deleted tweet from corey graves saying he learned about his wife being injured from twitter

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  2. I would imagine a tweet or two got tagged to Corey before anyone from the training staff or Carmella can even remotely think about contacting him

  3. It would be like while working at McDonalds, you accidentally cook your arm in the fryer, and a customer sees that and texts your girlfriend that you are hurt. Very weird.

  4. It was a three way between Bianca, Asuka, and Carmella. Apparently Carmella got hit in the head from a move by Bianca and the refs threw an x sign. People there were also saying they were trying to shield the bright lights from her

  5. Yeah that's my thinking too. I know it sucks, but WWE's social team is right there and have all of that information pretty instantaneously. It's not WWE's job to let him know if she's been injured (unless it's a major injury, of course).

  6. Was at the show with my kid, but didn't see what caused the injury. She went out of the ring in a spot, and I noticed the ref throw the X (others around me didn't, though).

  7. I assume they’re still checking her out and that’s why they haven’t statused him, but I also understand he may be scared and upset that no one thought to shoot him a text saying “the wife is hurt, we will keep you posted.”

  8. It was probably people in the crowd just tagging him on Twitter with "Carmella looks like she is hurt." WWE staff probably hadn't even had a chance to get her to the back yet, let alone contact him.

  9. I mean it has to be. It takes a fucking while to be assessed as injured and for a next of kin to be informed. A fan tweeting to him will take what 2 seconds? A medical professional has to treat and assess to update someone on what had happened.

  10. Corey Graves is not a smart man. Imagine finding out your wife is injured on twitter, and posting on twitter about reading it on twitter, the one place you were mad about hearing the information from in the first place…

  11. It’s okay for people to express their frustration. Twitter is an instant way to get your thoughts out publicly.

  12. Can definitely see how that could happen but also wouldn't be happy to find out something like that via Twitter either. Who can you even be mad at though in that situation? Probably why he deleted it.

  13. I mean, that makes sense he would find out on Twitter. My guess is the updates were coming from people in attendance at the show and it got traction.

  14. Wow Corey, it's almost like a tweet from a fan who saw it would get to social media before anyone had a chance to call you.

  15. Chill the man was clearly just emotional after hearing his wife is injured and not knowing anything about it. He clearly deleted it when he found out what happened

  16. Why is that subreddit so salty? Half the posts are people at the gym being mildly annoyed that someone walked in front of the camera. They're not reacting or being dicks, they just want people to go around it, and the comments are all so angry lol

  17. You can tell Corey Graves isn't all there thinking some intern or Social Media Manager running the Twitter knows that his wife is injured. Or maybe he's just trying to voice his displeasure publicly with his place of employment. Both are stupid moves. It's like writing a Google Maps Review trashing your workplace.

  18. He got overly emotional about his wife’s wellbeing (understandable), tweeted, and deleted. I sometimes wonder about the threshold for a relevant post here.

  19. Odd that he tweeted it rather than call people within the organization that would know what was going on. Twitter wouldn't be my first go to.

  20. Maybe it was just cosmic karma for his ex-wife and kids probably finding out he was bailing on his family for road tail through Twitter.

  21. Don't know Corey Graves all that well (didn't watch wrestling from 2014-2020) so I was confused thinking he was somehow talking about Jamie Hayter lol

  22. without knowing the injury... i would expect that Carmella was still being assessed and wasn't able to get to her phone to let him know before twitter was shouting at Corey about her being injured.

  23. Why do we feel the need to dig up a deleted tweet? It's kind of fucked up tbh. The man obviously deleted it for a reason, why not let it die? What is wrong with people

  24. It was apparently a three way. Sounds like she possibly got knocked out, and the ref called medical in with the X. Medical then tried to shield her from the lights and such while trying to get her to the back.

  25. I'd assume he was at home watching live tweets of the event and saw pics and vids of the injury before anyone contacted him

  26. The show is currently happening or would have just ended, so she probably hasn’t had a chance yet. Because, you know, she’s injured.

  27. I mean, be mad at your wife mate. It's not WWE's job to inform husband's and wife's of an injury, she could grab her "fucking" phone herself and simply write him.

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