PWInsider - NBC seeking creative director for Peacock Sports and WWE content library and PLEs.

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  2. Member back when WWE said they weren't going to edit their videos then edited them anyways? Look for more of that.

  3. It could be so easy... just create a single page for each week of the year and add all the content to the schedule.

  4. I just want a better UI, something that makes it easier to know, like the WWE Network used to have.

  5. I agree. But at the very least Vlad just saw the doc himself for the first time so he’s happy and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

  6. Premium Live Events. They're not called PPVs anymore since you technically aren't paying per view. Officially changed a few months ago.

  7. Since Pay Per View events aren't distributed through cable companies like they used to, they literally are not "pay per views" anymore. So they changed the name to Premium Live Events.

  8. Dumb take. This sub has over 650,000 subbed and who knows how many lurkers. So many different jobs held by all the people here.

  9. Just because people don't have jobs doesn't mean they are broke, lol. Bischoff likely has a Turner pension.

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