Smackdown Overnight: 1,980,000, 0.50 demo

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  2. Hi, could someone explain the meaning of "fed" and "dae" ? I've seen those terms around here but not sure what they are. Thanks

  3. Grown men going “NANANANA BOO BOOOO” at ratings talk because other grown men do the same childish shit to their favorite billionaires wrestling company.

  4. Raw will continue to get 1.6-1.8m viewers outside of a few rating pops (like this week as they had no commericals), Dynamite will continue to get the 900k-1m viewers, Smackdown will continue to do 1.9m-2m, and Rampage will continue to do 400-500k viewers.

  5. I tell everyone that there will never be another boom period in wrestling again. But I would LOVE to be proven wrong so badly. I’d like to get back to that point where wrestling was doing crazy numbers over football, basketball and other tv shows or how you’d see literally everyone with a Austin 3:16 or NWO shirt all over the world between the ages of 5 and 76. You couldn’t escape wrestling in the late 90’s/early 2000’s

  6. I think that HHH's direction of Raw this week though was not a good way to keep new viewers. I trust things Ive heard HHH say so I think things might improve but while more matches of NXT favorites will make Reddit happy, I don't think it's what people en masse tune in to see. I think they'd rather see Logan Paul, and crazy farmers moving the ring with tractors

  7. I still think AEW could average 1m-1.2m if they were consistent and stopped doing a few things that is hurting them

  8. I think Rampage has potential to jump if they were to make some fundamental changes. If they were to make it live weekly and have it focus on other characters and stories of its own I can see it going higher but even then not by too much to make it worth the extra cost, Although making it like NXT was and have it set weekly in Dailys Place might make that work.

  9. I know the whole Monday Night Wars thing is interesting history, but I do not get on any level this obsession with arguing over ratings today.

  10. It’s for people interested in the business of wrestling to debate as a topic really, but it always descends into illogical tribalism.

  11. As someone who wants both WWE and AEW to succeed (because I'm not a complete moron and recognize that two successful, major wrestling companies in North America is better than one) - this is going to be absolutely fascinating to watch unfold over the coming months.

  12. The 50s+ crowd has been proven as the "they'll watch it no matter what" group. Younger audiences have far too many viewing options today but I believe the push will be for that teen to mid twenties group- that's where you're generating lifers for your sport.

  13. Plus it's worth noting that AEW has built its reputation off the current indie work rate style that they have. That was their main selling point and, as we've seen, it's worked out for them so they don't have much to lose compared to WWE's audience, because that's what AEW's audience prefers.

  14. It's always going to be different than AEW. We'll never see blood and hardcore matches every week, guys kicking out of piledrivers at 2, 29 false finishes every match, a show that moves at 100 miles a minute. They have been already adding more actual wrestling, but it is still WWE style wrestling. If they alienate any of their audience, it will likely be folks who literally don't like in-ring wrestling (and maybe some who just can't get into whos getting pushed).

  15. This is my take. WWE went viral last weekend and got new viewers to tune into Raw, apparently, but I don't think what HHH presented will keep them. Appealing to what the Reddit hardcore fans want, won't likely work or else AEW and NXT would have over a million viewers. And I do like AEW and NXT, but I don't think WWE should become the same thing. Vince's product wasn't good either - I basically want a BETTER version of a sports entertainment show

  16. WWE isn't doing enough to engage casuals. Who is killer.cross? Why wasn't there a 15 minute video package detailing his life from birth until now? And clips of said video package shown every five minutes? Hhh 's WWE is just an Indy with a big budget!!!

  17. seems like the demo is still extremely high. Or do we not care about demo in the SmackDown thread?

  18. Is there anything that makes ratings threads brigading more obvious than the fact that people are more dramatic over the Dub dropping like 30k viewers than this lol

  19. I feel like now since stuff has opened back up people are probably going out if anything. It’s summer and it’s a Friday night. I imagine people are out instead of at home watching wrestling lol maybe that’s why Raw draws higher numbers. It’s Monday and people are likely at home. It’s not cause Raw is the A show or whatever lol

  20. I think we are getting to end of the Tribal Chief reign (at least as unified champion). You can feel it, and it feels like the right time. No he walks out of clash as Champion.

  21. I still personally think having Smackdown on a Friday is a bad move for ratings. It’s the first night of the weekend. People want to go out and do stuff with their friends, not stay at home and watch a two hour show.

  22. When you boot Zeke to main event this is what happens. Idgaf about flip flop fests, give me the wacky characters

  23. Lol, why is this downvoted? Take a joke people, this same comment is under every AEW ratings thread

  24. I’ve been missing Vince the last few weeks, looks like I’m not the only one, not interested in watching short guys with no personality hitting each other with piledrivers for 20 minutes

  25. Not a fed fan and not here to bash but I did think it'd be higher with the potential for a naomi/banks return

  26. RAM wasn't nearly different enough to keep people tuned in to Haitch's take on SD. 750,000 "new" viewers were unimpressed by RAM this week.

  27. Right!? Sooner or later Triple H is gonna go back to what worked in the first place, and that is rematches and multi tag team sports entertainment! More entertainment segments and less wrestling 🙌

  28. .50 demo on Fox isn't great, it's free TV not cable, it should be .60+. That said if it's #1 for the night, then it proves that tv isn't what it was and we need to adjust.

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