Match Thread: Bodo/Glimt vs Celtic | UEFA Europa Conference League

  1. Beaten by a better side, again. It’s that simple. We can make excuses all day and I think a few of us have, but they’re a well drilled side and better than us at this time.

  2. Shambolic. Although i wasnt fussed on the conference, theres fuck all excuses for that. Ange has to take responsibility for the team he fielded. Anyone could see oriley and rogic together doesnt work against a team like bodo/glimt. Playing them against whilst also removing the legs of mcgregor was suicidal. Then abada struggled against the pace and power of their lb last week so we put forrest up against him? Forrest, who has seemingly a ghost of his prime after these injuries.

  3. Ange winning the league would be beyond all my expectations for this season, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't raging with this. Absolutely sick of being the laughing stock of European football.

  4. Russia invaded Ukraine this morning and Celtic have still managed to be behind the biggest catastrophe in Europe today.

  5. Since Kieran Tierney we've had Boli, Scales, Taylor, Montgomery and Laxalt at LB. That's a fucking mental drop off in quality from KT.

  6. Starting to regret not just buying a new pc. Ended up getting it on PS5. Normal edition comes tomorrow (probably about 10pm) and the collector's edition arrives Saturday.

  7. Thank god Hartson was on comms to clarify that it wasn't in Anges plans to concede within the first 15 mins.

  8. Bitton and Forrest are both out of contract next summer. Tell them "thanks for the memories" and let them go.

  9. I’m glad to hear this, don’t wanna be watching them for another season. Need rid of a lot of deadwood to get the players capable of playing under ange

  10. Sheer lack of effort from Forrest should confirm this is his last season at the club. Punt him for whatever we can get

  11. Bodo play some really good football. How on earth are they doing this with their budget and in the Norwegian league?

  12. Leicester city currently beating Randers, and I'm currently telling myself it's rangers instead just to cope lmao

  13. I'd give back every league cup since Rangers went down for a pair of KO round wins. I just want to see the second round of Europe ffs

  14. Just realised Bodo's left back was the backup in my Icelandic second division team in football manager. So no question he's got Forrest in his back pocket

  15. This team have had their philosophy in place for years and are seeing the culmination of that now. We've had months. It took even Klopp and Guardiola a few years to fully enact their philosophies. This defeat only seems so bad because of how great we have been this season but it's still not even been a year under Ange yet.

  16. Let's be honest here lads. We look good in the second half of this game for the same reason Rangers looked good in the 2nd half of the old firm. Tie's over.

  17. Sad how much Forrest has regressed, back to his worst "I'm basically just a wall to bounce the ball off" era

  18. Man, I couldnt be a pro player nowadays. Soon as you tackle an opponent they fall over and scream. Id end up Sunday Leagueing someone.

  19. The way Hartson and McLean are going on at the moment, you would think this tie was still alive and Bodo were under the cosh.

  20. I know everybody goes on about how good Bodo’s system is but they’re all good footballers. Even their defenders very comfortable on the ball. Impressive

  21. They're such a good team. Had thought the result over Roma was some major fluke of Roma absolutely bottling it, but you can see the quality of them. Mental that theyve already sold a couple of their best players as well

  22. Always thought Ange was a nice guy, cracking gesture for him to put on a Neil Lennon tribute for the anniversary of his leaving.

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