Match Thread: Hibernian vs Celtic | Scottish Premiership

  1. Genuine question as I don’t often watch the Scottish league, is this how every game is played against Celtic/Rangers? Just full of time wasting and trying to grind a draw out?

  2. Craig Gordon, goalkeeper for the third best team in the league was warned by the ref twice about time wasting within the first three minutes of a game against Rangers a few weeks back.

  3. Not at it at all today we move on but I have big questions about maeda he doesn't seem to be able to get going at all

  4. His highlight video from Japan was diving headers and defenders giving him the ball, can clearly score but not any good otherwise

  5. I must admit, Celtic sure do seem to consistently be getting a lot of injury time in games they aren't winning.

  6. Did ya watch the game? There were stoppages all over the place. Last draw game was St. Mirren in December and the injury time in it was correct too.

  7. Please Jota the entire space opened up for you and you take another two touches and smash it into 3 players.

  8. As soon as GG and Kyogo are back Maeda shouldn’t start ever again. Too many absolutely shite performances and no positional awareness. Glad it’s just a loan.

  9. Some needed good news if you’ve missed it by watching this: Ukrainian and Russian delegates agree to meet for talks.

  10. Some serious criticism needs to be directed at Ange and our players after today. Too many crosses to absolutely fucking nowhere the entire game, late subs when nothing is working and shit quality football since the Rangers game.

  11. Ah yes the short freekick by the GK from outside the box, an absolute classic set piece.

  12. How has no one come in with a >£15m bid for Callum McGregor over the years? He capable of playing every single game, is versatile and is quality on the ball.

  13. Because refs in this country are gash and default to a slight old firm bias so they don't deal with the da's as much?

  14. Came on for banter, but life interested in how good the game is? I’m doing horizon, decent, but feels like it’ll get repetitive

  15. Been watching angeball for over 10 years and I reckon I’ve seen more crosses in this game than that entire time. Not sure what the game plan is tonight

  16. Why even bother getting your hopes up when you know they’ll score in some ridiculous minute from the ball hitting someone’s arse or something.

  17. Hibs using the fall over for every touch gameplan. Quite right though, if the refs buying it then do it. Effective

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