This was the exact same attitude the confederates had during the first civil war: The sheltered, city dwelling gun averse Northerners could never defeat the rugged, outdoorsy rural southerners.

  1. The timeline where we militarily occupied the post war south and executed all the confederate leaders must be so far ahead of us by now

  2. Even after the likes of Reagan, Woodrow, and Trump, President Andrew Johnson still remains the worst American President precisely because of this bullshit. Grant tried his damnedest to make Reconstruction still work, but the entrenchment of Confederate leadership in the South thanks to Johnson’s amnesty meant actual reform could never happen, and we’re still suffering from the consequences of his failed leadership almost 160 years later.

  3. One side believes in education, the other side believes that facts are liberal conspiracy. I wonder who will have the advantage in a 21st century conflict?

  4. "I can't lose, I have 60,000 rounds of 5.56mm. Wait, what the hell is that rocket-looking-thing coming this way?"

  5. The blue side has all the money and arms manufacturing, all military bases, and intelligence. The other side has debt, rednecks, and broken down Chevys.

  6. Should just let them concede today. Never going to convince them about Coronavirus or womens rights anyway. Let them decay while we focus on advancing.

  7. It’s amazing what one can do if they take the Roger Stone legal strategy to real life: Deny everything, never defend, always attack. Lots of cognitive dissonance comes from using that strategy in real life.

  8. Don’t you know? We’re all simultaneously pathetic weakling blue-haired gender activist snowflakes who cry over bathroom pronouns and inner-city Chicago Mexican drug cartel BLM antifa terrorist drive-by shooters turning our cities into war zones.

  9. If you inspected their beliefs really carefully, they'd excuse that away by saying all the guns are owned by illegal brown criminals, not people. 🤢

  10. The vast majority of people are in the blue states and in blue cities within the red states. Like, even if every single person on red team was a crack shot uber commando its not even a remotely close fight if it comes to straight up and down war

  11. Basically the most limp wristed soy boy is still going to know his city better than you and I’m sure will have their resolve harden when they see the chuds actually start invading.

  12. ITs more that you have to consider what they could do. "Cut off the cities and starve em' out" is one of the more lucid takes I have heard from these types. Take Chicago, just Chicago, a land perimeter around it would be nearly 200 miles to encompass the metro area. There are millions of people inside that perimeter that could amass unstoppable force against any part of your perimeter at any time with minimal warning. The besieged cities would also have the interior lines.

  13. Friendly reminder that only 16% of the population lives in rural areas, and is hilariously over-represented in our government.

  14. One side has all the computer programmers for drones and missiles, and the other side can’t figure out which country they owe allegiance to.

  15. Many dems also own guns. And while maybe not as much as the republicans, I'm sure many people will be willing to arm their fellow countrymen against these traitors.

  16. As a blue gun owner, I have had great difficulty attempting to wield more than one long gun at a time, which has forced me to draw the conclusion that an individual owning a large quantity of guns does not increase their combat efficiency...

  17. Many like myself grew up in a rural conservative state and learned how to use firearms as a kid. Grew up moved to the city, got an education become more liberal...and still know how to use a firearm. Also when I go back home can blend right back with the locals if need be.

  18. Dems also have money, access to ports/airports, and friendly relations with lots of countries with strong backgrounds in arms manufacturing.

  19. As someone who is well armed and lives in a red state, I agree. There are plenty of left leaning armed folk. Myself and all my friends are left leaning socialists if not further.

  20. The one right they protect over any other is the right for any random asshole to stockpile assault weapons. Including every city dwelling liberal.

  21. Exactly, I was debating one idiot on the subject of gun control a couple weeks ago and he said he “absolutely believes” that him and 100 million other gun owners could take on the federal government🤡

  22. Plus, it's easy enough to arm people once you've looted your opponent's firearms after they...well, don't need them anymore.

  23. At the risk of sounding accelerationist, I've long maintained that while conservatives may be willing to kill for their beliefs, I very strongly doubt many of them are committed enough to die for them. In any conflict that may come up, I feel that's a very important distinction.

  24. I just think it is hilarious that they think that it is only "the liberal elite" living in cities. Yeah, guns are completely here. rolls eyes

  25. India likely wouldn’t get involved. Despite their ruling party’s fascist bent, the country as a whole tries to stay neutral in foreign disputes whenever possible.

  26. Ya know, now I’m wondering what would be the supporters of each side in a theoretical second civil war. I’d assume all of NATO would help the democratic side, as well as probably the American aligned nations in Asia. I agree Russia would likely support the republican side, unless they end up busy somewhere else. You say India and Brazil would support the Republican side, but honestly, both would probably be neutral, even if their governments support them, most citizens would either support the democrats or prefer neutrality. Another big player would be Mexico, which would probably be neutral but help out the Democrats. And finally there’s China, who I see on no one’s side, instead supplying both sides and/or some rebellious third faction (possibly with the help of Russia), to destabilise the US even further, seeing as China is undoubtedly the nation who’d gain the most from an American fall from grace.

  27. It would be completely insane for India to ally with an American insurrection from a strategic perspective let alone an economic one. The two countries have deep strategic and trade/investment ties as the world's two biggest democracies with mutual interests against the PRC.

  28. None of that matters, honestly. Even if they get Russia and China involved (India and Brazil absolutely not), they won't be able to get past the US Navy. And you're forgetting the key thing -- if they try to secede, they'll be fighting against the US military. And they will lose. We don't need allies, we don't need ports, we don't need numbers. We have the US Air Force and the US Army. That's enough to stomp them into bloodstains.

  29. No to mention that most people just won't fight. Republicans vs Democrats? Cool y'all go at it I'll do me.

  30. Finally somebody else who realizes that. That's why NRA was founded, to promote marksmanship among people with little experience, which was northerners, meaning mostly Republicans.

  31. Both sides would need to get out of our hover rounds long enough to March to get our oxygen tanks. In reality, one man can only fire one gun at a time, so it doesn’t matter how many guns you have as much as how many people are using those guns effectively. More likely and more terrifying homegrown terrorism is much more likely. More mass shootings and bombings.

  32. As with every time these idiots bust out the map shapes and talk strategy while patting themselves on the back they leave out the ocean and rivers.

  33. Dear cousin-fuckers: playing paintball with Jim-Bob and Cleetus once a month with walkie-talkies in ATVs on the back 40 doesn't make you battle ready.

  34. I mean, you have one side full of basement dwelling, doomsday prepping, ammosexuals, some of which can't go more than 3 steps without oxygen, and shun most technology.

  35. To be fair that's not a fair comparison. If a second civil war was to break out between the parties it wouldn't just be as simple as north vs south. It would be more all over the place. It's possible we'd see a situation where the Republicans control most of the country side while the Democrats control most of the cities.

  36. I think the real difference is that the states are nowhere near as autonomous as they used to be, and while you still have the individual state "National Guard" units, they're still trained in Federal Bases, equipped with Federal equipment, and reliant on a Federal supply line. It really depends on which side the Federal government, and more importantly the Federal military, falls on. National guard units aren't going to last long if they don't have a way to train, equip, and supply their units after taking casualties.

  37. Like they do realize that there are plenty of gun owners that aren't fascists, and that a lot of gun buyers now are center of left of center politically?

  38. Remember how Brexiters had the slogan "We have all the cards"? How arrogant Germany and Japan were in thinking the the USSR and US would just fold? How the Putin and Bush jr both underestimated how tough their war would be? There seems to be a really difficulty in the faculty of assessing. I don't know if it's limited to their self-assessment or if it's broaded than that.

  39. Lol yeah this is why you don’t get rid of history books, kids. Or build monuments to losers. Or just celebrate losers in general.

  40. The bulk of the GDP goes blue and red has fly over country and still underdeveloped south. I like blues chances. Let’s warm up the BBQ, bring back Billy and light this firecracker.

  41. At the same time, southerners used the term ‘mudsill’ as a pejorative term for northerners. This was to stigmatize the fact that northern homesteaders and landowners had to perform their own menial labor. Sure, the confederacy was a rich man’s cause defended by the laboring poor, but there was a lot of classist self-loathing instilled in the hearts of the conscripts

  42. The same group that convinced poor farmers in the south that if they worked hard they would one day own slaves so they should fight for slavery is the same one that has convinced the poor now that if they work hard one day they will be rich and that's why the rich shouldn't pay taxes.

  43. I find it most offensive that the artist went of their way to place New Jersey in the armpit. Don’t think we don’t notice these things…

  44. Two humanoid figures, one made up of democrat states and the other republican states, fighting. Every election, the figures rip out portions of their flesh and exchange it with the other. I don't understand what the image represents.

  45. Not sure why GA's in the red bot. Two blue senators, babyyyyyy, any fascists that think that state's going to go all-in behind them are fooling themselves

  46. Lol <1% of Americans are trans, and yet these morons keep pretending they're everywhere. It's like Russian propagandist trying to contrast alpha Russian men and LGBT US army troops, all the while the Russian army is getting a bloody nose fighting Ukraine.

  47. I'm fairly sure everyone old enough to wipe themselves knows which bathroom they should use. But sure, stay transphobic. (not you OP)

  48. One side has all or most of the hospitals with gunshot wound centers, the other side has barely any hospitals at all.

  49. You're forgetting healthcare. 2/3 of medical folks are Democratic and most hospitals and all their resources are located near population centers. Older folks are more likely to have chronic health conditions. Gunshot wounds require immediate surgery and sometimes months or years of rehab if they hit anywhere near the spine. Treatment of infection is more complicated than "oh I bought some horse paste".

  50. Yeah, I 100% agree. I don't think there should be a civil war and I definitely don't advocate for the conservatives to win one, but the comments here are quite frankly delusional.

  51. (From a military standpoint, politics aside), We had all the best people.. like Sickles, and Mead, and Burnsides.. and they just had shit ineffective morons like Lee, Longstreet and Stuart.

  52. This isn't what American civil war is going to look like. Two sides isn't where folks are at nowadays. Damn near every town is going to be torn apart in more than two ways and there's probably going to be a lot of blind violence.

  53. Repubtards too dumb to keep up. All we have to do is half ass hide somewhere and they'll just forget what they're doing and start drinking around bon fire somewhere making duck calls. F the GOP domestic terrorists.

  54. Who's gonna tell him leftists are usually packing heat? My grandfather was an anarchist, and he taught me how to handle a rifle as a child. It was the same for most people in my neighborhood.

  55. It’s the same with Putin and NATO, tbh. And the Axis and Allies Turns out the ‘decadent’ actually have a real ethical stance to fight for. We may be more comfortable but that’s because our shit works, and precisely why we suddenly turn out to be a sleeping lion or giant when the chips are down

  56. Weird that they say "The other side doesn't know which bathroom to use" since it's the South that doesn't know what bathroom to use. The Trans folk know exactly what bathroom to use.

  57. It would all depend on the individuals in the military and if they stand by their oaths and serve their country. Their country being the United States, not redneckistan

  58. This meme is dumb because of stupid right-wing stereotypes, but it isn't even accurate by it's own dumb logic. First of all, plenty of Americans in blue states have guns (the whole country is inundated with them). Second, even if the morons in the red states have more bullets, if everyone gets to grab the US military facilities in their state then the Red side is fucked, because Virginia has the world's largest naval base (HQ of the Atlantic Fleet), California again has a huge naval base (Pacific Fleet) and other military bases while Florida (is it a blue state?) has at least one huge Air Force base. Not to mention some of the others. Even with some of the military bases in Texas and Alaska I don't think the red states would be able to match the blue in sheer firepower. Plus, you know, New Mexico has that alien tech at Area 51. So... ray guns.

  59. Still forgetting the lessons of the winter war, Vietnam Nam, Afghanistan etc. Firepower and numerical superiority don't mean as much when dealing with insurgents/guerrillas etc. Gonna carpet bomb american towns to dust? What good are all those warships if the fighting is in Arizona, Colorado, Ohio?

  60. Can you imagine this lard-filled meatheads trying to fight off Chamberlain's bayonet charge? That would be fun to watch.

  61. The NRA was created by a northerner that was appalled at how poor most northerners were with guns during the Civil War. The north didn't win because of their talent with firearms. They won because they had the industry and the railroads.

  62. Well considering the US army will most definitely side with the union states (because union states are the US) we'll have artillery and drones to attack the south with. No matter how many guns the south has if they only have AR-15s and assault rifles that won't do much against a drone flying thousands of feet above the ground

  63. I mean, even if we went into arguments the way they do, it would still be the argument "one side is incredibly educated while the other can't decide whether they think child murder is bad or not."

  64. idk if "we'd slaughter you in a civil war if it were to happen" is quite the gotcha / brag they think it is. A civil war would be awful and there's like 112+ guns per 100 people across the country? Idk why the image maker would think only Republicans own guns.

  65. They even keep using the "we have all the food!" argument, like they forgot about "king cotton." they haven't learned from their past mistakes.

  66. Every queerfolk younger than me (38) has a gun, and training, and they don't talk about it. A civil war would not go the way these people that get excited about it would think. And thats not to mention the technogy advantages. The younger generation has a view towards defending themselves and don't hold an idealation of pacifism. Its stupid talk thats gonna get a bunch of fools shot cause they thought they were macho.

  67. This meme was made by a Texan, you can tell because Texas is huge and Alaska is tiny by comparison.

  68. I mean there will be some who will defect but I have not lost hope completely yet that there are enough reasonable people who would see a secession as the illegitimate power grab it is. But it's heartbreaking that America seems to have not learned a single thing from history. Be it the danger of hateful ideology that empowers dictators and possibly fascists or be it the horrendous toll the Civil War took...

  69. Meanwhile, the red guy's torso infrastructure is busy seizing up from high energy demand and failure to play nice with the rest of the body parts. Beautiful clean fossil fuels!

  70. God, imagine being so pathetic that you’d actually align yourself with one of our two shitty ass political parties and wage war on their behalf …. like why even bother living if that’s our option?

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