[Smackdown Spoilers] A message sent to the Tribal Chief

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  2. What Raw debut? Kross lost the NXT Championship to Samoa Joe and went on excursion away from NXT and WWE for a time.

  3. I'm really loving how Triple H is just dismantling and undoing everything Vince McMahon fucked up the past few years almost as if it didn't happen at all.

  4. That hair is perfect, he doesn’t look generic with the bald hair now. Weird how he got pushed right away to world title picture but I guess they want more top heel stars quickly and stack the smackdown roster up.

  5. HHH wants to establish being a "Former NXT Champion" as being a big deal. Notice for the first time in forever they've been plugging the NXT Championship pedigree of Shayna and Ciampa. HHH wants to make it clear that the titles in NXT are a big deal.

  6. Kross was supposed to be a big deal in the first place anyway! It's just when Vince brought him in, he was buried 12 ft deep right away. HHH is just making corrections.

  7. Im not a fan of Karrion Kross, but I think this makes for a very interesting precedent. Dakota Kai coming back felt like a different situation because it was someone who wanted out, things changed, they wanted back. This being someone who was fired, took work elsewhere, then comes back without having to "reprove" himself really excites me for the possibility of past releases coming back in a way that Kai maybe didn't solidify

  8. I got to see Karrion at a NJPW Strong event a few months back. Was kinda weird, talent wise he didn’t impress me but he knew how to command the attention of the room better than anyone there.

  9. 100% agree. I haven’t watched much WWE for a while and I never had any interest in Karrion Kross (still an awful CAW name) but this is the first thing I’ve seen that remotely interested me.

  10. Not a huge Kross fan but I'm all for getting new people in with cool presentations. Cool presentations can take you pretty far in wrestling!

  11. What I don't like about it is him coming back and taking out the current challenger like that. What I do like is basically everything else.

  12. No one is ever buried in wrestling no matter how bad of a storyline they had. After the Alexa Bliss feud everyone thought Bayley was buried and look at her now, for a while everyone thought Becky was buried never to become champion then she became The Man, before Bray Wyatt became The Fiend everyone thought he was done (got ruined eventually but he could easily return with a cool gimmick and we’d be happy), Kane debuted as a dentist. There definitely are times people haven’t been able to come back, but you really can’t ever say never in wrestling.

  13. Weirdly make sense in kayfabe. Roman have no clue who these two are. He already beaten Drew before so its not impressive that Kross jumped him. Roman is also overpowered after beating so many people. The Usos were also there with him. Make sense why he isn't worried.

  14. I don't think Roman has looked worried during a promo since his feud with Rollins and the Shield mind games. It's like he puts on a strong front and, if he's ever feeling stressed, he takes it out on Heyman and the Usos in his locker room

  15. Please god for all that is good do not let Kross be the one to end the reign. His entrance is awesome but I genuinely could not care less about him once the entrance ends, to me he’s a very nothing wrestler in ring

  16. It's going to be an over face. Roman already beat the most threatening guy in WWE multiple times. No one is going to look more intimidating to Roman than Brock.

  17. Man, people will piss on anything that’s not exactly what they want. Scarlet turned the hour glass over to put Roman on notice and most are acting like he’s getting a title shot tomorrow or next Friday. With a new regime, let’s legit give it a chance to play out.

  18. I'm at least glad they let Kross go back to wearing leather jackets over grey business suits. He looked like the most boring and generic wrestler around, more so than usual.

  19. Hey this how Kross should have been brought up the first time. At least he didn't stick around with that dumb Gladiator gimmick long enough for most to remember or care to remember.

  20. This is his chance. I like Kross but tbh I thought with how stacked WWE was he wouldn't be able to be a main eventer. He needs to do well and I'm hoping he does. Also damn the crowd was pretty electric for this.

  21. If this was Vince he would have had an hourglass randomly appear in a spooky graphic. After it plays Cole would be like "oh my! What does that mean?!" and Pat would be like "I don't know but it's definitely creepy!"

  22. I hope we see that hour glass make a return with all the sands on the bottom when Kross does get his chance

  23. don't like this at all.we already have Drew,Rollins,Owens,Cody,Randy,etc who are all due for a title run and someone who's not even popular got inserted straight in the main event feud.

  24. How many times do you want the same matches and programs? Something new and unexpected happens and you want the same old shit?

  25. Most of the names mentioned are raw talent, they need more smackdown stars who can be a serious threat especially since Brock isn’t there anymore

  26. Cody and Randy are both injured. Rollins and Owens is on RAW. Drew is right here in the title picture what are you on.

  27. I’m a mark for HHH’s booking but I have never bought into Cross for a second. Scarlett and his intro are great. He’s a bore.

  28. Like many others here, not a fan. But he does deserve a fair shot. What Vince and co did to him was horrible. Hope he gets a fair shot and then if the audience still doesn't accept him, it would be fine.

  29. Looks like I'm gonna have to start tuning into WWE again, with Vince gone it's starting to get interesting again.

  30. I’m just glad to see that Scarlett is with him now as he was just bland and generic as hell when he was on Raw briefly last year without her.

  31. would be interesting to see them interfere on behalf of kross leading to 3 on 3...Balor has held his own against Roman and it was great seeing Finn power bombing (i think) Jey Uso. Kross wins and then Balor demands a title shot leading to judgment dysfunction

  32. I look forward to him being given a titles and for people to not give a shit like his time in NXT. I really hope they go back to a title on each show again so Cody doesn’t have to wait forever

  33. Kross is such a milk toast personality BUT WWE bringing a relatively no name into the title picture is insanely fresh and different for them

  34. Always liked his look, liked his bald look better, in nxt he had a great entrance. But it's hard to get excited when he was kind of boring in the ring and the rumors that he's antivax

  35. I think its early because you will make him lose when he’s supposed to be unstoppable. I like the Gunther run for him and let him be undefeated where eventually Roman have to face him and it would be a big deal

  36. I don't like Karrion Kross that much but I hope HHH will re-sign other talents like Lumis, Tucker Knight, Tyler Breeze and will make a draft and tournaments soon after that.

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