Narrowed down my taste, now I need to select for non-scotch drinkers.

  1. If they’re a non-scotch drinker then I’d stay far away from anything with peat. Even the Blue label is not that smooth. Out of the ones listed probably the HP 12.

  2. Not all bottles to flex. 80% of my bar is legit scotch I enjoy. The other 20% is just to catch the eye of my bourbon friends, or tempt them into the good stuff that may not look as flashy.

  3. Nothing's more flashy than a 1.75L bottle so that's why I like Glenlivet 12, Glenmorangie 10, JW Black and Dewar's 12. JW Green is amazing too.

  4. I find that A10 to be super approachable, and yet it's a gateway. That's a bar that I'd want my buddies to clear if they're to be fellow scotch hounds!

  5. A very good scotch for lay drinkers - Balvenie 12. A good-looking bottle to catch their eye - Bruichladdich Classic Laddie. The best value bottle in Scotch - Ardbeg Wee Beastie.

  6. Are you looking for items on your shelf in particular, or looking to add? Seems like you’re open to both. I would definitely recommend Dalwhinnie 15, Glenmorangie 10 and Balvenie Doublewood 12 as good entry level single malts. I would start my friends on these. If they’re less apprehensive, dabbling with Bunnahabhain 12 or Caol Ila 12 would be ideal. I like to give Caol Ila 12 to the uninitiated.

  7. Woo woo go Texas! I'm not stingy, the Macallan was a gift so I am happy to share if it brings people in. I'll check out Balveine 12 as I haven't tried it yet. I've sampled the Dalwhinneie 15 and it wasn't bad at all. Thanks!

  8. Hey! I grabbed a bottle of the Island Green while traveling. While it's not my favorite it is attention grabbing. Anything else I should keep an eye out for?

  9. For non scotch drinkers the easiest entry will be Auchentaushen American Oak and honestly any of their bottles will do the trick. They are pretty tame all around but still have some nice characteristics from the barrel that won't bore someone who is used to drinking whiskey.

  10. Had alot of success with American Oak scotches. Seems to be right on my flavor profile. I have had the Laphroaig, but never the triple wood. I'll scout it out. Thank you!

  11. If you're thinking of unique packaging that might impress people who aren't into whisky, maybe one of the Octomores or one of the other Bruichladdichs?

  12. If they aren't into whisky they have probably at least heard of and maybe seen JW Blue and MacAllan 18 and are aware that they are viewed as premium if impressing them with that is the goal. This really is a bit of a weird question which revolves around what is well known to the wider public as being the premium end of the market rather than the question of what do whisky drinkers think is actually a great product. They are different things and I tend not to buy and drink on the basis of general public perception. I've had both JW Blue and MacAllan 18. They are both great whiskies and I enjoyed them. That said I do think that divorced from their perceived market value there are as good/better drinking experiences for the same or cheaper. Do you want this layperson to be impressed by viewing your shelf or is giving them a great drinking experience the goal? Not saying that the JW and MacAllan aren't a good experience, but there are other options for the latter goal.

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