Scotch You Now Like, but once didn't

  1. I'd have to say Laphroaig 10. It smacks you in the face your first time but I love it now. Currently have a bottle of 10 CS which is a whole other level of delicious.

  2. I came from bourbon, and tried Lag 16 first. So I was blown away by the peat insanity and have been chasing that high ever since. I also liked the sherry stuff. But the relatively mild, ex-bourbon heavily influenced Scotches (Macallen, Glenlivet, Glenfiddich, Balvenie, etc.) were too familiar and less interesting for me. I ignored them for years, but going back to some of them now is a nice re-visit.

  3. Ardbeg 10. Hated it at first but bought it because they were out of coal ila 10. It’s still not my favorite but it’s grown on me

  4. I was the same. I bought it a few years ago and it has been siting on a shelf. I tried it again last month and really like it all of a sudden.

  5. Lagavulin 16, to be fair It was one of the First scotches i Had and i described It as living in burnt Tires. Now. I Love the taste of Burner Tires

  6. Caol Ila 12. First time I had it early in my whisky journey, couldn’t stand it. 10 years later, would rate it as one of the best peated whisky at its price range.

  7. More of category rather than a specific scotch. 2nd fill bourbon barrel. I've always been drawn to big flavor, sherry, port, rum barrels. The more the better. Well I've really started to like very subtle and delicate flavors.

  8. I received a bottle of this as a birthday present. It's not amazing but it's perfectly drinkable. I don't understand the hate for it. Though I have been looking forward to opening my bottles of Lore and CS batch 14.

  9. Talisker 10. The first time I'd ever tried it I was a total scotch noob and thought it literally tasted like vomit. Tried it again 10+ years later after much more experience and love it!

  10. Now I have Octomore, Laphroaig 10 yr CS, Lagavulin 12 yr CS, love them all and Ardbeg Corryvreckan and Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength. I have to take a break from Peat because I get so used to Peat I become Peat Blind and I really begin to not register peat flavor. So, I own a lot of Peated scotches from Islay, Campbeltown, Highlands, Speyside, the Islands

  11. Same here. The only peated/smokey Scotch I liked was Talisker 10 and only because of the sweetness. Well along comes Ardbeg in a smoker and what do you know I like it too.

  12. Most of the smoky peaty ones. They took longer for my palate to develop an appreciation for them and I found adding much more water helped to tame the intense flavors.

  13. As someone who discovered scotch with peat, Lagavulin and Talisker, and loved it, but also dislikes sweet stuff, it took me a while to find more sherried or fruity stuff that I can enjoy.

  14. Johnnie walker black and Laphroig 10. Tried them both on an airplane when I just turned 18 and wasn’t too big of a fan. Now I’ve got 5 different Laphroig bottles in my collection, and I love peat.

  15. I used to think Glenmorangie ten year old was boring but now I really like it. Probably my favourite cheap scotch (less than £30 in the UK).

  16. I’ve finally (after a decade) started buying peated scotch. I still don’t like the medicinal/tar/burning rubber/ashtray ones, but I’ve found there are Highland ones that I like.

  17. I keep scotch around because I have lots of friends that like it. That said, I find most of it pretty revolting. I have found a couple I like though, my favorite at the moment is Benriach - The Smokey 12.

  18. Really any Ardbeg scotch for me. I wasn't into the peaty/smoke flavor at first (honestly, I loathed it). But after some training, i've come to love it.

  19. I didn’t like Lagavulin the very first time I tasted it, only a couple months into drinking scotch. Now I could pick it out of a blind lineup of peated whiskies. It’s constantly vying for favorite malt.

  20. Ardbeg 10. 15 years ago it had a distinct low tide note, complete with decomposing shellfish notes. Now I don’t get that at all. Always loved laphroaig and coal ila, so it is not peat that I warmed up to… or maybe Ardbeg redid the ventilation in their barrel houses and the low tide aromas don’t blow through as much now..

  21. Kilkerran 8 CS. For some reason, never like them at first but after some times like few months sitting in closet they become some of my favorites. Same with the Kilkerran Heavy Peat.

  22. Lagavulin 16. My initial scotch experiences consisted primarily of Balvenie and similar drams. My first time with the Lagavulin I really didn't care for it. Convinced myself to try it a few more times, and it really grew on me. Now, I prefer a good bit of peat in my glass.

  23. I was expecting my answer to be Glenmorangie 10, but some friends and I cracked into a bottle the other day and after all these years, even side-by-side with a '96 Nevis, it kinda held up.

  24. Springbank 10. I hated the stuff 2-3 years ago. Tried it again a year ago and absolutely loved it. Checked the price for a bottle and got the news of the campbeltown crazies 😂

  25. Glenfiddich 15 distillers edition. Overwhelmingly hot and peppery, was really ruining it for me. Threw it in the back and forgot all about it for many months. Now its completely different and surprisingly good -- a keep stocked worthy item

  26. Edradour 10. I used to think it was boring. Now I really enjoy the nutty profile that is not commonly found in scotchs and the other flavors are well balanced.

  27. Oh man. I bought a bottle of Edeadour 12 Caledonia based on ralfy’s review. Had a dram, and absolutely hated it. It felt like I was drinking puddle water or something, just vile.

  28. Jumped into the deep end of scotch with Talisker 10 and Lagavulin 16. Took me a while to appreciate the style.

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