AHMED JOHNSON first ever Promo, 1995!

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  2. I (a white, English, 11 year old), RPd as Ahmed Johnson in an e-fed at the time because I thought he was so awesome in his feud against the Nation of Domination

  3. Say what you want about the content of his promos and how unintelligible they are, I always loved Ahmed's energy. It was enough for me just to see him pissed off and yelling at the camera; if I could pick up on the name of who he's targeting, that's a bonus! lol Same with Ultimate Warrior and his cosmic talk, went right over my head as a kid but I loved it anyway.

  4. Found a promo where apparently it was all prozac because you could actually understand what he's saying in this promo and he said he's no longer taking prozac.

  5. If not for the injuries to himself and others, and maybe with the right motivation, dude should’ve had a run like Sid in the 90s. Looked like a total beast, cut nonsensical promos, had an odd but interesting charisma, and a pretty dope finish.

  6. I absolutely loved Ahmed Johnson, thought he was the baddest man on the planet. Couldn't understand how he wasn't champ.

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