Match Thread: Rangers vs Borussia Dortmund | UEFA Europa League

  1. Fuck me that was nerve racking ...I m not Tav s biggest fan but hands up in that 2 nd half I thought he was brilliant along with the rest of them

  2. Last 16: Sevilla, Atalanta, Barcelona, Leipzig, Betis, Porto, Lyon, Monaco, Spartak Moscow, Frankfurt, Galatasaray, Leverkusen, West Ham and Red Star Belgrade. Brags and Sheriff Tiraspol has gone to extra time

  3. Wonder if reus regrets not joining Madrid or Bayern, could’ve won everything and here he is getting pumped out Europa league. Doesn’t even have a World Cup medal through injury. Sad career

  4. I guess the plus side is that he'll be a Dortmund legend. And he's also filthy rich. He's a rare player to show that loyalty though.

  5. He wouldn't trade a night at the most successful club in the world's magnificent stadium in their top quality stadium in front of there phenomenal fans for a career at Madrid. Some things are priceless.

  6. Kent is amazing when he only has 1 defender on him. In the league there's always 2/3 defending players on him that's why it looks like he does worse in the league.

  7. Kent is amazing when he only has 1 defender on him. In the league there's always 2/3 defending players on him that's why it looks like he does worse in the league.

  8. Doesn't get the space, he beats someone and there's another 2 or three to go by before there's a shot on.

  9. be the same as last week, rangers on the high horse until the enevitably fuck it in the league at the weekend

  10. Even the most staunch Rangers fan must admit beating them over 2 legs is a mental result. Fair fucks to them.

  11. I think Ange has been lucky in the league to be honest. He always said it would take a couple of seasons for him to build your team, but I think he got lucky early. Worked well in the domestic league, but up against European teams it isn't developed enough.

  12. Not surprised these Rangers hatchet-men have injured my favourite German player. These small teams always kick out when they're losing winning comfortably.

  13. If Kent played every week like he does in Europe, he’d be an unreal player. Beats his man and runs at goal instead of beating his man and going back to do it again until he loses the ball

  14. Because in Europe when he beats his man the goal is there. In Scotland when you beat your man there's 10 more men between you and the goal.

  15. Never watching a Rangers game with Alex Rae on commentary again, nearly blew my eardrums out with that penalty shout

  16. if dortmund pull something out this and do go thru, you can’t even be mad, rangers have been outstanding in the 2 legs

  17. Bassey is actually very good on the ball going forward. Has a good touch in tight areas, and his strength makes it hard to get him off the ball

  18. Don't know how the players are coping with the pace of this. I'm sitting on the couch with a beer and I somehow just got cramp in my left arse cheek. (Do not recommend, btw)

  19. I can clearly see why Dortmund have been said to be terrible defensively. Utter madness.

  20. Was very pessimistic after the disallowed goal, thankfully we survived the c. 5 mins after when heads dropped a bit

  21. That’s actually scandalous, that last angle shows exactly what happens and they never showed it. Unbelievable

  22. These European matches are an absolute fucking farce. It's like this every fucking year. Morelos didn't even touch him.

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