NYCFC Fan coming in peace for Seattle advice before CCL

  1. Seconded. The international district is right next to pioneer square. Check out Fuji bakery for sweets and coffee. Kaname or fort st George if you’re looking to get drunk with your supper (better food at kaname, stronger drinks at fort st George). IN pioneer square I will always recommend Altstadt, wonderful German place. Tats deli for good Phillies.

  2. West Seattle water taxi is a great option on a sunny day, great views and it’s super easy. Added bonus - good tacos at Marination when you get to the other side! That park is nice too

  3. Check out Smith Tower in Pioneer Square. They have a speakeasy type bar with great views of the city. They’ve built a little museum type thing in the last couple years but it’s a great place to grab a drink. It costs about $20 to get up there but still cheaper than the Space Needle

  4. SeattleBot: The Smith Tower used to be the tallest building west of the Mississippi and was built on the empire of typewriters. Typewriters, baby, typewriters!

  5. On the one hand this is funny but on the other hand it's completely unusefulfor anyone staying in pioneer Square trying to get to a Sounders game

  6. My fave museum in the city is MOHAI. If you’re into it, it’s like 3+ hours to see everything. I keep meaning to get back to Museum of Flight, but have failed since I came back here.

  7. Sounders fans do a March to the match from pioneer square to the stadium. Might get some boos in your NYCFC gear but as an American soccer fan it’s an amazing sight to see. If you like chowder, pike place chowder is AMAZING

  8. An NYCFC fan will most likely be asked to leave the march. I went down with my nephew who had an Atlanta scarf and they came over and asked him to take the scarf off or leave the march.

  9. Also the Italian place back behind the PP Chowder is legit. Brian is the best. If the line for chowder is long, I suggest going there

  10. If you like a great burger and can get up the hill a few blocks to any Dick's Drive-in (Aurora or Queen Ann Hill), it is the place to get a Dick's Deluxe, killer fries. There are 5 in the area but def check out a Seattle icon.

  11. As someone who moved to Seattle 15 years ago, the sweet mayonnaise sauce that Dick’s uses is flat-out cloyingly bad and I don’t know of any transplants who do like it. I totally respect that many around here do, but as OP is from the East Coast, my fair warning is to have a backup meal plan.

  12. I don't want to say bad things about Dicks but in my experience, only people who grew up here like Dicks. I don't know if it's a nostalgia thing but I and everyone else I know from elsewhere don't get the Dicks love at all.

  13. Close/bad weather: Go to Flatstick in Pioneer Square. Expansive underground put-put bar with tons of brews, great tacos, and a really dialed vibe.

  14. I always recommend the Chihuly museum at the base of the Space Needle. It's uniquely Seattle. As others have said, the Market is fun. You can get some good food there.

  15. If you're a nature type, the weather is good, and you have time I would recommend heading to Paradise on Mt Rainier. If you don't have a rental look into zipcar.

  16. Head to West Seattle for some good food. Alki has some great spots. Head to Georgetown for some funky good bar times. Head to Fremont for a taste of what Seattle was like before the tech gentrification. For tourist stuff, forget the overrated Pike Place Market and Space Needle. Head to the Columbia Tower for a great skyline view. Head to the Ballard Locks for some fishy fun. Do the Underground Tour in Pioneer Square. Jump on a Ferry and head ANYWHERE because they all lead to amazing spots.

  17. Since you're in the area check out Waterfall Garden Park. It's a hidden gem and one of my favorite parks in the city. If it's a nice day, it's a great spot to have lunch.

  18. If you like beer there’s about a million good micro-breweries. Stoup, Reubens, Fremont, and Bale Breaker are my favorites. (Bale Breaker just a tap house for a brewery in Yakima, but the beer is still 🤌)

  19. Maybe stop by Joe’s, the diviest dive bar that ever dived. 500 S King St. I’ve always had a good time but it feels like things could go sideways at any moment. Some reviews claim the bar food is good but I didn’t even know the place had a kitchen.

  20. After the game win or lose, it's time for a few beers and a Seattle dog right by the stadium. Cream cheese and jalapenos my friend. Welcome to the emerald city!

  21. Salumi and Taylor shellfish right in pioneer square are some of the best local food you can have. If you make it to Pike the view at Old Stove brewery is worth it and I really like Jar bar down the street.

  22. As an honest preface, I haven't been to the city in a minute, so maybe im just seeing the worst of things through the media...

  23. You’ll be fine. Just don’t wander areas that look sketchy super late at night. Just like any city. Historically that’s 3rd and pike and 3rd and Yesler. You’ll know when you are there. A block away is fine.

  24. Not really sure why I earned downvotes from some of yall for this one.. willingly admitted that I may be wrong, and at worst I only am looking out for the wellbeing of an out-of-towner.

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