What is the name of Walter White's stand?

  1. Meh, it was an american pizza, not italien. I think every Italian would be glad to see such a disgrace on the roof

  2. Abilities: Brings calamity and tragedy upon anyone in a 10km radius. Overuse of the Stand will eventually backfire onto user and will cause them to suffer the consequences of his actions.

  3. Give Mr. White his previously (un)seen pizza-to-roof throwing stand and we would have a perfectly matched battle against the Italian JoJo.

  4. I’d say “Heaven’s Door,” but it’s taken. On the other hand, HE IS THE ONE WHO KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCKS!!!

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  6. Tonight, a heinous act of sensless violence. Our top story, a local Highschool teacher who had been battling cancer was beaten to death by an unidentified young man in what is being called a Mafia hit. We'll keep you updated as the details come out and we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

  7. "Yes, knocks you hear is indeed reality. Your ability indeed sees how you knocks. However, you will never arrive at the reality where you knocking in the door. None who stand before me shall ever do so. No matter what abilities they may wield! This is Gold Experience Requiem!"

  8. Stand master: Walter White Stand Name: White Lines or Can’t you Hear me Knockin’ Ability: inebriates and disorients the senses of target within 10 yards, can manipulate cells of target once afflicted

  9. Giorno doesn't like people selling drugs to children. So he'd have no problem with Heisenberg. Plus Heisenberg isn't even a dealer. He's more of a manufacturer.

  10. I really wanted to say mr blue sky but someone else posted it so probably something related to the ballad of heisenberg but i can't be fucking bothered to think of anything

  11. Stand Name: Semi-Charmed Life. Has the power to crystallize anything. He uses it as a defensive power, crystallizing his skin to make it more durable. He also uses it to create weapons out of creates. He can crystallize the joints of enemies to make them immobile. He can also crystallize the air for more protection.

  12. I'd call walter whites stand Astro Man because I absolutely had to make it a hendrix reference and the lyrics fit decently well

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