If you had to have only One bottle of 10 to 13 year old single malt, which one would that be?

  1. Only Kilkerran I have is the Heavily Peated Batch 5. Considering the 12 or the 16 (both available to me). Is the 16 any good? Cost aside, i've read mixed reviews.

  2. Hey if you like Port Charlotte 10 try Talisker 10 too! It's very similar and personally I find Talisker slightly more nuanced. :)

  3. Glen Scotia Victoriana doesn't have an age statement, but the whisky it's likely in that 10-13 range. Kilkerran 12, Arran 10, and Springbank 10 are candidates for me, but I just love the balance of that Victoriana.

  4. Glendronach 12 is an ELITE bang-for-your-buck sherry. Craigellachie 13 is also really good and it has a much different palate than most whiskies I've had

  5. I feel like the new revival batches of the Glendronach are not as good as they used to be - the old batches of the 12 and especially the 15 from around 5 years ago were close to the perfect sherried scotch IMO.

  6. There's so many good ones that fit but if I were to try to think of one I'd always be in the mood for, any time of the year, any mood, it'd probably be Bunna 12.

  7. I am very fond of the Deanston 12 and the price is great. Recently got a bottle of the 18 and on tasting, ordered a second bottle. I am going through a non-peaty phase at the moment.

  8. Lagavulin 11 of Offerman Guinness edition. It hits all the notes I love most: coffee, tobacco, smoke, and chocolate.

  9. This thread has given me a lot of options to look for during my next run! I haven't explored too many 10-13 year Scotches, but my favorite so far would have to be Highland Queen Majesty 12.

  10. There are plenty of younger whiskies in this age range work no smoke at all. Check out Balvenie 12, Arran 10, Hazelburn 10, and Tomatin 12, all very tasty and completely smokeless.

  11. Just out of curiosity, why this specific age range? Lots of 'entry' level malts come in around the 14 year mark, lots of delicious things come in under 10 years as well.

  12. This speciffic age range is what I would like to buy now. I am kind of categorize them like NAS to 9yo, 10 to 13, 14 to 17, 18 to 21. The reason? Not really any specific to be honest.

  13. Because I don't know Scotches that well. I've tried a dozen or more. But recently found Islay Scotch. So my vote is: Ardbeg 10 year.

  14. I greatly prefer Highland malts and recently did a blind taste test of 10 different malts one on one against each other (over a matter of months.) All this does is give my taste. Since I started on Glenmorangie (in the 70s) I was surprised to see it do so well. And surprised to see Highland Park and Cubogan do so poorly as I would say they are favorites of mine. All are in the 10-13 range without any great influence by finishing casks.

  15. There are a ton of good drams in that range. I think I'd probably lean to the Octomore 10 year, 3rd edition, as I have yet to tire of it.

  16. I was going to say Laphroaig QC but numbers are hard so I guess it’s a toss up between Talisker 10 and Laphroaig 10 CS. Probably Talisker.

  17. if i could only drink one 10-13 year old single malt for the rest of my life it would be highland park 12. it’s the best combination of flavors i’ve had in the age range. just enough peat to be present without overwhelming. i would second some of the comments here for craigellachie 13. it’s outstanding.

  18. I would definitely buy a the GlenRothes 12. For my part great value for money. Nice tangerine flavor. Oh too bad this one is only 40%. My mistake, sorry

  19. probably talisker 10 or ledaig 10 or laphroaig 10. would have to try them back to back to be sure but id be happy to have any of them at any time.

  20. No question, Redbreast 12 Cask Strength. If you'd rather scotch.... Probably GlenAllachie 12 I get like this strange Yoo-hoo chocolate milk note in it

  21. Glenmorangie 10 is a super smooth every day drinker. I know there's so many other choices but I can live without the 3% as someone said earlier.

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