Scotland can never be an equal partner with England, in the Union or outside it

  1. I think we could be equal partners. Just not under our current system of government, where you are cheered for suggesting the correct way to deal with Scotland is to ignore it.

  2. That would be an undemocratic system. England is home to more people than Ireland, Scotland and wales combined, even if you added the population of all 3 Nordic countries combined.

  3. I think there'd have to be some major renegotiations as to what "england" means then, i cant see an equal relationship where its not thoroughly decentralized or broken up entirely

  4. The comment threads on there consistently make me more pro-independence. The attitudes are wild (even if many of them are bots)

  5. Every one has such great ideas on what WE should or shouldn't do. At the end of the day this union is not working for the benefit of Scotland. It hasn't done for many many years now. Westminster has treated Scotland very badly and continues to do so with gusto. Starmer the blue/red wants to dangle the carrot of more devolution powers for Scotland in the hope of gaining SOME votes here but it is far too little too late now. A union is supposed to be an equal partnership but our voices and choices still remain unheard. Why should we stay? What benefit to our country if we did? Better together 'they' often say. Better for who? Not better for Scotland that's for sure! Shut the door on the way oot!

  6. I'm really enjoying the current argument that Scotland doesn't exist in any meaningful way. At best Scotland is just a region with ideas above its station.

  7. It's amazing how often the argument revolves around why Scotland can't have a referendum or shouldn't have a referendum, but never actually deals with why so many of us want another referendum.

  8. What I want to say to anyone who believes that Scotland has to stay with the UK but doesn’t live here is: your opinion is literally invalid.

  9. Scotland is no more distinct than regions of England are. I don't think that should mean that Scotland gets fewer powers, but regions of England should get more.

  10. As an American, it is how I view Scotland. It is just one region of the UK. To me it’s no different then Gibraltar or London.

  11. one of the dumbest things I’ve experienced down south is people not accepting scottish Pounds. it’s literally the same currency. smells funny

  12. I was really fucking pissed off with this one a few years ago! I had drove down to my in-laws for Christmas and was sent to the corner shop for some booze for that night. Not thinking that much I handed over £50 in Scottish notes only for the lad behind the counter to reject them for being Scottish.

  13. I just have the idea of trolling any shopkeeper that wants to test it, just bring a lot of small value things to the desk and put it all down loose, then walk away when they refuse the notes.

  14. This isn't really that dumb, it makes a lot of sense. Its impossible to even begin to identity a genuine note if you've never seen one before. And no employee wants their boss to dock them £20 for putting a fake in the till

  15. Ignoring the legal tender side of stuff (some below have pointed out that technically it actually isn't) - it's not that dumb at all. Do you expect some minimum wage cashier who might see a Scottish £20 once every 6 months to be able to recognise a fake in England or Wales? You think that's hard, try spending NI cash anywhere at all - we had plastic notes a lot earlier than the current lot (from one bank) and one bank even prints vertical designs now!

  16. That thread was painful to read. So many heads there would explode in hypocrisy if the uk situation was switched and Scotland had the majority of representation telling everyone else what to do. So much arrogant English nationalism disguised as unionism

  17. Historically they never ever see this. They just keep doubling-down over and over again until they get kicked out of wherever they're trying to hold onto. Usually through violence, unfortunatley. We're now at the 'tell them they don't exist' part of the process which is a clear indicator of where we are in this.

  18. American here. I have my own reasons for wanting to see Scexit happen, but for me it all boils down to this: the English just don't see Scotland as a peer or even a partner in any way whatsoever. Brexit merely puts the exclamation point on that statement.

  19. I assume you would support Texas proclaiming its independence then? Scotland equates to less than 10% of the UK population so naturally they won’t have the same voting power? Seems like common sense to me.

  20. The article is behind a registration wall so I'm not able to eagerly devour the author's no doubt enthralling views how the blue-painted natives in one of Imperial London's far-away colonial possessions should or should not consider themselves.

  21. Slovenia will also never be an equal partner with England, neither will Austria or Slovakia or Portugal. The reason for this is because the English are still struggling to come to terms with the loss of their empire. Slovenia is however a stable growing economy with a good standard of living and education system. I think an independent Scotland would be similar and you wouldn't care about how the English view you. If you are worried about trade, take a look at the deal that New Zealand got.

  22. No one worthwhile in England gives a shit about the Empire. To believe they do is sheer delusion.

  23. A simple look at Ireland during Brexit negotiations tells us that England is no longer in any position to run roughshod over her neighbours interests and Scotland leaving the UK simply reduces their ability to do so even more.

  24. Please the English people hemselves are gegging for it believe me. All we ever hear north of the border is whinging and bever getting enough. Do please ask us to vote when the time comes abd your sovereignty will be z forgone conclusion. We will be sorry to lose our friends on the Easf coast of Scotland but not the SNP who we then get able to watch and really see how clever they are!

  25. It could only be an equal if every 4 years power was moved from Westminster to Holyrood, then to Stormount and the Wels assembly. Until then it won't be equal

  26. An idea that has been mooted before and is partially implemented with the EU model of switching venues between Strasbourg and Brussels.

  27. Bo we won't, we haven't been equal partners since we joined this "union" and we we certainly arnt allowed to leave so yeah bot exactly voluntary

  28. Why should Scotland be an equal partner? It has less than 10% of the population of rUK and England. Surely it would be UN democratic to the English majority if Scotland were an equal partner?

  29. I mean duh it's not big enough, why would it be equal compared to England? Makes perfect sense to me.

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