Bit of a flex here…

  1. Laga 16 was the bottle that got my fiancée hooked. It had to be the readily-available, $100 bottle didn't it?

  2. Years ago I had Laga 16 about 3 months into my whisky journey and I described it as water poured through thick ashes and dirt drunken raw. Fast forward a few years later I tried some Laga 16, recalling my first encounter I was tepid, holy shit was I absolutely blown away. It was so freaking amazing. I've been in love with peat ever since. Sometimes you just never know. Pretty awesome that your fiance is into peat so quickly.

  3. This is me, I have a solid collection that most enthusiasts would like color coded so that my GF knows what she can have with and without asking. Green, yellow, red - red being the “I’ll pour that for you”. She loves every red bottle I own

  4. Well played, sir. My wife is a wine lady and I can’t get my her to take the whisky — or whiskey — plunge. Nothing against the grape juice but sipping Ardbeg with her would be divine.

  5. Managed to get my wife into whiskey a couple years ago, but we’ve now moved to Scotland and it’s only gotten more frequent :D we just found a great whiskey shop in town that we really enjoyed going to, and now have three different bottles to sample tonight!

  6. Such a good one. Was sipping the oogie and corry side by side last night. Both are so delicious and unique, and extremely drinkable despite their proof.

  7. I recently tried the corryvrekan and found it really young and phenolic. Upon nosing and tasting it was surprising why this is even discussed against the oogie. The uigedail is far better whisky imo

  8. Only whisky my wife will try is Bunnahabhain 12. She can’t say it so she calls it “the caramel one…”

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