[Smackdown Spoilers] Yes there is more freedom to promos.

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  2. It's the most logical next step from the "...me, Big E", "And me, Big D!" reply Mcintyre had like a year ago. Love it.

  3. When I was around 16, I was with my mom and one of my sisters. Somehow, the word “queef” came up and my mom asked what that was. My sister looked at me and said “that’s all you dude”.

  4. Either that, or it would’ve sailed over his head, resulting in Drew getting chewed out for fluffing the word chief. “It’s 2 words, godammit”

  5. Nah. Vince was always so weird about things you couldn't do or talk about in front of the camera while parading aboot backstage.

  6. I noticed it during Becky’s promo. She wasn’t hamming it up and over exaggerating like she’s done the last year but like when she first became the Man. Becky is smart and knew how her character became over.

  7. Uhh it was a face turn promo? Where she was becoming The Man again? Of course she wouldn’t be playing her heel character anymore.

  8. Drew McIntyre taught a generation more about reproductive systems in one word than schools will in years.

  9. Admittedly I've been growing stale with Drew McIntyre but just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and go something like this..... And totally redeem yourself!!! The Levesque era has begun!!

  10. There are definitely guys who do better with a script and more power to them. If that's what they like and they're comfortable then they should use it. But if a guy can talk without one, give them the bullet points and let them go.

  11. Tribal queef...Well, he'll definitely need to take more time off to deal with that jungle ailment.

  12. At this point, I don't think RAW is salvageable for me solely because of the three hour length. It's just too much of a slog to get through each week... Smackdown on the other hand? I could see myself getting back into it if I find myself with more time to watch a second wrestling show. Things finally starting to look up for WWE again, love to see it.

  13. Reading the title, I expected a bit more than Drew just saying a "bad word", a natural feeling promo or something. Especially when it's a word and type of humor I wouldn't be surprised had it been used under Vince. But apparantly, people here are so desperate for something to change that you only need to throw them the smallest of bones and it gets celebrated like nothing else. Not that nothing is changing but you'd think it's the return of the AE with the comments here

  14. “Tribal Queef” is so lame. Tribal Queen would’ve been better. Saying queef as if that word is supposed to be funny just gives off major vibes.

  15. McIntyre must’ve read my YouTube comment from last year… if he ever says Nikki ASS or Diarrhea Ripley, we’ll know for sure.

  16. I’ll be real: funny line but I’m not a fan. If my 5 year old liked wrestling and wanted to watch Smackdown, what do I tell her when she asks me what that means?

  17. So she can watch adults beating the crap out of each other, sometimes with weapons and even though scripted, but a somewhat borderline bad language word is out of the question?

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