Scotch drop, anything worth getting? $CAD Ontario, Canada.

  1. I would offer a body part for Lagavulin 26. The rest is really solid, but my experience with all things Mortlach is that it’s pretty boring. That’s only my opinion. I think you should try that, too.

  2. They are all cask strength releases. But it's still inflated priced over marketing fluff. That being said, there is definitely a price I'm willing to pay for cask strength Talisker or Lagavulin. The Talisker is not horribly overpriced, the rest kinda is..

  3. Had the pleasure to try quite a few of these. The Lagavulin is great, but this is quite a steep price. I must say I absolutely love that Talisker, and I'm happy to say that is actually reasonably priced (compared to other prices I've seen for it). If you dig the Talisker palate, treat yourself to this one! Many of the others are good, but a bit disappointing, especially at these prices.

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