main (self titled range) hasnt a great reputation, but thanks to their crazy setup of a multitude of still types they can produce some pretty varied whisky.

  39. Balvenie 15 year single barrel sherry cask Balvenie 16 year triple cask (travel bottle only unfortunately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  40. I will always be a stan for Ben Nevis but I don’t know if it’s really under appreciated by the masses. That said, all my whisky friends don’t seem to be very interested in it. At a bottle share a few weeks back I brought one of my favorites, but it wasn’t as big a hit as I thought it would be.

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