What is the best sherried scotch you’ve had?

  1. Also my favorite so far, have a 2019 bottle and its wonderful. Have a glengoyne 25 unopened so looking forward to see if I will get a new favorite in that

  2. Glenallachie 10CS batch 6 is an absolute gem, alternatively if your looking for something at a lower proof try the Dalmore Cigar Malt. Contrary to popular belief you don’t actually need to smoke this with a Cigar and its delicious on its own.

  3. The Dalmore Cigar Malt is, indeed, delicious. Though technically, not a full sherry finish but a split between Oloroso and Cabernet Sauvignon. For full sherry from this distillery I enjoy the 15 year old.

  4. Balblair 90, by a country mile. When they stopped producing it, I bought 4, there are three left and omg I want to drink them!

  5. Lets start with your postal code/zip code….. I promise I only want a dram or two to remind me of my long lost treasure.

  6. Kilkerran 8 year cask strength. I haven't had a Kilkerran yet that wasn't a religious experience

  7. Macallan Classic Cut 2017. I've read it's similar to the old cask strength, which got discontinued before I got into scotch. Really nice stuff, atleast from what I remember

  8. It'd be hard for me to choose best non Isla would either be the Glenmorangie 18 Azuma Makoto Edition or the Aberlour Abunah

  9. I haven’t had a bunch of the staples listed here, but the Kavalan Soloist Sherry cask strength is freaking amazing

  10. 1957 Macallan Fine and Rare is easily best ever....for what I could actually afford, Glendronach 15 Oloroso is pretty damn good as is Macallan Estate.

  11. That I’ve had, either Port Charlotte OLC, Bunnahabhain 18, or Arran Brodick Bay. Hard to pick just one as they’re all great for different reasons.

  12. I am saving this list. Add Kavalan Solist PX Sherry cask strength. They have several other types like Sherry Oak.

  13. Kilkerran 8 2021, perfection for my palate. All the fruit and zero tannic notes. For a more subtle sherry I'd go with the Old Pulteney 15 2022 Edition, again zero tannins and a delicate sherry coastal mix

  14. Couple of candidates, but my favorite has to be a Glen Rothes single cask from SV, 20 years in a sherry butt and its a monster of a dram.

  15. Bruichladdich Fèis Ìle 2021 Single Cask. It was Super sweet sticky and viscous for 17 year old, 2nd fill sherry cask. Amazing depth of complexity and I personally couldn't handle more than a dram pers sitting, it was that rich. Only other one to rival it was Batch 1 GlenDronach 21yr Parliament - super rich PX finish.

  16. Has anyone had the GD15 from before they shuttered the distillery? That’s the one that one that instilled my love of a sherry bomb.

  17. Been toying with the idea of picking one up at auction just for educational purposes with glendronach being my gateway distillery and favorite one to date.

  18. It’s not the best BUT i’ve just tried it for the first time and was pleasantly surprised as it was a 12 year, but Blair Atholl 12 is very nice and reasonably priced if you’re ever in that area!

  19. Macallan 10 Cask Strength, or Macallan Number 2, they’re some of the only Macallan bottlings where the palette is as good as the nose.

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