JONAH: In 1996 my home country of Australia had their national firearms agreement after an absolutely devastating mass shooting in Tasmania. Every fuckin week it seems I see or read about a mass shooting in my new home, the USA. Gun control is sorely needed.

  1. Imagine that. Something fucked up happens that exposes a major problem in the country and they just, like, fix it. Crazy.

  2. My family and I were there when it happened. I was only 2 years old, and my siblings and cousins were between 8 months old and 7 years old. My parents were in their early 20s and my Uncle and Aunty were mid 20s. Thankfully we all left Port Arthur that day physically unharmed, but the mental scars are still there for all of us, all this time later. It was the direct cause of my parents divorce as it changed them as people so, so much.

  3. Prime Minister John Howard addressing a pro-gun rally nit long after the massacre wearing a bullet proof vest after receiving death threats.

  4. My mom was astonished to find out that we do school shooting drills in college and that Ive done them since I was in middle school. Going to school thinking about that stuff is not something kids should deal with

  5. On the 29 Apr 1996 my school was closed while the shooting was taking place in Tasmania due to worries the shooter might make their way into a school. The gun laws that were enacted as a result of this meant that:

  6. Yeah it’s real fucking fun as a teacher having to do this. Especially as a teacher who works in 5 buildings and has to have 5 separate plans.

  7. One major part of the problem in my opinion that I don’t see people mention near as often as other things- the news/media makes these fuckers famous.. even if the fame goes away instantly bc it’s become so normal at this point, for at least one day the shooters become famous. Reporting this shit is not helping find a solution, it is giving misguided/unstable people incentive to commit heinous acts with the knowledge that for at least one day the whole country will know who I am and I will make some sort of an impact in several peoples lives, countries, communities etc. And if everyone kept events like this hush hush maybe it would provide less incentive and it would be a less attractive thing for people to do, I don’t know that we’d find a proper solution necessarily by being quiet because it’s necessary to speak to find a solution and make a change, but it needs to be handled in a way that doesn’t put a spotlight on these killers. I really feel like the attention that these events draw is a big part of what causes these events.

  8. A decent point could be made that making Columbine a milestone has to lead to more shootings as it helped popularise the idea. However if guns had of been controlled from that point onwards its unlikely that it would have ever gotten this bad.

  9. I didn't even fucking live in Colorado and I didn't graduate high school because of Columbine and the witch hunts for potential shooters that ensued afterwards. Now, we see kids that are clearly spiraling down violent paths (this kid was making gun-filled , implicative posts 4 days ago) and totally ignore it. What the fuck.

  10. at first i thought you mistyped when you said 202 shootings just this year alone. it's only fucking may. jesus christ man

  11. That’s one thing that’s really been sticking with me. Imagine being a child in texas right now, hearing 18 kids just like you were gunned down in their school just a couple of towns over and then having to go back to school the next day. Terrifying.

  12. We’re supposed to send our now-vaxxed middle schoolers back to school next year and I’m struggling with that because at least the past two years, we haven’t had to worry about them being gunned down at school.

  13. I just saw a post on a pro gun subreddit saying that dark times are ahead for gun owners. Dark times. Unlike the fantastic times we live in now where children are being killed at school.

  14. What makes them think this will be any different from any other time? People on the internet talking about gun control is a “dark time” for them? 🙄

  15. Saw something similar with the Buffalo shooter, he had a reddit account and was active in a tactical gear community. They were trying to make themselves out as victims despite the fact that in their community designed to guide people to be efficient in firefights was giving advice to someone who would use said advice on innocent people.

  16. Isn't that the article they post unchanged whenever something like this happens? Or was it another satire website with a similar article?

  17. Because most people in the US don't give a shit. Oh, they'll say "thoughts and prayers" and meaningless phrases like that, but when it comes time try literally ANYTHING, you see how much they don't care. No amount of dead kids will be more important to these people than their guns. I live in Texas, at the heart of the worst of it. I can't tell you how many people I know whose some voting criteria is who will protect guns the most. It's all that matters.

  18. Legit question for rural Americans - How do I kill the 30-50 feral hogs that run into my yard within 3-5 mins while my small kids play?

  19. Same year a mass shooting happened in the UK and both Aus and UK banned guns or those types of guns, and have had less than 5 mass shootings since...between both countries, in over 20 years.

  20. And yet any time you mention this gun nuts go out in force about how its nothing to do with how easy it is to get guns, or that criminals are going to get guns either way, etc etc. If they were harder to get and less prevalent in the society, they present less threat to said society. Who woulda fuckin thought.

  21. John Howard was a conservative fuckwit as PM. However he'll always get a smidgen of respect from me for going "never again" so quickly after Port Arthur

  22. Incredible these politicians won’t allow a woman to have an abortion because it kills a child but when they kill kids in a classroom it’s thoughts a prayers just don’t take our guns. I’m sick of this country

  23. Yeah cause it was never about preventing “kids” from dying. They only wanted control. If they truly cared about kids, they’d be advocating for children welfare programs instead trying to get rid of them and banning books that teach about racism.

  24. You know what the sad thing is? I thought this was about the Buffalo incident, and then I hoped over to the news subreddit and saw it's another new mass shooting.

  25. Some of the same people against abortion are apparently fine with school kids being massacred. Choosing guns/right to bear arms, over the lives of children. Yep. This makes total sense. Or the opposite of total sense.

  26. "Well, you see, children being brutally massacred is unfortunate, but it's a sacrifice you have to make in order to protect every American's God-given right to kill any other American any time they so choose."

  27. it makes perfect sense because conservatives’ only political philosophy is cruelty and both of their positions on these issues is the cruelest possible position

  28. I'll engage you, to break up the echo chamber. Disarming me isn't going to make me, or you, safer. No one is fine with kids being killed, they just don't want to be negatively impacted by the "cure". Go to a gaming subreddit and suggest banning violent games and you'll get the same response. I dont see my gun closet as a problem, and don't believe I should lose it due to the actions of another. Ive never harmed anyone with a firearm, no reason to punish me

  29. Nah dog. We have to ban CRT, saying ‘gay’, abortions and everything the conservative brain trust dislikes but we can’t ban guns because ‘it just won’t work’

  30. I'm in Canada. We have (roughly) 10% of the population of the US. So logically, through extrapolation, we should have 10% the amount of mass shootings and murders committed using a firearm. Nope, like, not even close.

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  32. Unfortunately, even if we implemented some kind of real gun control, the American state would never send people into the sticks full of white people and the country to confiscate weapons. It objectively would not happen. It would just be another excuse for the cops to invade majority black and Latino neighborhoods and make baseless, racist, mass arrests and murders. Fuck this failed state.

  33. Someone above said they'd take liberal ideas on gun control seriously once gangs with guns were dealt with seriously. I cannot believe the sort of logic that leads to that inequitable view but it's frustrating to see it happen so often where I live. People are seriously lacking empathy for those they see as "others."

  34. I was single and without child when Sandy Hook happened and I remember feeling absolutely gutted. Now I'm married and with a 14 month old daughter and I feel 100 times worse. I can't imagine what the parents of the deceased kids are going through. This is such an absolute tragedy but nothing will change as we've seen before. Just utterly horrible.

  35. Good fucking luck. America is a total disgrace when it comes to a lot of things but boy do we take the cake when it comes to guns.

  36. As a Canadian, it absolutely baffles me that the second amendment was written at a time when the most advanced firearm was a fucking musket yet there’s still Americans that view it as sacred.

  37. Repeating firearms existed, including those which could be fired 10 to 16 times before reloading, decades prior to the revolution. Though they were not widely available, or standard military issue, its safe to assume the framers were aware of them.

  38. Damn near all conservatives are those conservatives now, particularly the ones who are elected and want to continue to be.

  39. When I went to school the scariest thing I had to worry about was.... basically nothing compared to America. Just imagine going to school wondering if some nutter is gonna come in and shoot people. Fuck living like that!

  40. As an Aussie, the sad thing for me is just knowing that this sort of thing is going to happen again and again and again and the NRA or whoever else is going to muster up every excuse imaginable to ensure that the status quo never changes. It's a tragic story, but at this point it's hard to get particularly emotional about it as we just become numb to how often a story like this is on the news, knowing that America isn't going to change anything.

  41. Most US citizens don't have access to automatic weapons.Its a super expensive process to purchase and own a automatic firearm

  42. From what I know, you need a license to buy an automatic rifle that’s new or relatively new. If you don’t have a license, you can only buy automatics that are 35 yrs or older and those are really expensive. About $10,000-15,000 or more.

  43. People buying automatic rifles aren’t shooting ups malls or schools. You could buy a car for less than an automatic rifle. Completely ignoring the fact that fully automatic weapons are incredibly inaccurate.

  44. A bunch of old, white slave owners wrote it down on a piece of paper 250 years ago, and therefore it’s the total and undisputable law of the universe

  45. It doesn’t protect you. The cops on the scene ran and hid so this shooter could massacre grade school children. Biden will double down on giving them even more billions in pandemic relief for more military toys and rifles anyways.

  46. I understand the demand for stricter gun control measures, but everyone seems to forget, that in the United States, Law Enforcement Officers ARE NOT legally obligated to protect the people. We already have laws in the books that could have prevented +80% of shootings(both at the federal and state level); the problem is that we do not have a governing entity that enforces those laws.

  47. People talk about police like they stop a lot of crime, when they almost always seem to just pick up the pieces after the fact. If they even do that much, of course. I don’t understand the folks talking about police reform like it’s going to release hordes of villains onto the streets or something. It’s super easy to just roll up and shoot a bunch of people. The only thing stopping 99% of crime before it happens is people just not being that kind of asshole. I’ve murdered every person I wanted to (really wanted to, not just venting): no one.

  48. I have seen several comments from people in the USA about how Australia is living in a dictatorship due to our handling of covid. It just shows me that Australians are willing to do what’s needed for the greater good. A concept that Americans can’t understand because of freedums.

  49. Australia didn’t have 400,000,000 guns with more on the secondary market than retail. There is no realistic way to eliminate even half of the firearms in circulation in America. Background checks are already required for anyone who has a FFL. There are restrictions on who can own them - age, felons, etc. There are restrictions on what types of guns can be purchased. There’s no amount of prohibition that will be effective. It’s been tried with things other than guns and it always fails miserably and leads to a more vibrant and thriving black market. My heart is broken over this like everyone else but I’m still waiting for someone to suggest something realistic instead of just lashing out emotionally.

  50. the amount of time I've been laughed at from saying "only the law enforcement agencies have the right to hold firearms casually".... it's the people of USA who are guilty imo, they just can't accept a life without guns...coming from a South East Asian lower middle class guy, we've never had a decent education system but we sure as hell never had any fear of a student bringing guns in the school

  51. I lived a couple of hours away from Port Arthur when this happened, and I’ll never, ever have the time of day for anyone who doesn’t believe in gun control laws. I don’t believe that guns are inherently evil, but they amplify the damage done in events like these enormously.

  52. It's insane that a large portion of this country isn't willing to give up their guns (that they never even use despite claiming they need them for protection) to prevent shootings every day. Ridiculous

  53. There will be Civil War 2.0 if guns are banned in the US like they were in Australia. Those gun owners will not lay down their arms and will turn them on those trying to take them.

  54. Let’s be real here, the reason nobody will do anything about gun control is they’re too afraid of losing their next election. Anyone who does anything is immediately demonized by these guys that don’t seem to realize they aren’t going to come and take all your guns and not allow you to hunt or “protect your family”, but to make it harder and more regulated so they’re in the hands of the correct person.

  55. From the perspective of the rest of the world America's realtionship to guns is indescribably bizzare. It's a culture that has apparently decided a citizens right to purchase and own firearms is more important than the lives and safety of its citizens. You can crow about the second amendment all you like, but at this point you're choosing your "rights" over the lives of children.

  56. I'll file that under "things you can do in a healthy Republic" and I'm sure I'll get to it right after healthcare, childcare, universal prek, free university, and something I've heard of called "labor laws" but I'm not sure what that means.

  57. When my wife and I were discussing which country to try to move to, we ruled out the US because of guns.

  58. Lol that's a pretty warped view from the outside. I've been here over 35 years and have never even seen a gun outside of a range or deer hunting or on a police officers belt

  59. Agreed. Every time these pop up I down vote it. Nothing to do with wrestling, but if ya mention that you're accused of being against the opinion, which is more non wrestling talk

  60. How is the government saying “give us your gun or you go to prison even though you didn’t do anything” an agreement? That’s robbery.

  61. I always see people respond with how different America and Australia are, how many guns there are in America, and just how impossible it would be for America to go down this route. And I absolutely agree that they are super different in a lot of ways. Even if you completely banned gun sales tomorrow (which absolutely no one anywhere is proposing, and it’s not at all the end goal), there would still be TONS of guns around everywhere, and there’d still be shootings all the time. But eventually it will start to make a difference. Unfortunately the US has gone so insanely far down this road that it will take at least decades to come back. But you can. It can be done eventually.

  62. Yeah. But the point is literally nothing gets done. Not even first graders getting shot up was enough to enact anything meaningful because the GOP is in the pockets of the NRA.

  63. People really underestimate just how fucking difficult it would be to ban guns in the US. You'd need a constitutional amendment, something that's nearly impossible when the majority of states are controlled by the GOP. And that's also ignoring you wouldn't be able to get enough Democrat support for it either.

  64. I imagine if the US government banned guns and tried reclaiming them, you'd see insane amounts of mass violence.

  65. Gun control is a start but America is more complex than Australia and Britain to impose bans like that. Unless you have strict border control the issues will still be massive.

  66. Every week? Is he missing the pretty much daily shootings that occur in cities such as Chicago etc that are, more often than not, related to a gang of some sort?

  67. Australia also has become surprisingly tyranical with things such as the surveillance legislation amendment alowing so much goverment overreach

  68. We've literally just voted in a left wing government supported by many left wing independents, we're about as far removed from "tyranny" as we possibly could be right now.

  69. A shooting happened in Dunblane, Scotland that same year at a primary (elementary) school, and by the following year they're was guns laws put in place to make sure it never happened again.

  70. Fuck that noise. Australia is in a totalitarian authoritarian crisis. You guys have up the only thing that would stop that. I'll keep my guns, they've never once committed ANY crime.

  71. Your home country also got away with tyrannical lockdowns for 2 years, treating citizens like prisoners. That doesn't happen in the US because the government knows the citizens are armed.

  72. You’re defending the regular massacres of young children. You’re the one with a mental health problem - get help.

  73. Shots being fired here in australia make the primetime news when no one is injured or even hits anything. Thats pretty telling.

  74. Its a mental health problem, not a gun problem. When a majority finally realizes this perhaps we can work towards a solution.

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