[Smackdown Spoilers] Returning superstar to Smackdown

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  2. I didn’t know Kross could grow hair. I think he looks better now than before. He looked pretty generic with the bald head and goatee. He gave off divorced dad who kids don’t really call him energy before.

  3. I'm weirdly impressed the dude don't get a hair transplant. I doubt anybody would complain. Most probably won't even realize it because he has been bald for ages.

  4. I genuinely didn't expect Kross to come back so quickly, that article about HHH reaching out to him was literally just earlier today.

  5. I think that he had a very tough choice between going back ASAP, dropping everything in his way to the airport, or facing another round of indy bookings that will probably be mostly CYN and small places because no hardcore fans really liked him and he doesn't really have the wrestling abilities to hang with the guys on NJPW or the flippy indie darlings.

  6. The amount of work HHH has been putting in the past two weeks must have been insane. He pulled Dakota, Kross and Scarlett back within days. All while putting on their second biggest show of the year and booking the aftermath.

  7. I don't know why, but the hourglass was goosebumps. Scarlett included, the presentation is much better this time

  8. His character was honestly so main rosterish that it was out of place in NXT but on Smackdown and done right he could be a star with Scarlett.

  9. The best "wrestlers" all time couldn't do shit in the ring. The best wrestlers are the ones who cut the best promos.

  10. This goes to show how much presentation matters in Wrestling. Kross before he was released looked stupid and generic as shit. Now he actually looks like a star, and has his biggest asset back in Scarlett.

  11. Same here man. It’s a fresh face as well. Perfect way to shoot Kross to the top and get people hopefully interested in his character. You’ve gotta have balls and try things some times and I’m glad HHH is doing that.

  12. I’m by no means a Kross mark but I’m so happy for him. They really did him wrong on his first main roster run. Dude didn’t have a chance of getting over with that random gimp gimmick. He’s not your worker’s worker but his packaging and look is perfect for the WWE.

  13. im not a fan of Kross (yet) but it was obvious the gimp was given to him on purpose to tank his career.

  14. Pet peeve of mine is when it’s obvious who the person is and the commentator is like spends like 40 seconds saying “Is that…can it be….I think it might be….”

  15. Didnt they change the music for him on main roster? So it not too unbelievable. He does look different too

  16. I think Cole was waiting for the camera to give a clear shot of his face... but then it didn't happen for like 30 seconds.

  17. I 100% agree but I didn't mind it this time jsut because there was never a clear shot on his face and even with the clear shot the hair is an adjustment.

  18. This time it kind of made sense because he had a totally different look than he did the last time he was on tv(ie he doesn't look like a bald gimp without his Dom) plus he was with someone he wasn't before on MR TV so it I actually them taking a bit longer to figure out who it was(even though out of kayfabe the music is an easy giveaway)

  19. I get it but think or the people that haven't seen him before. Once they know his name that can familiarize themselves and tune in next week to see what he does.

  20. Their presentation in NXT was perfect. Regardless of what smart online fans think, Kross is the perfect WWE guy. He and Scarlett as a package are money

  21. I'm also a sucker for cliffhangers, so the ending was fun. This isn't a new opinion, but Scarlett makes Kross look 10x better. Thank the heavens she's on the main roster too

  22. I mean he’s probably going to have a ppv match with Drew first and just because he returned here doesn’t automatically mean he’s going to win the belt. Remember when Jericho returned during Orton’s long reign and didn’t win the belt at all? Of course I’m not comparing Kross to Y2J but a returning or debuting wrestler during a world champions segment doesn’t equal to a title win.

  23. The Drew Roman feud is all people wanted. I don’t think anyone wanted or need a third opponent unless it was like AJ styles.

  24. Kross wasn’t built up well with the main audience before I’m not sure why anyone should take him seriously as a main event challenger.

  25. I love how his music is playing, the screen is black and white, he's clearly there beating up Drew, and Cole is STILL like "who is that? Is that? Is it?"

  26. Kross got screwed with his call up to the main roster and I appreciate the surprise… but I think being instantly inserted into a title feud is a step too far for me

  27. Being thrown into the Drew / Roman feud may not be the worst thing. I imagine if they do a three way at the PPV he'll probably eat the pin after getting hit with both their finishers or something.

  28. I agree but maybe this is what the deal needed to be for Kross to come back. Plus Triple H strapped a rocket on him early in NXT so that could also be the case here.

  29. Now I respect Vince and what he’s done in this industry (as someone who’s watched WWE since I was 5), but take note sir…this is how you debut someone that you want to be a threat. Not as some dumbass with with plastic gear on that I would wear if I was jousting my son at his kindergarten field day.

  30. That's the difference. He didn't want cross to be a threat, or be anything for that matter. Vince clearly knew how to book a threat.

  31. Kross is mid as all hell but I think his biggest strength was his presentation. Scarlett plus the mysterious, spooky vibe worked well for him.

  32. it's actually crazy that i see people unironically being excited for fucking Karrion Kross being inserted to a main event feud when people shat on him 24/7 and calling him the most boring NXT champion just like yesterday lmao

  33. I’m excited for this. Kross might not be show stopping in the ring but he does what works for him and has his own identity. His presentation in NXT was probably my favorite in the company since The Fiend, so this should be good.

  34. I really wish that he would dump that forearm from behind. I guess....that is what makes it and him a great heel (move) though.

  35. Return's great and all, but this guarantees that Drew won't be winning the titles at CATC. He already has a feud lined up after Roman. If it was just Roman hiring a mercinary in the form of Kross, it would've been fine. However, with how Roman reacted, he was simply not expecting this. Given how Triple H is known for booking small details in wrestling feuds, this only further solidifies Roman not being in it.

  36. can’t believe people are pretending karrion kross is at all interesting just because HHH is the booker. dude has sucked since impact, sucked in NXT, sucked in CYN, and will suck now!

  37. Though I wasn’t a fan I assumed Vince was gonna be high on him and envisioned he would’ve made his debut last year attacking Drew or something but instead he lost to Jeff Hardy in 90 seconds lmao

  38. Yep and the crowd not knowing him is basically Vince’s fault in a way with how he was booked. So it looks like HHH is righting the wrongs his NXT guys and girls went through after being called up.

  39. I hope he doesn’t dethrone Roman kross is a cool enterance and that is it. He is a slog to watch in the ring. I have 0 interest in this return

  40. Funny thing is if Kross debuted on Dynamite ppl would lose their shit posting the Karrion Kross is all Elite graphic like it was a nude from some hot chick. IWC is consistent I’ll say that much.

  41. I mean….the writers have literally run of out credible guys to face Roman until Cody wins the Rumble. Kross being a heel will be hard to book. Unless the hourglass has a different soon to be revealed meaning.

  42. triple h literally brought back the most most boring and generic wrestler in all wrestling back HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  43. Now I see why he stopped associating with CYN all of a sudden. He was all in on them at first and then just dropped off the face of the earth

  44. I’m not the biggest Kross fan, he never made me excited to watch a show or a match, but I also don’t hate him. I’m just really excited to see something new

  45. My biggest takeaway is his return is thousands of times better without Cole screaming, "COULD IT BE? IT IS!" in the middle of it. This was much more natural.

  46. I really just wanted Drew vs Roman. I think kross deserves a fair shot but this was kind of a lame way to debut him. The audience didn’t seem to have much of a reaction and he wasn’t present well last time so why would they take him seriously now. They could of built him up more in the undercard before something like this.

  47. The problem I have with Kross is that he's generic looking. Not in his presentation or anything, but his face. And it's not meant as a diss. It's like when you get all those actors who go to Hollywood and soon realise they're not 'unique enough' looking and end up just doing a soap instead of becoming a Hollywood a-lister. Kross is...fine, but he doesnt really scream main eventer. He wouldn't be a leading man in action movie, he'd be one of 50 henchman with a similar look who gets killed by the lead. I'm assuming Vince thought that too and tried to give him a 'character' even if the character they gave him was a bit tragic.

  48. Everyone who upvoted his return with this look, is disgusting and has absolutely ZERO respect to the Gimp-enthusiast community. Do better

  49. we live in the timeline where Karrion Kross gets to dethrone Roman before Drew, seth, or cody. Life ain’t fair at all, man :(

  50. I don't think he'll be dethroning Roman. Definitely see him winning a title eventually but he's not the guy taking Roman down.

  51. It’s not exactly a given that he’s going to beat Roman. He doesn’t have to win the belt to be elevated or put over in a way. HHH likes Roman, he’s not going to let him drop an all time reign to Kross in a months time or something like that.

  52. Its terrible experience being a drew fan. First his moment at top gets spoiled by covid and when he is finally coming back to the main event scene after almost 2 years you have hhh trying to make kross happen again for some reason after failing terribly in the first attempt

  53. People saying AEW was in trouble now HHH is in charge, yet here he goes signing back up and pushing talent from his time running a show AEW beat nearly every single week 🤣

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