Post WWE Crown Jewel 2022 Match Discussion: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Logan Paul - WWE Undisputed Championship

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  2. Survivor Series 2019, I knew for a FACT that Keith Lee was about to pin Roman Reigns clean after the Spirit Bomb. There was absolutely no chance he was kicking out.

  3. For some reason ever since 2021, he timed it perfectly. Similarly to Brock Lesnar matches of hype kick outs.

  4. There was a few times during that match I genuinely thought, "Holy shit, HHH is going to put the belt on Paul" and that is why I still love wrestling at the age of 35.

  5. I went in confident there was a 0% chance of Paul winning and that this was just another throwaway celeb crossover. By the time it was halfway through I was not only thinking he was going to walk out champ but I was actually in favor of it. I am incredibly impressed they were able to make it so gripping.

  6. You sir nailed it with this comment. This is one of the reasons I'm still a fan. I don't particularly like the structure of Reign's matches but he is an ace at making ya think maybe he just won't get the shoulders up in time.

  7. I knew there was no way Logan Paul was going to break the streak, but there were a couple times during the match I thought the same, is this really about to happen? I really wanted to win and almost got my hopes up.

  8. Its gotta suck being one of those dudes who spent like 10 years developing into a wrestler then seeing a guy like Logan Paul look 10x better in his 3rd match than they ever did

  9. logan didnt have to develop a character either. he's already one. so he just had to be passable in the ring, which his background already gives him the benefit of. Logan really was born to be a wwe wrestler.

  10. I actually really like that as a gimmick because they can book his opponent over looking him, meanwhile Logan is shown studying his opponent and training. So when the match starts he can pull out some big moves from his opponent.

  11. Crazy part is this just might be scratching the surface for what Logan Paul can become in the ring. Truly one of the most exciting wrestlers currently out there.

  12. Did Jake Paul come out to Everyday Bro? Like is that song now officially apart of WWE canon? What a weird timeline lmao

  13. At a certain point with him, I think we need to stop saying it had no business being good and start assuming it will be good. He's had too many good bouts now for it to be a coincidence

  14. Logan Paul is putting some serious work in and i love it. his podcasts show how dedicated he is and how much he loves it.

  15. He’s literally such a perfect fit in WWE it’s insane. He’s just a entertainer at heart and it shows.

  16. If he wasn't signed by WWE, and decided to do an indie run he legit would have the second biggest bidding war right behind MJF. Dude is that impressive

  17. If he is willing to do this full-time (or even part time a la Brock Lesnar), WWE should throw a midcard title on him and let him promote the hell out of it outside WWE. Great for the Paul brothers fighting cred too. They’d have a real championship belt to flaunt around at all their promotions.

  18. Watched this match today with a co worker who has never seen a WWE match, but was interested in seeing Logan Paul. I think they made a fan out of him!

  19. Easily. It’s not even close. And to be fair to him, we should be dropping the celebrity tag and comparing him to the main roster.

  20. I mean even Jim Cornet like him; and he has an intense hatred for celebrity matches, mostly because their wrestling skills are horrible

  21. People may not like the Paul Brothers, but they are BORN entertainers through and through. Their gifts are certainly not wasted on their parts.

  22. Honestly I'm not sure Dom will ever be as good as Paul and that's just wild. Didn't grow up in it, didn't have a hall of fame dad/trainer, has had far less matches and screen time and he is running circles around Dom in ring and on mic. He just has "it".

  23. A bit overbooked but still loved how Roman changed his Style and fought incredibly simple and Heel to the fullest so everyone that watches for the first time because of Logan would understand.

  24. Generally curious, what exactly was overbooked for a PPV these fans only get to attend live once a year?

  25. I died laughing when I heard it, if you had told me Jake fucking Paul would be saving Logan in a WWE main event when he first dropped that song I would have called you crazy

  26. I actually hate myself that I love Logan so much in the ring. I hate that douche, everything about him. But fucking hell, he's special in the ring.

  27. I have no idea about him, i just know he is a big YouTube star. The only thing i watched was the Roman interview and he came across really well. Why is he so hated?

  28. Don’t let anybody tell you that Roman hasn’t made people during this reign. Paul is legitimized and Solo looks like a star every times he comes out.

  29. Even if you were an unrelenting hater, I don't know how you come away from that match still hating. That was sensational from everyone involved. Also in the process made Solo feel like a bigger deal than he already is by being the one to come down and show off against Jake Paul (btw I think we just found out Solo's Mania plans).

  30. This was only Logan’s 3rd ever match. he should be getting carried in tag team matches in the mid-card.. yet he put on a fucking amazing performance in 20 minute PPV main event.

  31. That Saudi crowd was booing Logan the whole week and right up until the middle of the match. Then he got over to the moon.

  32. The thing that amazes me is how he's so perfectly linear when he's in the air and then braces for impact at the last second.

  33. Logan Paul who’s been training for what a year? Just did the second or third best buckshot I’ve ever seen. Get dunked on cm punk.

  34. It’s honestly insane that if Logan Paul actually won the WWE Championship at some point, the majority of the IWC wouldn’t even be upset about. This guy was built for this

  35. They just need to split the world titles again and he will be champ. And to do it, just have Theory be only able to cash in for 1 belt.

  36. I’m anything but a wwe mark but the celebrities they’ve had recently (like the past year or two) have all been incredible good in ring and entertaining as hell

  37. Man, after we see CM Punk botch this several times and Hangman Page talk about how it took him years of practice to get it to look good, Logan Paul just does the buckshot lariat (and several other high spots) smooth as butter with a torn ACL, MCL and meniscus.

  38. Imagine having to watch an annoying blonde chad come in and do the thing you've spent your life training for better than you. Feeling for wrestlers right now.

  39. If I got a dollar for every time Wade Barrett spoke about himself during this match, I would have $3, which isn’t a lot of money, but it’s weird he talks about himself so much.

  40. Never expected this guy to get over, didn't really hear a lot of good things before about him. He's impressed.

  41. Kudos to Logan as he was GREAT but this is a 2 man dance and when one is not a wrestler a considerable amount of the match is carried by the real wrestler, more kudos to Roman to carry this match.

  42. While impressive, it has to be a bit of a concern that Logan Paul is so much more polished in the ring than so many recent performance centre graduates.

  43. The spot to the announcers table was sick, the buckshot lariat was sick, tearing his ACL and MCL is not sick. Major bummer. Hope he comes back healthy.

  44. What a fucking match. I said this in the live chat, but Either Logan Paul is doing the old TerryFunk trick of hitting your opponents for real or he's one of the best ever when it comes to hitting moves. Everything he does looks so stiff, clean yet rough and real at the same time. There is literally no one else in WWE that hits them like him. This is in my top 5 MOTYs.

  45. Can we stop pretending Logan Paul sucks during the build to every match he’s in? He’s proven like 3 times now he can hang.

  46. The other members of the roster need to watch Logan Paul and take notes, bc he puts on a better show than 90% of them.

  47. This! It's absolutely crazy but from the performance, the charisma, the execution, he is just showing up a HUGE amount of the roster. One thing I love is he makes it look like a fight, not a dance, and he still manages to show off his crazy athleticism. Like, he's already showing up a LARGE amount of the actual full-time wrestlers

  48. Roman is so selfless in the ring a lot of the times. Logan being so good and Roman being so willing to sell so hard made Logan look incredible.

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