Andrade El Idolo likes a twitter post implying he wants OUT of AEW

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  2. Yeah Jericho’s push made sense when they were new and looking for legitimacy. That said, it’s at a point where they need to dial him back

  3. On top of that, OP is heavily editorializing. Liking that tweet doesn't even imply that "he wants OUT", it's a tweet critical of how he's used. So it's implying that, y'know, he's not happy with how he's used.

  4. Back when I was on twitter. Sometimes I "like" controversial tweets just so I can find it again hours later to see any updates on the comments.

  5. I don't really understand the tweet because Miro was fired wasn't he? Also Miro had an awesome TNT title run and then he got injured and then he was filming some TV show stuff. Now he is back and going into a program with house of black.

  6. I wonder if these people genuinely believe what they’re saying or if deep down they know they’re coping and doing free damage control for a company that wouldn’t care if they disappeared off the earth tomorrow.

  7. it’s the issue with such a big roster and such little TV time. People outside of their top 10-15 guys wanna be on TV every week but there’s just no time. People want to be in a better spot than they were 12-18 months ago but it’s hard to make that happen for more than a few people.

  8. he'd lowkey be good back in wwe under HHH & he doesn't really have much of a place in aew tbh. best for both parties imo. similar with Miro

  9. Miro’s TNT run is probably some of my favourite stuff from AeW ever so can’t agree saying he’s been used ‘worse’. But the fact he’s mostly disappeared since then is borderline criminal.

  10. People gotta stop thinking just because they left WWE that they would be mega stars in AEW. The roster is too big (pause) for that.

  11. Man this rumored disgruntled stable is now teasing Ex WWE guys. Ex WWE & AEW guys working together? It's like Cats & Dogs living together!

  12. I mean this guy apparently worked fans and dirtsheets that he had broken up just by deleting some instagram pics and stuff. This is just child's play to work folks.

  13. God these get so old. Unless you're tagging a wrestler in obviously malicious shit, a lot of them are going to like anything you post. Andrade likes about anything you tag him in. You could type "@Andrade is a plastic fork" and he'd like it despite it making no sense.

  14. This tweet is hilarious. Miro had one of the best TNT title runs and then went away for an injury, he's back now but there are stories ongoing so he's just waiting for a moment where he can slot into the program more often. I personally think that Miro is being held back because Kip is almost ready to return.

  15. I'm definitely not saying that I'm happy with where both are at now but Miro had an awesome run with the TNT title.

  16. I think we're at this point now where AEW signed a ton of disgruntled people from WWE who all thought they were going to be pushed to the moon in AEW when there's simply not enough spots for them all to be pushed into.

  17. I like AEW and it pains me to say negative stuff but I do feel they have so many wasted talents. Like, sure not everyone can be champion, but when you could have a main event scene that includes Miro, Andrade, Black and then some original talent mixed in but instead still are focusing on Jericho And Mox (who I like but he’s had his time as champ imo), something needs to change.

  18. Nope. You weren't a released dude looking for work. The dude made the Falirs threaten management in order to get the release and then wants to come back when he realizes he's not as big of a deal as he thought. Imagine that

  19. He comes across as very cocky since his engagement to Charlotte. I think he believes he is a bigger deal than he is. It made sense for him to leave WWE when he did and they had not used him for months so there really was no reason for the 90 days non-compete, so I understand getting out of that, but I think he expected Ric to manage him and catapult him to the top. I can definitely see him returning to AEW when his contract ends and using Charlotte as his manager.

  20. This is why I think talent hoarding just to talent hoarding is a bad thing. I wish Vince would’ve let their contracts run out instead of firing people but there’s nothing wrong with letting someone walk if you really have nothing for them. But sometimes at the end of the day people are just totally fine with making money regardless. People on Twitter used to get made that the Good Brothers weren’t being used and they’d respond to people by showing off something expensive they just bought

  21. i mean, i could see him being kinda annoyed that they signed rush. i mean, who else's time or spotlight the use to feature rush? his of course.

  22. Honestly, anyone who thinks Miro hasn't been used well in AEW hasn't been paying attention. Apart from his early run with Kip he's been amazing, with one of the best TNT reigns so far, as well as being one of the most interesting characters in AEW in general.

  23. The implication, if anything, is that he’s not thrilled with his booking. Not that he wants “OUT.” All caps? Please. Clickbait fake news

  24. Miro's in an upper midcard program with the House of Black/Darby/Sting. I think he's in a good position.

  25. Miro is a franchise player. No idea how he's not the champ. It's freaking crazy. Andrade's wife is in WWE so yeah I'm sure he wants to be there or her in AEW. That's natural. I would like for Andrade and Rush to be a tag team for now.

  26. people definitely read too much by which tweets someone likes. It requires no work to like a tweet. In fact, it is pretty easy to just like a tweet by accident. This is especially double with someone like Andrade who gets a lot of tweets in English but doesn't really speak English.

  27. Pretty sure this is a troll job. Miro was out for injury and then filmed a tv show. He just got back and he just signed a 5 year deal and has more time than ever before to do other shit that AEW doesn't take a percentage of, and be with family. Far cry from traveling 200 plus days a year and doing a cuck storyline.

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