[Smackdown Spoilers] Finish to Ricochet vs Baron Corbin.

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  2. The great thing about B&G NXT is that you didn't need a title or be in a title feud to feel important. Guys like Cole, Dream, Ricochet for a time, Gargano, many of the women ect... all had things to do and were presented as big deals. Hopefully that is something HHH can change about the main roster that the Hogan Era and AE had. Mid cards being over and feeling important. So my point is hope someone like Ricochet can feel important and doesn't need to challenge for a title to feel so. Same with guys like Nakamura, Owens, Sami, Balor ect...

  3. Yeah cause Gunther and Bobby are the perfect champions right now but that doesn’t mean others should be jobbers in the meantime. Roman giving up a title would smooth things out a lot as well but hey.

  4. I have a feeling that Ricochet will be one of the many people who’ll benefit greatly from this Triple H era.

  5. I suspect he'll be used as a crowd heater for a bit. Just go out, show what he can do, be exciting, and get it so fans want to see him before they do any real story stuff with him.

  6. If he's going to be getting a push and wrestling on TV more it's probably better to use a different finisher that isn't as demanding and high risk. Not that a SSP is a simple move but it still looks cool while not being as ridiculous, and makes the 630 look like a super finisher

  7. Sick match. Stoked Riccy gets the chance to shine. That shooting star had me wishing. Picture perfect. I loved that segment with him and Pat after, kept the crowd invested.

  8. So happy to see both of these guys get actual time in a match on TV rather than another 4-minute match for the plot. The crowd got HOT by the end.

  9. It's actually insane that Ricochet's "safe" finish is a shooting star press with a ton of hang time.

  10. I saw a thread a few days ago about PAC hitting the SSP or a Phoenix Splash when he doesn't feel comfortable with the Red Arrow (not sure what it's called now) and I feel like the same can be said about Ricochet. When he doesn't feel comfortable with the 630, he'll bust out a flawless SSP. Which says a lot about both guys that their safe move is a SSP.

  11. Chants for Ricochet during the match? Gee...it's almost as if people have wanted to get behind him like MANY other WRESTLERS on the roster, I wonder what changed 🤔

  12. "Some wrestlers just don't have what it takes to be at the top of the card" has always been one of the most eye-roll worthy narratives by fans who defend Vince's booking. Dude straight up ruled as Prince Puma. Ricochet is absolutely someone the fans will get behind if you just let them.

  13. With Hunter in charge I foresee baron getting even better. I doubt that means the end of days Corbin returns but I certainly see him going upwards.

  14. I fuckin' wondered if we'd see Ricochet after Vince was out, then he fuckin wins LOL This is sick.

  15. Keep putting Ricochet in matches like that and he'll get over. Doesn't need to be great on the microphone, cause with continuous great performances he will become undeniable

  16. You must hate literally every Corbin match then. Dude absolutely REFUSES to wear wrestling attire haha

  17. Great use of Rick O'Shea, have the guys with a bit more charisma and more story investment get the heat going and let Rick's athleticism be the pop generator... He doesn't have to have mic skills to make good TV

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